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India, enemy of 150 million Muslims in Bangladesh, is a friend of Hasina!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

On 6th July 2011, Indian foreign minister SM Krishna paid a 3 day state visit to Bangladesh. Immediately after landing in Dhaka Airport, in a joint press conference with his Bangladeshi counterpart he said that, "Dhaka-Delhi relations are passing the best time in the history of our diplomatic relationship and we are living at a time of historical importance." SM Krishna's visit was scheduled for holding a bilateral ministerial level talks just before the much talked about visit of Indian Prime Minister Monmohon Sinh, due to take place during 6-7th September, 2011. SM Krishna discussed with the Bangladeshi foreign minister Dr. Dipu Moni about historical border dispute between Bangladesh and India, trade and commerce issues, transit, the proposed treaty to share the water of Tista and Feni rivers, scrutinizing the implementation process of treaties signed between Manmohan and Hasina in 2010 when Hasina made a visit to India, import of electricity from India etc. Moreover two new treaties have been signed between the two countries regarding border dispute, and investment protection. After the singing of those two treaties SM Krishna again reiterated that, "the relationship between India and Bangladesh can be an example to follow for any countries across the world". Moreover, as part of promoting Hindu culture in Bangladesh, he was present as the chief guest in the opening ceremony of two drama theatres built with the donation of Indian government in the department of Performing Arts at Dhaka University. He also delivered a lecture at a seminar titled "Bangladesh-India Partnership Development" in Dhaka University, the premier university of Bangladesh.

It is worth mentioning that, after assuming power by the government of Sheikh Hasina, India has been granted transit through Bangladesh in all four means of communication i.e. road, air, sea and rail transit. Moreover, Hasina in her so called historical visit to India back in 2010 has graciously accepted Indian demand for construction of Tipaimukh barrage in the upstream in the border district of Sylhet. This is a new version of Farakkah barrage that has systematically transformed 1/5th of Bangladesh into desert. She has also agreed to take $1 billion loan from an Indian commercial bank at the highest interest rate, in the history of foreign loan in Bangladesh to construct the pipeline to purchase electricity form India as well as to develop and construct the roads and highways to ensure the smooth passage for Indian vehicles. Finally, in her visit she has also pursued for setting up "South Asian Anti-Terrorism Taskforce" to deal with the popular rise of the demand of Islamic Khilafah "Caliphate" System in the subcontinent. After that visit the so called frontier of new opportunities (slavery) has opened!! Indeed with that visit of Hasina, India has managed to achieve every single demand with principal plus interest that India has been demanding for last 40 years! Due to Hasina's such level of obedience to master India, Hasina has been awarded the so called "Indira Gandhi Peace Prize", only to make her a successor of previous recipients like Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan and a former prime minister of Israel!

Amongst the two treaties signed during the visit of SM Krishna, the first one is "Border dispute and Water Sharing Agreement". In fact this treaty is a continuation of the same old treaty that has been signed 37 years ago when India called on Sheikh Mujib (father of Hasina and a British agent) in New Delhi to sign so called "Mujib-Indira Friendship Agreement" to solve the issue of disputed enclaves in border districts as well as to share the water of river Ganges. After the treaty was signed, Sheikh Mujib returned home to pass the treaty in the parliament within six months and immediately relinquished the demand of Bangladesh over Berubari enclave, while after 40 years India still has neither ratified this treaty in their parliament nor has given away Talpotti enclave to Bangladesh as outlined in that treaty! Now after 37 years of "Mujib-Indira Friendship Treaty", Indian foreign minister is in Dhaka to make a new treaty on that same old issue! Interestingly this new treaty is not because India rightfully, even if after so many years, has agreed to give Talpotti and other enclaves to Bangladesh; rather the treaty is to allow Bangladesh to construct roads of 6 miles length that will allow the citizens of Bangladesh to get out of these prisons like enclaves!! Moreover, in the "Mujib-Indira Friendship Treaty" it was clearly written that India will open the Farakkah barrage for a 40 days period on a test basis, which in itself was against any international norms. However, for polytheist India, those 40 days is yet to get over! Moreover, as a rerun of 1974's circus, India has again called on the daughter of the (in)competent Mujib i.e. Hasina, to give a blank signature to start the Farakkah II i.e. Tipaimukh barrage! Additionally at this time when the dating with Monmohon is fast approaching, Sheikh Hasina is eagerly waiting to sign Tista and Feni rivers water sharing agreement!

