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H.  10 Jumada II 1434 No: PR13042
M.  Sunday, 21 April 2013

Press Release
Abolish Democracy, Establish Khilafah
Pakistan's Judiciary Ensures Bad Governance by Securing Democracy

Hizb ut Tahrir announces its rejection of the 19 April 2013 statement of Pakistan's Chief Justice which comes as the General Musharraf court escape drama unfurls. The Chief Justice's claim that today's judiciary secures against bad governance is false, misleading and an open support to the traitors in the political and military leadership who are following on the footsteps of Musharraf until today, thanks to democracy.

Any judiciary that secures democracy is itself a party to bad governance. Wherever democracy exists, bad governance, neglect and exploitation of the people by a small elite will always occur. Democracy was never meant to grant justice to the masses, and instead was conceived to concentrate power and subsequently wealth into the hands of a few. In addition to securing their own wealth, traitors in Pakistan's leadership are allowed by democracy to secure the interests of their foreign masters and sponsors, usurping the rights of society further. So, thanks to democracy bad governance is secured. The traitors within the military and political leadership amass huge wealth during their tenures, as well as plunging Pakistan into economic misery and foreign policy humiliation for the sake of their Western masters. And thanks to the current judiciary's support of democracy, despite all the "long march" and "bail jumping" dramas, democracy continues to badly govern the people.

By abolishing democracy, the Khilafah "Caliphate" ensures equity and justice for all the citizens. As Hizb ut Tahrir has stated in its Introduction to the Constitution of the Islamic State, in Article 1, "The Islamic creed constitutes the foundation of the State. Nothing is permitted to exist in the government's structure, accountability, or any other aspect connected with the government, that does not take the creed as its source" and then further clarifies, "nothing connected to the Constitution or cannons, is permitted to exist unless it emanates from the Islamic creed." Thus, only once democracy is abolished, will checks and balances such as the judiciary, political parties, elected representatives and the Ummah itself, will have value. Otherwise, under democracy, these checks and balances are only for securing the rights of the elite to oppress the people more and more.

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