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Why Don’t the Shameless Rulers and International Bodies Represent Us?

The Gaza issue has been going on for months now, with no end in sight. The public across the world is furious, actively showing their anger and calling for a stop to the open brutality. But the rulers, the state bodies and the international organizations are aiding ‘Israel’ in their slaughter of the Palestinians and in their aim to take control of Gaza. The people have made a number of attempts to help the people of Palestine, through the use of domestic and international law. None have worked so far – and the question is will they ever work, with an entire system that’s so clearly in favor of the Jewish entity and its occupation of the land of Al-Aqsa.

Just this last week, the International Criminal Court of Justice, a body of the UN, released its initial verdict on South Africa’s case against ‘Israel’. They didn’t rule on whether or not ‘Israel’ had in fact committed genocide- according to analysts it could be years before they do that- but they did accept South Africa’s case and ordered ‘Israel’ to take some provisional measures - including orders to avoid civilian casualties and allow aid to enter into the Gaza strip. They did not order ‘Israel’ to withdraw their military from Gaza.

Across social media there was a feeling of anger, even amongst those who expected the lack of ruling on the genocide in the verdict. The saddest thing was the sadness and hopelessness with which some Palestinians reacted to the news– they had understandably held onto hope that the international court, which allegedly works to provide justice, would recognize their plight and give them some semblance of relief. They saw that once again; the entire system has failed them.

Those who understand the evil that exists within the system were not surprised by the result – they expected it. The ICJ is a UN body after all, and they lack any power to enforce complicity. This is combined with the fact that both the USA, and the Jewish entity had blatantly stated time and time again that they would reject a verdict that was against them, and continued with their sick acts of brutality in the name of ‘defense’.

What’s surprising is the people who hailed the verdict as a victory. They focused on points such as the fact that the ICJ decision was almost unanimous; that the ICJ recognized that South Africa’s case held merit; and the fact that they ordered ‘Israel’ take “all measures within its power” to stop the killing and the harming of the people of Gaza (amongst other things) and “to report back to the Court within a month”.

All of this was termed “extraordinary” by Craig Mokhibar, the former director of the New York office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). And he thought that there was an implicit call for ceasefire not an explicit one.

But an understanding of the system shows us two things:

1)‘Israel’ is not obliged to follow the rulings, as the ICJ doesn’t have the power to enforce it. It relies solely on the acceptance of the state’s willingness to abide by their rulings, due to the ‘peer pressure’ from other states. In the case of ‘Israel’, peer pressure doesn’t exist. There is a clear support for their actions from western and non-western states. And the protection that the USA has offered them (with the support of other states) since their founding in 1948, has made ‘Israel’ arrogant and brazen in expressing their hatred towards the Palestinians and their desire to take control of the entire area.

2)Even if the ICJ did, or does, rule that ‘Israel’ has committed genocide, it won’t make a difference. Bodies like the ICJ are used when western states want to put pressure on another to follow their rules and values, or when they want to show their citizens that the rule of law can remained intact – even if specific governments choose not to abide by it. This is done in an attempt to ensure that the people continue to refer back to the system for a solution, even though the system is the reason for the problem.

A look at the events that followed the ICJ verdict, showed how little their orders impacted the political situation.

1)In the Jewish entity, the Zionists continued to blatantly call for ‘Israeli’ settlement in Gaza, even going as far as to hold a ‘Return to Gaza Conference’.

“We yelled and we warned,” Ben-Gvir said. “If [we] don’t want another October 7, we need to return home and control the land.”

“There is no way to win that war without the rebuild[ing] of Gush Katif and the Gaza Strip. It should be flourished with Jewish villages and Jewish cities… That’s the only way to win this bloody war. And ‘Israel’ cannot afford not to win that war,” Moshe Feiglin, a former member of Knesset, said at the conference.

The bombardment and attacks on Gaza contained, as did their blockade on Humanitarian aid – with the UN reporting that had only allowed a limited amount of aid to enter Gaza, subjecting the rest (the majority) to unnecessary delays at the border, despite the dire need of the aid within Gaza. There are now reports that they have stopped it all together.

