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News Review 7/11/2020

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

US Elections, Ethiopia, Yemen, Azerbaijan, Danish Animal Abuse

At the time of this writing, the Democratic Party challenger Joe Biden is on path to becoming the 46th President of the United States, overtaking the Republican incumbent Donald Trump by the narrowest of margins. It was clear some months back that the American establishment had begun to distance itself from President Trump and was shifting its support to former Vice President Biden. But two complications prevented that support from producing the Biden landslide that many had predicted and hoped for.

The ruling ‘establishment’ is an intrinsic and permanent feature of all modern systems of representative democracy. Under the principle of ‘checks and balances’ the democratic system withholds full authority from the ruler and reduces him to being just one element within the system. The American President is unable to pursue anything of consequence without the support of the rest of the system, which constitutes a broad establishment spanning the legislature, the senior judiciary, and the departments of the executive branch. Of course, behind this establishment stands the true power, the elite Capitalist class, comprising politically active billionaires who support and fund the members of the establishment for their own benefit. It is not that President Trump defied the establishment since, as a billionaire himself, he well understands the rules of the game. It is simply that Trump was not as useful to them as he needed to be. Trump’s rough and amateurish approach would often backfire bringing more harm to US interests than benefits, such as his unnecessarily alienating fellow members of NATO in Europe and providing them with a strong excuse to develop their own policy. Even on trade war with China, Trump was unable to achieve real gains. And though Trump always followed the establishment line, he was ‘high maintenance’ - it just took too much effort to get him to do so.

So Trump had to go. But two factors prevented a Biden landslide. Firstly, the Republican Party still needed Trump to perform well, in order to motivate the Republican voter base to turn out for state and congressional elections. But secondly, and more seriously, it is clear that the partisan divide in America has become much deeper in recent years, and the number of ‘swing voters’ genuinely open to switching their vote to the other party has far reduced. This points to a deep fracture in American society, a rural-urban divide, and a conservative-liberal divide. In fact this divide exists throughout the West, as evidenced for example by Brexit or the far right nationalist movements in Europe, such as the movement of Le Pen in France. This divide is fundamentally a result of the compromise solution upon which the Capitalist ideology was established, the abominable compromise between religion and materialism. Those who retain a semblance of Christian values are simply unable to accept the excesses of those who have fully adopted a materialist perspective. They have become alienated from their own governmental systems and throw their weight behind any who appears to them to be opposing the system. Unfortunately for them, in the case of America, the Republican Party is very much the heart and soul of their ruling system. This divide will continue to tear their societies apart; the only real solution for the West is to reject the compromise and refound their civilisation on a pure religious basis. Christianity no longer has the strength to mount such a project. It falls to the Muslim Ummah to re-establish its own state based fully on Islam, thus providing the true civilizational model for the entire world to then adopt.

In other news, there has been a significant escalation this week in Ethiopia’s internal conflict with the powerful Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) based in the northern Tigray region, with the army’s deputy chief declaring that the country had entered into “an unexpected war”. Such internal conflicts are frequent in the nation-state model that insists on countries maintaining defined borders irrespective of whether they have the capacity to effectively govern all of the territories under their control. However, it should also be noticed that this escalation comes immediately after Trump’s brutal threats against the Ethiopian government, discussed in this review last week, over its almost complete scheme to dam the Nile.

According to a report at al-Monitor website, the US Central Command disputes a report by a British watchdog accusing the American military of causing the deaths of as many as 86 non-combatants during US operations in Yemen since 2017. Of course the dispute as well as the report that triggered it is a complete farce. Britain and America are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands in Yemen through both war and resulting poverty, ill health and famine, as it is the UK and US that have sponsored the regional and local players involved in the conflict. Muslims will not be free of such conflicts until we fully eject from our lands the foreign imperialist disbeliever and his malignant influence, his devious Western concepts and his criminal systems of law and governance that we continue to perpetuate decades after so-called ‘independence’ from formal Western imperial rule.

The Azerbaijan-Armenian conflict continues this week, with Azeri forces making some gains on the ground, despite apparent peace efforts, which indicates that America wishes to see a shift in the local balance of power before bringing the conflict to a close. The conflict was triggered by activity from Armenian forces close to key oil and gas pipelines passing through Azerbaijan.

The West, and particularly Europe, likes to boast of its care for animals but Denmark is preparing this week to kill possibly up to 17 million minks, bred in Denmark for their much prized fur, due to fears of a strain of coronavirus within them spreading to humans, despite modern techniques available for the treatment of disease, even in animals. This contrasts with what is reported about a plague in Istanbul at the time of the Ottoman State, and calls to cull the stray dog population of the city, suspected at the time to be a key transmitter of the disease; but the Mufti of Istanbul prevented any mass culling on the basis that animals are also endowed with ‘rooh’ i.e., the divinely created essence of life. In truth the West do not really care for animals but exploit even these innocent creatures for their own selfish benefit, as evidenced by the farm breeding of mink in Denmark, individually isolating them in such small wire cages that the mink are left traumatised, as evidenced by pitiable abnormal animal behaviour such as pacing, repetitive circling/nodding of the head as well as self-mutilation. The return of Islam as a political force in the world is needed even to protect animals.

With Allah’s permission, it shall not be long now that the Muslim Ummah arise and re-establish the righteous Islamic Khilafah (Caliphate) State on the method of the Prophet (saw) that shall revive the true Islamic way of life through implementation of the divine Shar’a, liberate occupied territories, unify all Muslim lands, and carry the leadership of Islam to the entire world.

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