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Kashmiris are mere Pawns on America’s Chessboard for the Region

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

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Kashmiris are mere Pawns on America’s Chessboard for the Region


For weeks, Indian-administered Kashmir has been plunged into the worst violence in the region for some years. There has been a curfew and bloody clashes between protesters and security forces, all sparked by the death of a popular, young militant leader.


The despicable use of force by Indian security services to silence Kashmiris is a bloody stain permanently etched onto India’s sham democracy. In fact, India is a longstanding member of democratic nations that frequently slaughter Muslims and pillage their resources in the name of democracy and freedom.

The uneven handed approach of India’s security forces towards Kashmiris is not new. Over the years, India has routinely deployed overwhelming force and extra judicial measures to quash any form of dissent and subdue the Kashmiri people.

India’s brutal force is accompanied by two notable concerns. First, the Kashmiris are not the only separatist movement. There are some twenty odd movements that aspire to cede from India, but Kashmiri separatist sentiments are viewed to be the most dangerous by the Indian establishment and occupy a significant proportion of Indian armed forces to quell dissent. India fears that any concessions made to the Kashmiris will increase the demand of other separatist groups thereby compromising the country’s territorial integrity.

Second, India overtly subscribes to the idea that Pakistan has a hand in stoking resentment and orchestrating the Kashmiri rebellion. There is some element of truth but this does not underplay the injustices suffered by the Kashmiris for the past 70 years at the hand of successive Indian governments.

Pakistan only interferes in Kashmir at the behest of America, and has always exploited Kashmiris to fulfill American objectives. The purpose of the Kashmir uprising in the late 1980s was to internationalize the issue and weaken the Indian economy. By doing so, America was able to intervene in India’s domestic affairs via the UN and IMF.

The aim of the recent uprisings is to rekindle the normalization process between India and Pakistan and lay the groundwork for an American inspired settlement of Kashmir post US-presidential elections. America covets peaceful relations between New Delhi and Islamabad, so that India under US tutelage can effectively counter America’s latest adversary China. Apart from Sharif, Modi and sellouts from the Kashmiri resistance movements most people are oblivious to America’s role in fomenting dissent to attain her interest in the sub-continent. America is able to conceal its devious plans by exploiting divisions between India and Pakistan. Had India remained united and never partitioned it would have been difficult for America to exploit such sentiments. More importantly, had Muslims continued to rule by Islam the Kashmiris and other minorities would never had felt the need to separate.

To prevent the exploitations of Kashmiris, Muslims in both India and Pakistan must work together to return the land of the Sub-continent to Islamic rule via the establishment of Khilafah "Caliphate" Rashidah (Caliphate) upon the Method of the Prophethood. Only then will the bloodshed stop and peace will return to Hind.

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by

Abdul Majeed Bhatti


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