2)Then, after the verdict the USA, Canada, Australia, Britain, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Finland all withdrew funding from UNWRA (The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees). This decision came after ‘Israel’ accused their personnel of involvement in the October the 7th attacks.

“UNRWA plays a critical role in supporting Palestinians fleeing the war in Gaza. The agency estimates that up to 1.9 million people are sheltering in or near its facilities, which include schools and aid warehouses. UNRWA also has been coordinating convoys of food and medical supplies into Gaza.”

3) Then there are the statements coming out from countries, condemning the offenses, but not taking any action to stop the genocide- even actions that are within their power in the international system. Including but not limited to economic sanctions, cutting off diplomatic ties, and military intervention. All of which they have used in the past, when it has suited their interests.

In the case of the ICJ, if you think about it, it’s seems ridiculous that while people are being killed on a daily basis by a state that is blatant in their hatred towards the people of Gaza, the ‘solution’ is to go to an international body that has no power to stop it.

People find it striking that South Africa, with their history of apartheid and lack of clear ties with Gaza, took the case before the ICJ and were clearly prepared in their stance on ‘Israel’s genocide. But we should also take note of the fact that they have yet to cut off ties with the Jewish entity – and in a statement following the ICJ verdict, the South African foreign minister didn’t say they had any intention of doing so.

Is our bar for change so low that we are see the ICJ verdict as a victory for the Palestinians? When in fact, it did nothing to help them. Telling ‘Israel’ to report back to them in a month – giving the Jewish entity plenty of time to ignore the orders and continue with their plan to create settlements in Gaza.

The people are angry and ready to take action

Since the start of the war on Gaza and the West Bank, it has been the public – the people in countries across the world-  who have been shouting out at the genocide that’s taking place before our eyes. There are so many incidents of political actions being taken to call for change, from across the world by Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

“From October 7 to November 24, there were at least 7,283 pro-Palestine protests that took place in more than 118 countries and territories.” Source: Armed Conflict Location & Events Data Project

-        People gathered at rallies in Malaysia, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Indonesia on Saturday, as well as at other protests in Thailand, Japan, Italy, Greece and Pakistan. The demonstrations were part of a “global day of action for Palestine” and called for an end to the bloodshed.

-        Palestinians and supporters across the world plan took part in a global strike involving “all aspects of public life” to express solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza and call for an end to ‘Israeli bombardment. They chose to skip school and work, stay at home and refrain from going out to restaurants, banks and stores. They also chose not to make any online transactions or shopping online.

-        Thousands of Jews have been protesting against ‘Israel’s genocide. Denouncing their actions and calling for an end to the oppression and bombardment of Gaza.

-        More than 100 people blockaded both entrances to the Instro Precision factory in Sandwich, Kent (UK), which is owned by ‘Israel’s largest arms company Elbit Systems. Elbit has also been targeted by activists in the U.S. since ‘Israel’ began its latest assault on Gaza following an October 7 attack by Hamas.

-        Demonstrators in London on Monday protested a local stadium hosting an arms fair with firms that make weapons ‘Israel’ uses against Gaza. Gathered in front of Twickenham Rugby Stadium, the protesters decried the UK's Rugby Football Union letting the stadium in southwest London host the International Armoured Vehicle Fair. Protesters said that the fair and a similar event next month will be attended by companies that make weapons used by ‘Israel’.

-        Protesters demanding a cease-fire in the ‘Israel’i war in Gaza blocked a U.S. military supply ship leaving the Port of Oakland for hours Friday by locking themselves to the vessel. The protesters also blocked the entrance to Berth 20 where the container carrier Cape Orlando is moored. Protest groups say the ship is bound for ‘Israel’ after being loaded with weapons and military equipment in Tacoma, Washington.

-        El Helbawi has been spearheading a Twitter campaign, #ConnectingGaza, to give Palestinians embedded SIMs (eSIMs), a software version of the insertable chip used to connect a phone to cellular networks and the internet. To date, El Helbawi and her group, the Cairo-based Connecting Humanity, say they have connected more than 50,000 Palestinians via donated eSIMs.

