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STATEMENT OF HIZB  UT-TAHRIR INDONESIA Decry the tyranny of Minority


      The arrogance of the Batak Huria Christian-Protestant (HKBP) who is hellbent on worshiping and building church in Ciketing Asem, Mustika Jaya, Bekasi, although without legal law and that they refused all options offered by government of Bekasi District, even demonstratively repeated the devotions at the street until impaired the environment, had shown one point namely ARROGANCE. And this arrogance become worsening when the HKBP together with its supporters made the conflict between HKBP Followers with the inhabitants which brought about the injured of both groups someday ago, as material of opinion to create image that there is oppression towards the freedom of Religion in this country, and then they brought pressure to the government to cancel SKB and PBM (Joint Decree) year 2006 about establishment of Worshiping House.

The arrogance and obtruding efforts of HKBP and its supporters which are done with various ways, including establishing negative opinion of religious freedom in this country and by inviting the interference of foreign party show that there is what so called Tyranny of Minority. The tyranny of minority evolves not only in theology field but also in economic, politic, social, culture and educational field. The tyranny of minority is surely harmful to the people of this country where the Moslem is major.

This tyranny of minority happen is as a result of the weakness and the failure of the government to protect the interest of the majority of people namely moslems and the interest of minority at a time. This weakness or this failure is triggered by the basis of the theology of the state that is unclear. Then, the state has no clear foothold to manage the life of plural society. So, the conflicts of interest between majority and minority will continuously progress as long as the society and the state are managed by secular system which has no clear basis of theology to manage the interest of moslem who are mayor and non-moslem justly.

Regarding to this, Hizbut Tahrir of Indonesia state:

  1. Decry the arrogance of HKBP. This attitude precisely show that HKBP is intolerant, anarchy and selfish. Noticing the chronology of the incident that triggered the conflicts between inhabitants and HKBP followers precisely proved that the inhabitants of Ciketing Asem are quite tolerant. More than 20 years they have been forborne from all activities of HKBP there. But, this tolerance is responded by HKBP with ignoring the rule, order and public peace and the aspiration of the inhabitants there.
  2. Call the government to act strictly to HKBP and be decisive to arrange the establishment of worshiping place in order not to harm the major society namely moslem.
  3. Refuse the tyranny of minority and call the society to do resistance. Because such this manner is quite harmful for this country where moslem is major. Unless, this manner will become dictatorship of minority which will be more harmful for the interest of majority.
  4. Call all component of the society to discontinue the secular system that is evidently failed to create the just life and change it with Islamic system which was proven historically and believed able to manage the life of the plural society properly where the interest of moslem majority and non-moslem minority can be synergized justly without any harm to any of party.

Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia Spokesman

Muhammad Ismail Yusanto
Hp: 0811119796 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

H. 13 Shawwal 1431
M. : Wednesday, 22 September 2010


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