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News and Comment Pakistan Needs Khilafah to End the Indian Hostility

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


On September 26th, General Raheel Sharif said, "Any provocation along the Line of Control will be responded to effectively." When Pakistan's political and military leadership finally did meet together on October 10, 2014, the Prime Minister's Office rewarded the Hindu aggression by stating, "War is not an option. It is the shared responsibility of the leadership of both countries to immediately defuse the situation".


Since Modi, the butcher of the Muslims in Gujrat, became Prime Minister of India, Indian troops along the Line of Control in Kashmir and at the Working Boundary have increased their aggression against the civilian population living in the Pakistani side. This aggression has resulted in the killing of dozens of civilians and military men, as well as the loss of property and livestock. It has been reported by Reuters that Modi has instructed security forces to deliver an expensive blow to Pakistan, so that it suffers deep and heavy losses. The Pakistan Rangers have termed the Indian firing at the Sialkot border as a "small scale war" between the two countries. The intensity of this small scale war can be assessed that only on October 7th, 2014 alone more than 4000 mortar shells were fired.

Yet, whilst India escalated tensions along the Line of Control and the Working Boundary on the Eastern border, the Prime Minister and Army Chief visited North Waziristan along the opposite Western border. The Prime Minister assured full support for the complete success of the ongoing operation against the resistance to America's occupation in the tribal areas. This has sent a very strong message to the Indians that they can continue killing our soldiers and civilians, without any fear of retaliation from Pakistan, because the regime's priority is fighting America's war on its behalf in our tribal areas. This gesture was made as an official policy, when the political and military leadership met on October 16th, 2014 and decided that: "Pakistan would continue to respond to provocations by Indians with utmost restraint".

There was a time that if Indian forces even tried to build a permanent fence along the Line of Control in Kashmir, they were deterred with such strong responses from Pakistan's armed forces that they could not succeed in building it. However, when the former army chief and president, Musharraf, changed this policy, India constructed an almost 500km long fence along the Line of Control, in just in one year's time. Offering Kashmir to India as a carrot has been the policy since the Musharraf-Aziz regime. For the sake of the American interest to win India to its camp, the Kayani-Zardari regime continued the same policy and now the American agents of the Raheel-Nawaz regimes are doing the same. Traitors in the political and military leadership have no shame, whether before Allah (swt) or the believers. They say that we will fight the War on Terror, which is actually a war against Islam and Muslims, but when it comes to fighting India to protect the people of Pakistan and its boundaries, they simply say that "war is not an option."

America wants to strengthen India at the cost of Pakistan, as India suits America more to fulfill its interests in South Asia and the Asia-Pacific region. American interests are to curtail the ever increasing power and influence of China and to stop the emergence of a strong Khilafah "Caliphate" state in a strong Muslim country, for which Pakistan is a strong candidate. India is not able to play this role as it is weak politically, economically and militarily, when compared to Pakistan and China. Politically, India is weak as its Hindu bigotry has created deep divisions within its over a billion large people population of various races, languages and religions. It is facing thirty armed insurgency movements across the country including Asam, Kashmir, Indian Punjab and Laddakh. India is economically weak as it is dependent heavily on foreign oil and gas, when most energy routes pass through Muslim lands. Militarily, India faces threats from China in the East, whilst Pakistan is a substantial threat to its Western borders. So, to allow India to rise, the traitors in political and military leadership are engaging our troops in fighting our people throughout the country and signing agreements which will allow India to benefit from Central Asia's energy resources. They also work to ensure that Pakistan abandons Kashmir, so that India will be able to move its striking forces from Kashmir to face China.

The people of Pakistan and the soldiers and officers of the armed forces of Pakistan must realize that their subjugation to America and India will only end once they establish Khilafah "Caliphate". The Khilafah "Caliphate" will throw the US out of this region and liberate Kashmir from India through Jihad. As Allah (swt) says:

(يا أيها الذين ءامنوا قاتِلوا الذين يَلونكم من الكفار وَلْيجِدوا فيكمْ غِلْظَةً واعْلَموا أنَّ اللّـهَ مع المتقين)

"O you who believe! Fight the Unbelievers who gird you about, and let them find firmness in you: and know that Allah is with those who fear Him." [Surah At-Tawba 9:123]



Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir

By Shahzad Shaikh

Deputy to the Spokesman of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Pakistan

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