-        In Jordan, hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters trying to reach a border zone with the ‘Israeli-occupied West Bank as thousands held anti-’Israel’ demonstrations across the country, witnesses said. Jordanian riot police dispersed the people, firing tear gas to halt the ones that reached a security checkpoint outside the capital Amman on a highway leading to a main border crossing.

These are only a few examples – there are so many more.

The rulers are not

The ruler’s response to the war on Gaza has been nothing short of sickening. Some made ridiculously empty statements of condemnation, while joining the rest of the world in their support of the Jewish entity’s efforts to murder and oppress the people in Gaza.

There are numerous examples that showcase this in other articles, including “What exactly have the rulers done other than allow us to bleed.” Including the fact that none of them have cut off ties with the Jewish entity. And what that means is that they are still trading with the genocidal country, giving them the weapons and resources that they need to thrive and kill the people in Gaza.

-        Many flights carrying US weapons and equipment have gone through the British base of Akrotiri in Cyprus, according to UK investigative site Declassified, following a Haaretz report that more than 40 US and 20 British transport aircraft, along with seven heavy-lift helicopters, have flown into RAF Akrotiri, a 40-minute flight from Tel Aviv.

-        Germany is reportedly considering the delivery of 10,000 rounds of 120mm precision ammunition to ‘Israel’, a request to which it has already agreed in principle.

-        In Jordan, one of the countries bordering ‘Israel’ and Palestine, the army increased its presence along its borders with ‘Israel’ and warned that any ‘Israeli’ attempt to forcibly push Palestinians across the Jordan River would represent a breach of its peace accord with its neighbour.

-        And most recently, the evil President of Egypt (another country that border’s ‘Israel’ and Palestine) made a statement saying;

“I am very hurt by the words that Egypt is the reason why aid is not reaching Gaza. The Rafah crossing is open 24/7 but ‘Israel’ is blocking the aid. If it was in my hands and I prevented aid from reaching Gaza where would I go before God?”

It’s ridiculous that of all the things for him to be ‘hurt’ by, it’s this. He’s allowing ‘Israel’ to continue its bombardment, has made clear efforts to stop the people of Gaza from crossing the border. And he’s upset because ‘Israel’ accused them of halting aid?

This is while people, even the ones on the list of ‘approved people’, are struggling to leave Gaza through the Egyptian-Gaza border crossing. The term border should be taken lightly, as there is a wall there to physically keep the people of Gaza trapped within the walls surrounding the Gaza Strip.

“Those trying to get their names on the list of people permitted to exit daily say that they are being asked to pay large coordination fees (reports say around $5000- 10000 each) by a network of brokers and couriers with alleged links to the Egyptian intelligence services. Back in 2019, it was $600-$1,200 per person, arrived at the crossing each day that it was open… though there are reports of it being higher in some cases.” (Source: The Guardian)

Should we not have a ruler that reflects our sentiments and thoughts?

This is something that the people have started to realize. They are becoming aware to the fact that despite being told that we have ‘democratic’ rulers, the rulers are unwilling to do their duty to the people – protecting our interests and ensuring that our voice is heard and reflected in policy.

This isn’t a surprise- a study of democracy- even of the so-called ‘Islamic democracy’ that they pushed us to accept in the Muslim World - shows us that democracy will never be a viable system. It’s a lie that is fed to us so that we continue to work within this system and support the rulers who benefit from our death and misery.

There is a feeling of disillusionment amongst the people – who are seeing how every avenue that their rulers encourage them to use for change has failed time and time again.

There is a clear love for Gaza, the Palestinians Muslims, and land that is home to both Masjid Ul Aqsa and so much of Islamic History in the Muslims across the world. We can see the disgust at the blatant cruelty of the ‘Israeli’ people against the men, women and children of Gaza in the people across the world.

But those feelings, of love, of anger, of horror and of disgust, aren’t reflected in our rulers. And it’s definitely not being reflected in the system. So isn’t it about time that we demand a change? Not just in the faces, but in the system. If changing the faces worked, wouldn’t the Palestinian problem have been solved long ago? Wouldn’t we see waves of justice and care across the world?

