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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Hizb ut Tahrir / Wilayah Pakistan:

News Commentary 07/06/2023

News Commentary by the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Pakistan.

For Real Change... Reject democracy... Establish Khilafah.

Oh Allah, restore our shield, the Khilafah Rashidah (righteous Caliphate)... Allahuma Ameen.


Wednesday, 18 Dhul Qi'dah 1444 AH corresponding 07 June 2023 CE

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 The Way for Change Includes Seeking Nussrah

1 230601 pk fb Nussrah EN

Change will never come through fighting between the army and the people. Weakening our army is dangerous for national security. Military operations against our own people to concentrate political power also weakens the state. According to the Method of Prophethood, the way to change must include the provision of Nussrah by the military to the Islamic political leadership. The military commanders of the Ansaar granted their Nussrah to the Prophet in the Second Pledge of Aqabah. As a result, the Islamic state was established in Madinah.

12 Dhul Qi'dah 1444 AH corresponding 01 June 2023 CE

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The Weak Stance of Pakistan’s Leadership Has Undermined Our Actual Military Capability

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According to Global Firepower, Pakistan has the seventh most powerful military in the world, in 2023. However, the weak stance of the leadership has prevented us from becoming a world power. Its stance based on the principles of cooperation with colonialist powers. The weak leadership does not use these weapons for the defense of Islam and Muslims, whether it is the liberation of Kashmir or Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa. Only the strong war policy of the Khilafah will deploy these weapons for the glory of Islam.

13 Dhul Qi'dah 1444 AH corresponding 02 June 2023 CE

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 It is the Alliance with the US that Creates Instability

3 230603 pk fb Alliance EN

On 29 May, the army chief warned the officers of Command & Staff College Quetta about “the nexus between the internal collusive elements and external forces to create instability.” Indeed, external forces are dangerous, so why maintain alliance with the US? The US restrains our army before India, to allow the consolidation of the occupation of Kashmir. The US incites clashes with Afghanistan, that prevent unity between Muslims. It is the Khilafah that will end the destructive alliance with the US, unify Muslims and liberate occupied Muslim Lands.

14 Dhul Qi'dah 1444 AH corresponding 03 June 2023 CE

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The Khilafah Will Prevent Inflation that Breaks the Backs of the People

4 230605 pk fb Economy EN

In its Half Year Report for the Financial Year 2023, released on 19 May 2023, the State Bank Pakistan warned that, “headline inflation rose to multi-decade high level.” The inflation is a direct consequence of the capitalist system which implements interest based financing and fiat paper currency. No capitalist budget can grant relief for the suffering people. The Khilafah ensured centuries of stable prices because of interest free financing and currency based on gold and silver. It was the major center of world trade.

15 Dhul Qi'dah 1444 AH corresponding 04 June 2023 CE

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The Crusader Armies are Enemies, Not Allies of the Muslims

5 230605 pk fb Army EN

On 31 May 2023, the British army chief met the Pakistani army chief and “regional security issues and matters of mutual interest were discussed,” according to the army press release. The British army was part of the crusader alliance, which slaughtered Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was key to the brutal British occupation of Muslim India. The Khilafah will not open its security matters with the enemies of Islam. It will fight them, defeat them and negotiate their terms of surrender.

16 Dhul Qi'dah 1444 AH corresponding 05 June 2023 CE

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A Single Egyptian Security Officer Sets a Shining Example for the Warriors of Today

6 230606 pk fb Egypt EN

On 3 June 2023, an Egyptian security officer sent three Jewish soldiers to hell, before embracing martyrdom. Fear shook the Jewish army due to his strength of Iman. So how will the Jewish entity be, when the armies of the Muslims finally move against it? O Officers of Pakistan’s Armed Forces! It is the time for warriors and heroic stances. Remove the cowardly leadership that restrains you. Mobilize for the liberation of occupied Islamic Lands, seeking victory or martyrdom.

17 Dhul Qi'dah 1444 AH corresponding 06 June 2023 CE

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The Western World Order Prevents the Unification of Muslims as One Khilafah State

7 230607 pk fb Five Eyes EN

On 4 June 2023, the Five Eyes (FVEY) Western intelligence alliance declared, “unwavering commitment to uphold the rules based international order.” The world order based on colonialist rules ensures the Muslim World is weakened, by division into fifty-five nation states. Nationalism divides Muslims into several nations, generating enmity and hostility between them. Islam unifies the Muslims as one Ummah, strengthening them against their enemies. The Khilafah on the Method of Prophethood will unify the existing Muslim states as a single, vast, powerful state.

18 Dhul Qi'dah 1444 AH corresponding 07 June 2023 CE

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