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The Constitution Has to be Made according to Revelation

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

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The Constitution Has to be Made according to Revelation


Turkey’s Constitution change referendum ended with a 51.41 "Yes" and 48.59 "No". The result in 4 of the 7 geographical regions was "Yes" and in 3 regions it was "No". The biggest rivalry happened, as expected, in the Marmara region. (News)


Turkey’s referendum in which 18 amendments of the constitution was put to vote has been changed with the AKP and MHP alliance on "Yes" despite the CHP and HDP "No" alliance. AKP has attempted to make this change since the first day of its rise to power but was prevented by the terrorism operations or political opposition or sometimes by the establishers of the republic from without. Its fight with PKK after the 7th of June elections, its fight with FETÖ and the strong atmosphere and voting support it got in the 1st of November elections AKP brought, once again, the constitution change topic up and this time, even tough it is on a blade's edge, they managed to change the constitution with a referendum.

The things that stood out in these elections are:

1. Almost all of the political parties' below the belt statements, allegations, the parliament brawls... in order to instigate the people... Just like after every election where everything is permitted until the election, where the opposite sides declare each other terrorists, traitors and the empty peace's and unity statements.

2. When the counting of the votes just finished, on the night of the referendum, discussions of snap elections have been made. If there legal groundwork is not done for a death sentence another referendum could be made, stated by the President. Despite the constitutional change the system is open to clogging. These are the first indications that governmental problems will continue. The estimated cost of the referendum is 190,000,000 TL.

3. The 18 amendments that were changed has not been explained to the people. The propaganda made the politicians, Jama'a's, NCO's, associations, unions were inadequate. Because those who made these amendments did not believe they would be able convince people to "Yes" or "No" by explaining them.

4. The conclusion of the referendum; the democratic parliamentarian system established by the English that abolished the Ottoman Khilafah "Caliphate", has come to an end and instead turned into a "Republicanpresidential System". The regime change had been done with a sudden oppressive way in 1923 but this system change has been done by skewing people's view of Right or Wrong, Faridah or Haram, Jennah or Jahnannam.

5. After this process those who support the democratic parliamentarian system have emboldened with the votes they got and they will work more. If snap elections do not happen until 2019 AKP will try to solve a lot of problems. But when doing this, they will try to accommodate the demands of their ally USA and try to stabilise.

6. The essence of the constitution has not been changed. Both the former constitution and the present one that will be enacted is sourced by humans.. It is impossible to develop and satisfy by constitutions and laws made by man. Constitutions and laws should be made according to the revelation of our Lord. That is why that the regime should have been changed according to the revelation that came from Allah instead of the governmental system.

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Musa Bayoğlu


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