It’s not enough to say that the ruler’s hands are bound.

it’s not enough to say that we condemn what is happening to the people of Gaza.

It’s not enough to force the states and the international bodies to admit that what’s happening in Gaza is a genocide.

This won’t change anything – a ceasefire, might bring a brief (much needed relief) to the people of Gaza. But it will still leave them at the mercy of the ‘Israeli’ occupation forces who harass and kill them as they please. Those who leave will be refugees, without a home, living in countries with rulers who have made it clear that they don’t care about their lives or their rights.

Until we accept that the system is the problem, until we move to change it, we will not be fulfilling our duty to the people of Palestine. Nor we will be fulfilling the obligations that Allah has given us – to live according to Islam.

He (swt) has told us time and time again the Quran, that we have an obligation to live under the rule of Islam. That living under Islam will ensure that our Muslim brothers, sisters, and children will be protected. That living under the rule of the Non- Muslims will only bring us injustice and misery.

وَأَنِ احْكُم بَيْنَهُم بِمَآ أَنزَلَ اللّهُ وَلاَ تَتَّبِعْ أَهْوَاءهُمْ وَاحْذَرْهُمْ أَن يَفْتِنُوكَ عَن بَعْضِ مَا أَنزَلَ اللّهُ إِلَيْكَ

“And rule between them by that which Allah revealed to you and do not follow their whims, and beware (be on the alert) that they may deviate you away from even some part of what Allah revealed to you”.[TMQ 5:49]

Any ruler who tells you that we can live in this system and fulfill our obligations to Allah is lying to you. They are using our love of Allah and His religion to manipulate us.

We have seen it time and time again. Isn’t it about time that we learnt our lesson?

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world where justice was a reality, not a dream?

Our rulers have led us to believe that justice is something that we must beg for, it’s not given to us freely or willingly. For the people of Gaza, it’s a dream that they wish for but are not sure if they will receive it.

We are led to believe that that’s the way that the world works – that justice isn’t a right, it’s a ‘maybe’, ‘sometimes’, depending on whether the political and legal reality is in favor of the victims.

In Islam, justice isn’t just a reality – it’s an obligation, and one that the Khaleefah and his government will be accountable for. They must ensure that Muslims are protected, that the non-Muslim citizens are protected.

The justice is ensured by the Laws of Allah – they guide us on how to act in different situations, reminding us of Allah’s wrath if we do not ensure that the people receive the protection and justice that is owed to them. Under the Khilafah, there wouldn’t be a debate on whether or not, the situation in Gaza is a genocide. The matter is simple, Muslim blood is being split. The armies have a Fard to defend them, and the Khaleefah has a Fard to send them to the Muslim Land in defense of the Ummah.

Today, the rulers have led us to believe that this reality isn’t possible – that it’s only a dream, and one that can never be realized. But if we trust in Allah, and His Messenger, we know that that is not true. He (swt) has promised us justice; He (swt) has told us that Islam will come back to rule over us once again. So, isn’t the achievement of that promise something that we should all strive for?

The Prophet (saw) said: «كَانَتْ بَنُو إِسْرَائِيلَ تَسُوسُهُمْ الْأَنْبِيَاءُ، كُلَّمَا هَلَكَ نَبِيٌّ خَلَفَهُ نَبِيٌّ، وَإِنَّهُ لَا نَبِيَّ بَعْدِي، وَسَيَكُونُ خُلَفَاءُ فَيَكْثُرُونَ»، قَالُوا: فَمَا تَأْمُرُنَا؟ قَالَ: «فُوا بِبَيْعَةِ الْأَوَّلِ فَالْأَوَّلِ أَعْطُوهُمْ حَقَّهُمْ فَإِنَّ اللَّهَ سَائِلُهُمْ عَمَّا اسْتَرْعَاهُمْ»‘The children of ‘Israel’ have been governed by Prophets; whenever a Prophet died another Prophet succeeded him; but there will be no prophet after me. There will soon be Khulafah’’ and they will number many’, they asked: ‘What then do you order us?’ He said: ‘Fulfil allegiance to them one after the other, and give them their dues; for verily Allah will ask them about what he entrusted them with.’

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Fatima Musab

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