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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Kashmir is an Ear-Splitting Scream to the Muslim World!


India deployed another 125,000 soldiers to Kashmir, joining around the already existing 500,000. Meanwhile schools reopened but most classrooms remain empty as parents keep their children at home. Parents said their children would stay home until cellular networks are restored and they can be in contact with them. Troops have arrested minor children in the last two weeks and several children were injured in clashes. According to Bangladesh, India's annexation of Kashmir "is an internal matter". ( As usual Turkish Foreign Ministry urged the UN to play "a more active role" and spoke through the mouth of its master, the USA, "to resolve the dispute through legal means and dialogue" and called for calm and "avoiding unilateral steps" that would escalate tension. Kashmir's most powerful neighbour Pakistan thanked Turkey for this puny statement and decided to take the Kashmir dispute to the International Court of Justice, centring on alleged human rights violations by India and not its invasion!!! Its opinion is only advisory in nature and not binding to the parties concerned. (Agencies)


Thus currently there are 625,000 heavily armed military forces against a population of about 12.5 million civilians. To clarify: at the moment, there is 1 heavily armed soldier against 20 vulnerable unarmed civilians in Kashmir (in Jammu Kashmir according to colonialist Britain's map). If we assume that an average of 70% of this population is Muslim, then there is one armed kafir soldier against 14 vulnerable unarmed Muslims. Whereby, assuming in a very extremely naive manner, that one third of this Muslim population consists of adult males with the ability to resist, and the other two thirds consist of women and children, then we could conclude that there is one armed soldier against nearly 4 adult Muslim men. In short, India's Prime Minister Modi seems to be only a hair's breadth away from him goal of a purely Hindu Kashmir, cleansed from Muslims.

So please allow yourself to get goose pimples in face of such a picture! Without doubt, Allah is Great and He is Almighty. Surely the Lord of the Worlds is able to turn this man-made calculation upside down. We are witnesses of this in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, and especially in sheer desperate Syria, and the entire Muslim world. Allah (swt) however wants us Muslims, each and every one of us, to take actions... What is the reminder of the Kashmir case?

Kashmir is the picture of the negligence of the entire Muslim world. It is the picture of how the Kufr nations feast on the Muslim Ummah! Kashmir is the proof of how the Muslim Ummah can be served as feed to the plates of the Kuffar after being cut in slices and crumbled like bread. The Muslim lands today have been converted to the pantry of the Kufr nations. While the leaders upon us serve as the bailiffs of the colonialist countries in order to ensure that they make use freely from this pantry. Furthermore, they are proud of their farcical, hollow initiatives, words, actions and condemnations, for which they congratulate and applaud each other. Instead of mobilizing their soldiers with hearts full of Iman against heavily armed soldiers and paramilitary, they beg help from the UN, the International Court of Justice and USA and their president, the archenemy of Muslims. While the whole world knows that these organisations are in the service of the colonial states, our rulers resort to them... That alone is proof enough for how bold-faced they are in humiliation the minds and hearts of the Muslims.

Kashmir is the bill of keeping silent and not opposing the Muslim leaders... Consequently, Kashmir is most likely to become the first of our heaviest prices for not opposing the Kufr systems and oppressions. For the armed Hindu Kafir forces stand right on the doorstep of our houses in Kashmir, strong enough to eliminate the whole population with one strike, kidnap fathers, husbands and even little boys during midnight raids, and reach their dirty hands for our women and girls. The occupation of Kashmir is a terrible nightmare that should flash lightning in our brains! In order to bring this nightmare to an end, we must wake up from this coma and get rid of these bailiff rulers, who serve the colonialist kuffar, and replace them with a rightly-guided leader, who serves none but Allah! This is a vital issue and Allah's obligation upon our necks!

Kashmir is an ear-splitting scream to the Muslim world! Where are you Mu'tasim?! Where are you Khalifah?! Remove the Western systems and their puppet bailiff rulers which divide our lands with nationalist, racist artificial borders! Instead; establish the Khilafah Rashidah (righteous Caliphate), which implements the system of Allah, which turns our Muslim armies and soldiers into one invincible army of Islam and rescues Kashmir, and the entire Muslim world, and whole mankind! Without doubt, Kufr and its oppression are doomed to disappear, wherever Islam occurs!

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Zehra Malik


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