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Hizb ut Tahrir / Wilayah Turkey:

Activities Reading Press Release in Support of the People in East Turkistan

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Hizb ut Tahrir/ Wilayah Turkey organized activities in the reading of Press Release in support of the people in East Turkistan in which they are oppressed by the hands of the Chinese under the title, "Who will Support East Turkistan... Who will Stop the Oppressive China?!"  It took place after Jumaah prayer in seven cities.

Friday, 16 Rabii' al Akhir 1441 AH - 13 December 2019 CE

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 PRESS RELEASE read at the press meetings



Masses of Muslims joined the press meetings organized by Hizb ut Tahrir / Wilayah Turkey in seven provinces of Turkey, held under the title "Who Will Help Turkestan?! Who Will Stop Tyrant China?!"

Unlike the rulers of the Muslim lands, the Muslims cursed the communist Chinese government, who persecute their Uighur brothers and sisters, and called their rulers to take action instead of remaining silent.

The press meetings in Adana, Ankara, Gaziantep, Hatay, Istanbul, and Mersin were held on Friday, while the press meeting in Izmir was held on Sunday, the 15th of December 2019.

Press Meeting by Hizb ut Tahrir in Adana at Adana Grand Mosque read out by Metin Inalpulat.

The press statement in Ankara was read out by Köklü Değişim writer and Islamic theologist Abdullah Imamoglu at the Melike Hatun Mosque. The press meeting was attended by various NGO and party representatives, such as Mazlumder, Yeni Dünya Vakfı, and Hüdapar.

The press meeting in Gaziantep was initially planned to be held at the Grand Mosque, but had to be relocated to the Kırkayak Park, after the Governorship of Gaziantep denied permission.

The press statement was read out by Ferhat Okur.

Hizb ut Tahrir in Hatay held the press statement at the Antakya Küçük Sanayi Sitesi Mosque. It was read by Oğuzhan Yalçın.

The press statement in Istanbul was introduced by Ramazan Gümüş, and read out by Köklü Değişim writer Musa Bayoğlu in front of the Chinese Consulate in Istanbul. Additionally Mr. Erdal Elibüyük, Provincial Head of Hüdapar Istanbul (political party); Mr. Burhan Kavuncu, President of Turkestan Foundation; Mr. Hamza Er, Founding Chairman of Aksa İlim ve Davet Merkezi (Aksa Center for Ilm and Dawah); Mr. Ali Öner, Provincial Chairman of Mazlumder Istanbul (NGO), and Köklü Değişim writer Muhammed Hanefi Yağmur, delivered short speeches. The event ended with a Qur'an recitation by Hafidh Salih Yakut.

The press meeting by Hizb ut Tahrir in Mersin was held at the Mersin Grand Mosque.

The press release contained following statements:

"Today more than 5 million of our Muslim Uighur brothers and sisters are subjected to physical and psychological torture in concentration camps. The families of these 5 million Muslims face even bigger torments. For there are Chinese men placed in every home, trampling on the privacy of the family.

The cries in East Turkestan shake the heavens, do your hear them? The screams for help of your brothers and sisters covered the skies, do you hear them? Our Muslim brothers and sisters of East Turkestan are being massacred - not slowly, but swiftly and mercilessly, do you see them?

Who is going to end this oppression! The United Nations? The rulers of the Muslims world?

Was it not the United Nations -as recently as yesterday- that handed over the Muslims of Bosnia to the Serbian butchers? Was the mass murder of thousands of our Bosnian brothers and sisters by the Serbs not condoned and spearheaded by the United Nations? The United Nations is a toy of America... Do they not take decisions only to meet the interests of the USA, who destroy our Muslim lands? Therefore; conceding the fate of the Muslims of East Turkestan to the United Nations, and expecting solutions from the UN, means to hand over our Muslim brothers and sisters to their executioners, and throwing them knowingly into the fire.

Is it Pakistan, who pledged full cooperation with China on the East Turkestan issue, to end this oppression? Or is it Saudi Arabia, who declared its support for "China's efforts to safeguard national sovereignty, security and stability", and who opposes "interference in China's domestic affairs"? Or is it Egypt, who repatriated 6,000 Muslim Uighurs to China, or allowed China to interrogate Muslim Uighurs?

Or is it President Erdoğan, who said that "Turkey firmly opposes extremism, and it would like to enhance mutual political trust with China and strengthen security cooperation"?

The last section of the press statement was a call to the Muslims, which stated the following:

Oh Muslims!

Do not remain insensitive like the rulers in face of the screams of your brothers and sisters, but give an ear to these screams! Even if the whole world abandons them, you shall not abandon them! It is necessary that you hold your rulers to account, for not responding to their cries! Your anger should not only be directed towards the Communist Republic of China, rather you must also call your rulers, who abandoned the Muslims, to get into action! And work for the establishment of the Khilafah Rashidah, that will bring an end to this persecution, and that will hold the tyrants to account! Work with all your efforts to make Islam dominant in life once again. And support those, who work for this aim! Do not forget that Allah is the Ally and the Supporter of the Muslims.

“Our Lord! We call you at this hour of Jummah, in which all Duas are fulfilled. We bemoan to You our weakness, helplessness and our powerlessness against the tyrants. You are the Most Merciful of all those who show mercy! You are the Lord of the weak; strengthen us...

We ask for Your help for our Muslim brothers and sisters. Help the Ummah of Islam... Oh Allah! Help our brothers and sisters in East Turkestan!


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Turkey enTo read the Press Release click below:

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Schedule for Friday, 13 December 2019

Istanbul - Chinese Consulate: 16:00

Ankara - Melike Hatun Mosque (after Friday prayers)

Mersin - Ulu Mosque (after Friday prayers)

Adana - Ulu Mosque (after Friday prayers)

Gaziantep - Oulu Mosque (after Friday prayers)

Hatay - The Industrial Mosque (after Friday prayers)

• Izmir - Konak Square on Sunday 15 December (after Dhuhr prayer)

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