While Dipu Moni claims that these two agreements have been signed with India on the basis of "equality" to share water between the countries, the question of 150 million Muslims in Bangladesh is in which dreamland Dipu Moni and her gang of slaves live? Even after 37 years of "Mujib-Indira treaty" don't they understand the Indian definition of "equality"! Did they not read in the Qur'an that Allah swt says "Cut off the obligation from Allah and His Messenger to those of the Mushrikun with whom you made a treaty." [Sura Tawba: 01]

The other treaty that has been signed during SM Krishna's visit is "Investment Protection Agreement". According to this treaty, the respective governments will protect the investment of other country, made into their own country, especially by not nationalizing such investment as well as by providing the logistic support like providing energy supplies, constructing highways as transits to carry the produced goods etc. The question is which company of Bangladesh has made investment in India that our government has entered into such agreement with India? For the last 40 years the county which has not given the natural rightful share of the Ganges water to us, how come they will protect our investment in their country, which in effect does not exist! The people of this country know full well how Indian telecom company "Airtel" has purchased "Warid Telecom" with paltry 10 million dollars, while the value of the infrastructure of Warid's investment was around 100 million dollars! The people of Bangladesh know that it is Indian Exim Bank who has planned to invest $1 billion in Bangladesh for which India needs protection. While India is achieving her objectives, Hasina and Dipu Moni feel immensely gratified by signing such agreement.

The question of 150 million Muslims in Bangladesh is why this government of Hasina is consistently surrendering Bangladesh to the Indian demands? This surrender is not just economical, rather of political, cultural, social, and military in nature. Why this government is so keen to force 150 million Muslims of Bangladesh to fall in love with India? Why this government is calling Polytheist India as our best friend? Do they think that the Muslims of Bangladesh will forget the 40 years of Indian aggression and plots against Bangladesh? Do they think that 150 million Muslims in Bangladesh will forget the hanging dead body of 15 years old Felani [victim of Indian shoot to kill policy], will forget the killing of 57 brave muslim army officials in the Indian orchestrated BDR mutiny to weaken the resolve of Bangladeshi Muslim army, will forget the rice politics by India during the cyclone sidr, will forget the humiliation when the descendent of King Dhahir, General VK Sing was invited to take salute of newly commissioned muslim army officials this year [the first of such kind in the history of Bangladesh]? Does Hasina think that, the Muslims of Bangladesh will forget the continuous oppression of Indian criminal and militant army upon the sons and daughters of this ummah in the form of rape, abduction, imprisonment, burning in Kashmir for more than 70 years? Do they think that the Muslim of subcontinent will forget the Indian crimes against Muslims in Gujarat to the level that 3000 were burnt to death in one single night and more than 40 expecting mothers of the ummah were killed by opening their wombs to uncover the innocent future generation of this ummah and use them as football before putting them into fire! Will this ummah forget the destruction of Babri Mosque and accept it to be the temple of polytheists!!

Surely Hasina can forget all of these and still continue to serve India to cling onto power. Hasina can think of the mother of Farakka i.e. Indira Gandhi as the best friend of India. However the 150 million Muslims in Bangladesh and more than 600 million Muslims in the subcontinent despise India and believes in the statement of Prophet (saw), when he (saw) said, "Two groups of my ummah will be forgiven from hellfire, one group is the one who will liberate Hind and the other group is the one who will join Isa Ibn Mariam".

Jafar Muhammad Abu Abdullah
Dhaka, Bangladesh


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