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H.  14 Ramadan 1440 No: TR 1440 / 13
M.  Sunday, 19 May 2019

Press Release
The Real Terrorist and the Real Sick One is the Chinese Regime that Oppresses Muslims

As part of the visit by Deputy Foreign Minister Sedat Önal and his delegation to China and in acquaintance, a meeting was held with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on 16/05/2019. Minister Wang Yi said, "We hope that Turkey will support our struggle against terrorist entities in East Turkistan, the strategic co-operation unity atmosphere between us." Deputy Minister Sedat Önal expressed “Turkey's support for China's national and its war on terrorist forces and his desire to deepen beneficial cooperation between the two countries, Turkey and China”.

While tens of thousands of Uyghur Muslims are forced to leave their homes and migrate because of the continuing injustices, massacres, exile and displacement they are subjected to, and while East Turkestan is under Chinese occupation, those remaining get their share of their abandonment and being left to their fate. While East Turkestans pin their hopes on Turkey, we find the Turkish government is unwilling and is dishonest in supporting and aiding them. These ominous statements made by Sedat Önal confirm similar statements made by Foreign Minister Mouloud Cavusoglu and the prime minister under him at the time Ben Ali Yildirim. They all recognize that East Turkistan is part of Chinese territory, and they have gone so far as to describe the Uyghur Muslims as terrorist! This means that the shy statement made by Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy's on 9/2/2019 when consoling of the Uyghur Muslims was nothing but deceiving people near election time!

If the government were sincere in this matter, it would have given an answer to the arrogant statements of Yuan Yu, Consul of the Occupying state of China in Istanbul, when the consul spoke of the detention camps as "centers of education" and described the Muslims held there as "radical terrorists." He went beyond limits and said about the Uyghur Muslims detained there: "The disease has infected their brains, and we have established these schools to cure them from this disease."

We say to the rulers of Turkey, who do not act honestly in the East Turkistan issue, and speak out in favor of China for economic concerns and expectations, and stand silent in front of the arrogant statements of Chinese officials: “If you leave East Turkistan to China's hegemony, we will not stop raising our voices and say that it is the land of Muslims. It seems that you not only legitimized the occupation of the entity of the Jews over Palestine, you also recognize today the legitimacy of communist China’s occupation of East Turkistan. If you accept that the Uyghurs are described as terrorists and sick people, then we will not stop declaring that the real terrorists are the State of China and the occupiers. The truth is that it is the sick minds who see China as the rightful holder of East Turkestan! It is those with sick minds who recognize China's sovereignty over those ancient Islamic lands. And that the sick minded ones are the Chinese who did not benefit from Islam! In addition to those who fabricate false news that hide the grievances of Uyghur Muslims in East Turkistan to please the state of China. Muslims will get rid of those with the sick minds by establishing the Khilafah Rashida (Righteous Khilafah) soon Allah willing, It is an easy matter for Allah to accomplish.

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