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The Rulers of Afghanistan will Gain Nothing from Qatar’s Mediation Except Humiliation, Deception and Conspiracies!


Afghan Taliban authorities meet with international envoys on Sunday in Qatar for talks presented by the United Nations as a key step in the engagement process, but condemned by human rights groups for the absence of Afghan women. When the United Nations and about 25 envoys, including envoys from the United States and a Taliban delegation, meet in Doha on June 30 and July 1, the agenda includes economic issues and the fight against drugs. However the exclusion of civil society groups, including women's rights activists, caused an uproar.” (An-Nahar Newspaper, 28/06/2024)


It is necessary to note two things related to this news:

First: The difference between the social system in Islam, and the system promoted by Western countries through its tool, the United Nations:

It is critical to remember that Islam stands as the single obstacle to Western civilization, and the concepts of life that emerge from it, including the stance towards both men and women. Therefore, the comments of the Secretary-General of Amnesty International, Agnès Callamard, and Rosemary DiCarlo, the Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations for Political and Peacebuilding Affairs regarding the Taliban and the people of Afghanistan, were not surprising. While the West has reached the point of deviation to the point where those supervising its ideology cannot distinguish between a dog, a cat, and a human, nor between a male and a female, and all of their terms and their justifications are under the pretext of what is called “fear of racism and discrimination,” Islam has approved the reasoned facts that humans arrive at through sense perception that match the reality. Moreover, Islam did not stop at that. It mandated rulings from Allah (swt), All-Aware, All-Knowing, Creator of the universe, man and life for realities and situation. This is whilst the West and its system see the necessity of free mixing between men and women, in every large and small occasion, forgetting what chaos in morals results from the lack of regulation of the sexual instinct. Allah (swt) from above the Seven Heavens, through His Deen revealed to our master Muhammad (saw), has ruled otherwise.

Secondly: What should the rulers of Afghanistan do, regarding attempts to subject them to the dictates of the United Nations through Qatar:

Qatar is one of the agent countries that hosts meetings between the rulers of Afghanistan, and representatives of the major powers, under the umbrella of the United Nations. It does not carry the call for a global message. Instead, it is a state that is subordinate to another state. Thus, it serves the interests of that state, and the so-called International Community, in terms of trying to subject the rulers of Afghanistan to disavowing the Shariah legal rulings at the international level, and submitting to the desires of the major powers. This is whether this is to do with achieving the economic interests of those countries, or trying to put aside the Islamic project from managing conflicts in the world, and replacing it with international law and the desires of capitalist companies. This is alongside the attempt to impose dictates requested by so-called civil society, and feminist movements, in terms of laws and culture that contradict the Islamic belief, and the systems that emerge from it, thus contradicting the way of life in Islam. It was a mistake on the part of the rulers of Afghanistan to go along with Qatar, and those behind it, in that endeavor. Instead, they should have led the world to where Islam wants, whether in diagnosing global problems and revealing their realities, and the role of Western countries’ ambitions in that, or in solving those problems from the point of view of Shariah.

Hence, it is upon the rulers of Afghanistan to seriously disrupt and paralyze the United Nations order. It is not right for there to exist what is called International Law. This cannot be achieved without establishing serious and deep-rooted relations with the peoples of the Muslim regions. These relations are not to be with the current rulers, who are usurping authority. Instead, this is done by forming relations in every Muslim country, with all the Islamic movements, that are naturally active within each country. This is done by addressing the Ummah in each of them regarding the goals of the movement, its mission to carry a global vision for Islam, its intent to cooperate with every sincere party that wants Islamic ruling on earth, and its willingness to discuss everything that is available to achieve this purpose practically.

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Nizar Jamal

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