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H.  28 Rabi' II 1444 No: 1444 / 07
M.  Sunday, 27 November 2022

Press Release
Isn't It Time to Hold America and Western Countries, the Instigators of Terrorism, Accountable?!

On Sunday, November 13, 2022, a heinous terrorist attack was carried out in Taksim, Istanbul, where the explosion killed 6 people, including 2 children, and injured 81 people. The authorities announced that the terrorist bombing was carried out on the instructions of the Kurdistan Workers' Party / Democratic Union Party / People's Protection Units. Accordingly, on the evening of November 19, an air operation was launched against terrorist facilities in northern Syria. Then, on Monday, November 21, Syria launched a missile attack on the Karkamish district of Gaziantep, where missiles struck a school and a house killed a child and a teacher. Treatment of a seriously injured pregnant woman is still ongoing.

First and foremost, we ask Allah for mercy for the Muslims who died in these heinous attacks, condolences and patience for their families, and we ask Allah the Almighty for a speedy recovery for the wounded who are still receiving treatment.

The colonial Kafir countries, the real culprits of these painful terrorist acts, shamelessly issued messages of condolence through their embassies as if nothing had happened! Although the interior minister said he did not accept the condolences of the US ambassador, Erdogan accepted Biden's condolences and thanked him at the G20 Summit. As everyone knows, America is the head of the colonial powers, as it opened northern Syria first to the PKK/PYD terrorist organizations in order to stifle the Syrian revolution and give the murderous Assad regime a lifeline. It also established its own PKK in northern Syria, against the pro-British PKK supported by Barzani in northern Iraq, and trained and supported them with tens of thousands of trucks of weapons and ammunition. On the other hand, Turkish officials watched everything that was going on during this period, and even went so far as to meet Salih Muslim, the representative of the Democratic Union Party, at an official level in Ankara.

We, in Hizb ut Tahrir / Wilayah Turkey, again demand the rulers for a radical solution against terrorism, O rulers: The bombs that are exploding in our cities today and all these terrorist incidents are a manifestation of cooperation with America and other colonial countries, of which you are friends, allies and strategic partners with her. Even if contracting terrorist organizations change. The real culprits are the colonialists. Therefore, you cannot overcome these problems by participating in the dirty schemes of the colonialists and continuing to ally with them. And if you really want to fight terrorism, stop bombs from being detonated in cities and protect the lives of innocent civilians, the action to do is clear. Is it acceptable for a large country like Turkey to fight organizations that are a subcontractor of terrorism, within the borders drawn for it? So you cannot stay allied with Britain and other European countries while fighting the PKK! You cannot maintain your strategic partnership with America while fighting the PYD/YPG! You cannot be friends with Putin, who gave permission to the PYD/YPG to open an office in Moscow!

Fighting terrorism is a matter of sincerity. In this struggle, the concept of "your terrorist is bad, my terrorist is good", as the pragmatic state and hypocritical rulers do, can never be accepted. Where the fight against terrorism begins with not considering the terrorist legitimate and not addressing him. But you are working jointly with America, the largest terrorist state in the world, in many areas. And you call America's terrorist presidents your friends. And you cooperate with European countries that kill innocent people for their own interests. You are also not ashamed to shake hands with the bloody hands of Sisi, who used the "thugs" to kill the Egyptian people in Rabaa Square. You are also hanging out with the Emir of the Emirates, whom you blamed for the July 15th coup attempt, for a handful of money. You are also eager to meet Assad, the butcher whose terrorist act in Reyhanli in 2013 killed 53 people and injured 146 others. You are also waiting for Devlet Bahceli to pave the way for that. In this way, you cannot fight terrorism, nor hold terrorists accountable with justice, nor protect our innocent people, nor earn the satisfaction of the Lord of the Worlds, Allah the Almighty! The time has come to hold the real perpetrators accountable for these terrorist acts that harm us! How long will we wait?

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