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Still Democracy Mobilization?


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended the 7th Ordinary Provincial Congress of Kars and Karaman from the Vahdettin Pavilion by means of a live broadcast. During his speech, Erdogan said 'We are taking decisive steps which will place our country at the position it deserves in the global, political and economic order that will be reshaped after the epidemic. We are launching a brand new mobilization in the economy, judiciary and democracy. We have re-formed economy management. We aim to rapidly implement the moves that would make us reach our goals'. (AA 14.11.2020)


The rulers whose statements are ineffective, whose words are meaningless, whose advices are useless and who do not draw a lesson from trouble and calamities, almost act like sworn legionaries in dragging the society to disaster. Those who have forgotten that their post and position are temporary and who are unaware of rendering account to Allah, those who see each path permissible for themselves for the sake of reaching simple worldly interests, unfortunately govern the people. The fact that AK Party, which is approximately for 20 years in power, and its leader President Erdogan are still speaking of mobilization in the economy, judiciary and democracy, should worry anyone who has Iman (faith), cognizance and consideration. We say should worry, because what they have done is a warrant for what they will do.

When we take a look at the process where AK Party came to power in Turkey, we know that they came to power by their politics of solving the problems of a country which went through a big financial crisis and had a bad report in law and justice. But time has shown that the society is being surrounded by democracy, the constant republican line of favoritism, corruption, interest, shamelessness, injustice, advanced democracy. Privatization of publicly owned goods worth tens of billions of dollars in the early days of the economy. Spreading the low interest under the society. Even though hot money coming from abroad for many years revived the markets and relieved the economy, we had said that this balloon will explode sooner or later. Believing that the capitalist order, based on exploitation and crisis, will be saved by mobilizations, is mental deficiency. It is breaking away from the truth.

This train whose way is wrong, whose goal is superstitious, whose machinist obey the West, whose guides are ignorant, whose wagons are full of haram and sins, would never have reached safety. Neither the locomotive nor the rail could endure this train of sin and haram. It already doesn’t. We talk about a law where even the Minister of Justice complains about justice, no-one consents to the given decisions, those who are weak but right become wrong, those who are strong but wrong are treated with honor, justice appears according to social media reactions. Will there be any difference to launch a movement in a legal system where due to their ideas thousands of Muslims are unjustly jailed, where thousands of men are punished by taking women’s testimony as basis, where thousands of teens are imprisoned who married at an early age? The fact that mobilizations in this area will serve more oppression and injustice, is as plain as day.

Although President Erdogan’s work, effort, struggle on democracy and advanced democracy persistence are superstitious, there is no doubt that it has the most successful and steady aspect. Such that all projects which open the door of haram widely while it was half-opened by advanced democracy, which accepted agreements that depraved the family and society, which give rights to LGBT deviants by making laws and which destroys the family with the sedition of gender equality, were for advanced democracy. And acting more bravely in this path than Western disbelievers is really painful. That means haram and crimes in these areas are being seen insufficient, new ones will be added to them by mobilization in democracy.

You were searching for Umar’s of every city, but your ruling and practices resemble the order of Abu Jahl. Being Umar means being able to say praise be to Allah when getting the answer, ‘We will correct you with our swords’ to his question, ‘What would you do when I go astray?’ It is having an ambition for implementing Allah’s religion. It is being able to say, ‘I will not drink unless my people drink this’ with regards to the juice brought for him. It is not living high on the hog while millions of people struggle for life under the starvation line through all kinds of taxes and raises.

Which mobilization could solve the fact that you are deaf to the voice of justice of millions of people? Still mobilization in democracy while all kinds of haram and disgrace are being made legal by your hands? Is the fact that you try to deceive Muslims via this superstitious system, while the real reason of these problems and more is the current democratic capitalist system, not a mobilization against Allah and His religion?

If you really wanted to have an order where everyone will find peace and happiness, you would launch a mobilization for Khilafah (Caliphate) upon the method of the Prophethood which is the ruling system of Islam and not for democracy. In this way, you would be among the winners in this world as well as in the Hereafter. What should we say; what a person has on his mind comes out in his conversation...

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Ahmet SAPA

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