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The New Tax Package Proves How Cruel Those Who Adorn Themselves with the Word “Justice” Really Are


Minister of Finance of Turkiye Mehmet Şimşek: “Our goal is to ensure that no area is left untaxed in order to achieve justice and efficiency in taxation.”

The reform package prepared by the Turkish Ministry of Treasury and Finance includes significant provisions for strengthening tax fairness and introducing tax regulations aimed at capital. The new package could mark one of the largest tax overhauls in two decades and its initiatives are expected to generate an additional $7 billion in revenue, according to a Bloomberg report. (agencies)


The new tax package includes detailed provisions ranging from tips income to rental income, increasing fines, eliminating VAT exemptions on feed and fertilizer, and increasing the departure fee for traveling abroad by at least the 10 fold. New tax models, such as a minimum corporate tax and minimum income tax, will be introduced to increase the share of direct taxes to eliminate the so-called tax injustice. These taxes will primarily affect small business, the agricultural sector, freelancers, and workers. Even a mandatory 20% tax will be imposed on tips received by minimum wage workers. New tax regulations will also be introduced for POS devices. Monthly, quarterly, and annual audits will be conducted to ensure no taxes are evaded. Rental payments must be made through banks, who will deduct 20 % automatically. Heavy penalties will be imposed on transactions without invoices, while rewards for informants will be increased. Late payment penalties will be applied to all administrative fines. Taxes will be levied on every aspect and entity involving money. In summary, this taxation will tax almost every breath that the people take. While all this is supposedly done to reduce inflation, it will inevitably increase the cost of living even further.

This year, it was revealed that the debt of such banks, institutions and companies, which in total amounts to over 3 billion YTL, was erased by 97.6 percent - that is, almost completely. Among these, there are Jewish, and Zionist supporting companies, such as UNILEVER (tax debts deleted by 100%).

Justice is an empty concept in this country that exists only in the name of the ruling party and in the name of the judicial system that oppresses Muslims.

Justice in economy works only for western capital-based banks and holdings. The perception of a just/fair economic development is limited to ratifying international agreements in return for billion-dollar loans from the IMF and the World Bank, which are granted in exchange for selling off the country's mineral resources to foreign companies, and destroying agriculture and animal husbandry and thus condemning the country to hunger through inventing laws like the Climate Law... And international agreements, which prescribe the reformation of the education system, the legal system, and the civil codes, which aim to westernize and to corrupt the values and morals of the society. To pay off these debts, which cause ever increasing budget deficits, energy resources are privatised, which in return increase prices through indirect and direct taxes on consumer goods, and thus places the burden again on the shoulders of middle and low-income people, and increases poverty.

Part of it is also to erase the billion-dollar tax debts of Zionist and Zionist-supporting companies in order to sabotage the efforts of the Muslims, who boycott trade with the occupying Zionist entity. In fact, increasing free trade with the genocidal occupying Zionist entity by saying "We sell 6 and buy 1" is how the greedy "justice and development" policies interpret the concept of justice.

Justice in politics is merely about condemning the burning of Gazan babies alive, and calling for a two-state solution and carrying out normalization policies.

The Turkish judicial system’s understanding of justice is to punish Muslims who oppose the atrocities committed against Muslims in Turkey and around the world, and to acquit politicians who defraud the public, and to release back those into the public with ridiculous punishments, who engage in tax-paying prostitution, and who sell alcohol and drugs, and those who steal, and those who rape women and girls. And, it is to declare Muslims who have Islamic ideas, and who aspire an Islamic life, who have not committed any crime, as terrorists and to condemn them to oppression, persecution and imprisonment...

This is the greedy understanding of justice and development of the “moderate Islamist” but strongly secular democratic government. In conclusion, this new tax package is proof of how cruel those who adorn themselves with the word justice are.

In the words and practices of these capitalist servants and treacherous rulers, the word justice is only a label used to deceive their people. However, "justice" is one of the attributes of Allah (swt), who is “Al-Adl”, The Creator, The Owner (Malik) and Lord of the worlds, and it is a concept that can only come to life for all humanity by applying the commands of Allah.

According to Islam; collecting taxes continuously, directly and indirectly, is an injustice. If the state's revenues do not meet the needs of the subjects, only then taxes can be imposed. This tax can only be collected from rich and Muslim persons, who can meet their own needs. From non-Muslims, only jizya can be collected. If there is an excess in the revenues of the Bayt al-Mal (state treasury), these taxes are reduced or abolished.

In other words, without making Islam dominant, judge and sovereign upon the earth again, and without getting rid of these Ruwaybida rulers and establishing the Khilafah Rashidah (rightly guided Caliphate) State upon the method of the Prophethood, which will resume Islamic life by applying the system of Islam, humanity will not be able to taste justice in any sphere of life.

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Zehra Malik

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