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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The Heresies of Macron Expose the Western and French Crises
By: Bilal Al-Muhajir – Pakistan*

The rulers, thinkers and extremists of the West are used to insulting Islam and its sanctities, whilst being certain that there will be no jaw-breaking response from; the vile and base rulers (رُّوَيْبِضَةُ Ruwaibadah) of Muslims, the Muslim armies that are shackled by these rulers and the Ulema that are muzzled from attacking the masters of these rulers. This is why the French president, Macron, dared to say that Islam is in crisis around the world, giving instructions to direct the khateebs and imams of mosques to speak only of what pleases him, whilst not contradicting his corrupted civilization.

Upon scrutiny and observation, one can find that the Western civilization, which arose subsequent to the French revolution, has clearly failed in all parts of the world, including France itself. The liberal secular ideology has caused misery to all of humanity, unleashing back breaking poverty, destructive wars, deadly diseases and rampant conflict amongst peoples. This is the reality that one cannot deny. All these afflicting diseases, crises and disasters ravaged humanity in less than a century of globally dominant Western secular rule, subsequent to the fall of the just state, the Islamic Khilafah State, in 1924 CE, 1342 AH.

As for France in particular, it consumes the flesh and efforts of the people of Africa by impoverishing them. It is a colonialist, parasitic nation that lives off the goodness of others, rather than by its own efforts or the sweat of its own brow. As much was conceded by its previous president, François Mitterrand in 1957, before assuming the presidency, when he said, “Without Africa, France will have no history in the 21st century.” In March 2008, former French President Jacques Chirac stated, “Without Africa, France will slide down into the rank of a third [world] power.” Yet, even though France is like an overgrown leech feeding off the well-endowed rump of Africa, poverty in France affects nine million of the country’s 67 million people with a third of these figures being children, with poverty rates in some areas of the capital, Paris, reaching forty percent. According to the barometer Ipsos/Secours Populaire 2018, 21% of the French population, approximately 14 million individuals, suffered from food insecurity and did not eat three balanced meals a day.

In fact, France has descended below the ranks of animals not merely that of the Western nominated third world powers. Homosexuals have set up shop in churches, the innocence of children has been defiled and same gender marriage has been allowed. France is the ignoble European leader in the number of births out of wedlock, where sixty percent of babies are born in families in which the parents are not married, such that they had to omit the term “Illegitimate children,” as they are now the majority. Virginity in the unmarried is scarce above the age of puberty and abortion is permitted without restriction, whilst birth control pills are being openly sold to girls in schools. When France’s secularism refused the existence of the Creator implicitly, it unleashed a spiritual crisis that led to the closure of more than two hundred churches due to small numbers of those who frequent them. Thus, France has even descended in the ranks of those who associate partners with Allah (swt).

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg, with word restriction not allowing further mention of aspects of corruption, wealth disparity and crises in the Western system headed by Macron. Despite strenuous attempts to patch up the capitalist system, the Western elite is failing as the rip is now too large.

Yet, Macron has the gall to assert that it is Islam that is in crisis! If Macron had any integrity through listening to the wise, we could have made him hear what he hates. If he had any mercy for his people, Macron would have admitted the bankruptcy of his civilization, asking for help from those who can extend a lifeline, just as his forefather the King of France, Francois I, had previously sought and received the help of the Ottoman Khaleefah, Suleiman the Magnificent, to secure his release from captivity at the hands of Charles V of Spain in 1526.

What really is in crisis is the West and its civilization and France and its freedom and revolution, not Islam as it is revealed from the Lord of the Heavens and the Earth, implemented in the world for over thirteen centuries. Security and prosperity prevailed in all the places where Islam ruled. The Islamic civilization faced no challenge other than the misguidance and ignorance of Crusader Europe, with its kings of cruelty. Today, the same challenge is faced by humanity and the Islamic Ummah today, as the US is merely an extension of the misguidance and ignorance of Europe. Though the Western elite assert that Muslims are now living under a crisis due to Islam, this assertion is a deception. In fact, the crisis of Muslims is due to the colonialist systems and regimens imposed upon their necks by the West including France. It is the Western colonialist imposition of corrupt Western cultures and values, inciting rotten tribalism and nationalism amongst Muslims, that has created the crisis in the Muslim World.

We know that the reason for this statement of Macron about Islam is due to his sensation of the impending second dawn of Islam, after the return of the Khilafah (Caliphate) on the Method of Prophethood. He and we all know that the civilizational vacuum created by the Western civilization cannot be filled by yet another man-made ideology. Man-made ideologies have failed in all their forms. Islam is the only ideology that can fill this vacuum. This is because Islam is the correct ideology from the Creator of humanity, Allah (swt), Who Alone knows what He has created and He Alone is All Hearing and All Seeing. We and the leaders of the West, including Macron, know that the Islamic Ummah has resolved its matter of seeking, striving and sacrificing in the path of reviving Islam and Muslims for the second time. It is soon that the Ummah will return to its rightful place in the world inshaaAllah.

At that time, the world will practically know the gravity of the crisis generated by the Western capitalist thoughts, by seeing the practical implementation of Islam as a glaring comparison. At that time humanity will wish that Islam had returned earlier as a state and authority. Islam is the Deen of the innate nature and truth, it is the Deen of justice and equity, it is the Deen of mercy and guidance and it is the Deen of peace and tranquility. Islam both convinces the intellect and is in harmony with the innate nature, filling the heart with tranquility. Islam is the Deen of evidence, with refutation of falsehood and clear argumentation. As the leaders of the West are unable to confront evidence with evidence, thought with thought, they resort to lying, fraud, deception, distraction and distortion, exploiting all available tools, capabilities and platforms in their hands. However, their opportunity to do so only exists as long as the absence of the protector and advocate of Islam, the Khilafah (Caliphate) on the Method of Prophethood, which is returning very soon inshaa’Allah.

[وَيَوْمَئِذٍ يَفْرَحُ الْمُؤْمِنُونَ * بِنَصْرِ اللَّهِ يَنْصُرُ مَنْ يَشَاءُ]

On that day, believers shall rejoice with the support of Allah. He supports who He pleases. [Surah ar-Rum 30:4:5]

* Written for Ar-Rayah Newspaper – Issue 309

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