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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


 Savings in Public? For Appearance’s Sake!


The press conference where the "Savings and Efficiency Package in the Public Sector" was shared was held at the Presidential Complex with the participation of Vice President Cevdet Yilmaz and Minister of Treasury and Finance Mehmet Şimşek. Minister Şimşek stated that their most important priority is to eliminate the cost of living from being a problem.

Şimşek pointed out that spending measures have 3 main axes, namely, "saving in public, spending discipline in the budget and efficiency in public investments" and said, "When we look at public saving, we focus on 8 priority areas. These areas are vehicles, buildings, public employment, efficiency in administrative structuring, temporary assignment expenses abroad, energy and waste management, communication expenses and other current expenses." said. (Agencies)


Can those who say that reputation does not save money actually make savings? Paid interest by the current government alone in 20 years is 563 billion dollars, while the amount to be paid in interest from the budget for 2024 is about 38 billion dollars. Again, the government, which imposes billions of dollars of interest burden on the budget with the Exchange Rate Protected Deposit System, anticipates saving 3 billion dollars a year with the cookie soup package, even these figures alone are enough for their insincerity. For days, those who have created the public perception that a breakthrough will be made in the economy have been acting for appearance sake by making fools of the public. Those who are familiar with the truth of the matter, those who understand the language of the figures, will see that the planned savings will have no effect on the budget deficit.

So why is this perception being carried out? In the country, where the economic crisis has been going on for years, the people's waistlines have been broken, their tactics have been exhausted, but the managers have not compromised even one gram of their luxuries and gaudiness. Realizing that this situation had turned into a silent revolt among the people, the managers wanted to create the perception that they had cut the so-called bill to themselves first under the name of saving the public. Of course, it is really important that every penny belonging to the public is saved and used on the spot. But those who see public property as their own property and spend it for years regardless. Is it a saving when the daily palace expenses are still hovering over $1 million! Those who erase billions of dollars of tax debts of giant companies that exploit the country's resources, those who put public resources, state facilities at their disposal, those who transfer tens of billions of dollars to interest barons, those who create unimaginable opportunities around them with public procurement laws, are exploiting everything behind the scenes, while shoving the three penny that has been saved to the nation. Those who suck the blood of the people with the system of cruelty imposed for a century cannot think of any good on behalf of the people. Those who see public resources as their father's farm cannot make savings. You can't save money when you have dealt with all institutions such as bribery, favoritism etc. If the rulers really think about the right and the people, they first refuse this secular capitalist system, which is an order of persecution. If they substitute the Islamic Order that Allah is pleased with instead of it and make them live according to his commandments, then the truth and the people will be pleased. Let's give an example that sheds light from history to the present. After the conquest of Iran, the treasures and valuables of Kisra were taken as booty by the Caliph Hazrat. For the commanders and governors who sent it to Omar, he says, ‘Those who sent these objects to us are really trustworthy people.’ He had said. Hz. Ali replied to him: You have become chaste. Therefore, your people have also become chaste. If you ate and drank a lot, your people would also eat and drink.

Today's rulers live in extravagance and luxury, so their deputies and governors, from mayors to those in the lowest unit, are trying to live like them.

This system, whose existence is about to be persecuted, and its outdated rulers deserve to be the garbage dump of history, not to be the head of the people's administration. Our desire from Allah is that He will bring those days closer.

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Ahmet SAPA

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