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Wilayah Tunisia

H.  20 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1434 No: 25/2013
M.  Friday, 27 September 2013

Press Release
Syrian Refugee Children are Deprived of Study!

Everyone observes the state of our people, who come from Syria to escape from the tyrant Bashar al-Assad and from his all-encompassing destruction of human beings, rocks and trees. They are in a state of vulnerability that has often reached the lowest levels of destitution. Let the situation be whatever it is, because it is the Shar'i obligation for a Muslim to care for his Muslim brother. He must free him from adversity and harm, but the Authority is too flimsy and oblivious. Rather it causes harassment to those refugees that have sought security with us, and complicates their situation...

Remarkable is the number of children of school age among those who came to Tunis al-Khadra'. One year after another passes by and they do not sit in the classroom.

We call upon the Authority, advising and accounting it, to enable these children to attend school seats in Tunisia, through their thoughtful distribution to schools. It is a shame for us to cause them hunger, displacement and contributing to the loss of care and education of these children... The work that organizations are doing out of humanitarian sentiment, can we not do such work out of Islamic sentiment?! Or has everyone forgotten that the Muslims form one Ummah among without the people and that their conscience is one according to the saying of the Prophet (saw) in the Medina document:

«وأن ذمة الله واحدة يجير عليهم أدناهم، وأن المؤمنين بعضهم موالي بعض دون الناس»

"Allah's conscience is one; He makes them minister their lowermost. And the believers are faithful to each other without the people."

We call to rush with integrating these children into the classrooms. Show mercy to a people that have been humiliated!

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