Thursday, 23 Jumada al-awwal 1445 | 2023/12/07
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H.  15 Muharram 1445 No: 1445 / 05
M.  Wednesday, 02 August 2023

Press Release
Once Again, The Government Changed, but the System Remains a Looming Danger

President Qais Saied presided over the swearing-in ceremony of Ahmed Al-Hachani as the Prime Minister on the evening of Tuesday, August 1, 2023, at the Carthage Palace. This came after the dismissal of Najla Bouden, who led the tenth government in Tunisia post-revolution and the third government under Kais Saied's rule, following the governments of Elyes Fakhfakh and Hichem Mechichi. During the ceremony, President Saied addressed al-Hachani, saying, "Tawwakal (Put your trust) in Allah and embark on the trust that you carry with me." He continued, "We will work to achieve the will of our people, to achieve the desired justice and national dignity, and we will never go back. Move forward, and Insha’Allah success in this mission, especially in these circumstances."

In light of this superficial change in government leadership and the repeated swearing-in on the Quran for the implementation of secularism, the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir of Wilayah Tunisia emphasizes the following to the public:

First: Attempting to distract people by dismissing officials (from governors to prime ministers) and attributing failures to them, in order to absorb the growing public anger towards the official policies of the state, is an old and failed tactic. It has not succeeded in masking the crimes of this ongoing corrupt system against the people, most notably the crime of implementing capitalism and excluding Islam from governance and legislation.

Second: The talk of impossibility to return to the past is an attempt to delude people that Tunisia's governance crisis lies solely and forcibly with the rulers before July 25. The supposed solution is to remove them from power, while concealing the fact that the crisis is a result of a corrupt system incapable of caring for people's affairs. There is no difference between pre-July 25 and post-July 25 in this regard. However, the sun cannot be obscured by a sieve, and the truth about the functional systems cannot be erased by the deception of politicians and rulers. Who will hold the President accountable for his previous choices, as he appointed Fakhfakh, Mechichi, and Bouden? How can change happen if this corrupt capitalist democratic system continues to loom over us?

Third: This government change, through which the system seeks to renew itself and deceive people that the new government will succeed where previous governments failed, is nothing more than changing the system's facade after the crises have worsened and accumulated recently. Is this government intended to share roles with its predecessors and engage in a new marathon of negotiations with the International Monetary Fund after Bouden's government fulfilled its task of amending the Public Institutions and Establishments Law and gradually removing subsidies from fuel, leading to a continuous rise in prices? Is this new government tasked with finalizing the required amendments to the alleged "reform" program and putting it on the negotiating table with the IMF, hoping to obtain approval for the $1.9 billion loan? Has it become the destiny of this Ummah to be governed by governments on demand, serving only the agendas of colonialism and bloodsuckers, led by employees easily discarded once their terms are over?

In conclusion, we once again say to our people in the land of the olive tree, there is no way out of the capitalist abyss and hellish secularism except by embracing Islam entirely as a system of life, society, and state. It is by establishing the second Khilafah Rashidah (rightly guided Caliphate) on the method of the Prophethood. How can those who believe in Allah as my Lord, with Islam as my Deen and with Muhammad (saw) as my Prophet. Accept the rule of those who swore false oaths to implement the republican secular system and continue to be committed to the unjust capitalism, all while leading the Ummah and its affairs? Where are those who are entrusted with the vicegerency on earth? Allah (swt) said:

[إِنَّا عَرَضْنَا الْأَمَانَةَ عَلَى السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالْأَرْضِ وَالْجِبَالِ فَأَبَيْنَ أَن يَحْمِلْنَهَا وَأَشْفَقْنَ مِنْهَا وَحَمَلَهَا الْإِنسَانُ إِنَّهُ كَانَ ظَلُومًا جَهُولًا]

“Indeed, we offered the Trust to the heavens and the earth and the mountains, and they declined to bear it and feared it; but man [undertook to] bear it. Indeed, he was unjust and ignorant.” [Al-Ahzab:72].

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