Thursday, 23 Jumada al-awwal 1445 | 2023/12/07
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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

 The Danish Government Wants to Prevent the Burning of the Quran in Front of Embassies, In Order to Protect its Interests, which is Certainly Not Out of Respect for Islam

It is obvious that the Danish government's desire to issue a decision banning the burning of the Quran in front of foreign embassies does not in any way show that the government suddenly has a desire to protect the Muslim community in Denmark from repeated hate attacks targeting it.

The Danish government is the biggest player in combating Islamic values, through its systematic policy of targeting Muslims and its attempts to assimilate them into society by issuing discriminatory laws against them in order to impose control over them. The politically violations against Islam and Muslims, in addition to acts of hatred against them, were all funded by state funds, and this has been part of the war against Islam in Denmark since 2005.

The political and economic interests do not change anything in the policy that the state pursues towards Islam and Muslims internally. On the contrary, the law to be promulgated proves that freedom of expression was only a pretext to be used selectively and was used by successive governments with the aim of spreading insults to Muslims or when governments find it in their interest.

The timing of the recent Quran burnings is not commensurate with the government’s foreign policy, which aspires to stable friendship with tyrannical regimes in Muslim countries, and this was evident in the prime minister’s recent visit to the Middle East. It is not strange for the Danish government to not adhere to its alleged values abroad, as it seeks in an unprecedented way to open up to tyrannical regimes in the Islamic world, which practice repression and persecution against the people of the country in cooperation with Western governments, without paying attention to the contradiction of these alliances with human rights!

Politicians of the parties that make up the government are trying to find a public opinion in favor of issuing a law that would prevent the burning of the Quran, by spreading the idea of the security and safety of the Danes. The Danish Foreign Minister, Lars Loke Rasmussen, seemed relieved after the Organization of the Islamic Conference issued its statement on Monday, thus saving time for the government to solve the problem of burning copies of the Quran.

Hizb ut Tahrir in Denmark calls on everyone to realize the truth about this issue and the political deceit that is being practiced. We also draw attention to the fact that Muslims cannot settle down until Denmark and Western countries stop interfering in Muslim countries, and before unfair laws and oppressive practices against Muslims in these countries are abolished. And for Muslims to be allowed to live according to their beliefs, and to be protected from any discrimination against them, in the same way that the coming Khilafah Rashidah (rightly guided Caliphate) will protect its citizens against any discrimination regardless of their beliefs.

H. 15 Muharram 1445
M. : Wednesday, 02 August 2023



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