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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

 The Contempt Towards the Muslims has Exceeded all Boundaries in Lebanon whilst their Flesh and Dignity have become the Cheapest throughout the Lands

On Sunday 21/06/2015 video clips and pictures spread showing security personnel in the Roumieh Prison carrying out acts of torture and degradation against a number of the Islamist prisoners acting like wild animals hunting and attacking their prey. The very least of what is seen is the forcing of one of the prisoners to kiss the shoe of the punisher after kicking him in the face and beating him with a thick stick in the groin. Atop of that were various kinds of torture and the inflicting of harm in terms of beatings that tore and split the skin of the prisoners which was accompanied by mockery of Islam and the Jannah which Allah has promised his righteous servants and by insults to the Lord of the worlds all of which indicates that the torture of these prisoners was in fact representative of a war against Allah (swt)! This is not even mentioning the fact they were stripped of their clothing and their honours were degraded in such a manner that a person is shy of speaking about it! It is worth mentioning however that what was leaked only represents a small segment of the whole picture because what the people have seen only lasts for a period of a number of seconds whilst the practise of beating and whipping in this particular operation had lasted for days throughout which the prisoners were forced to spend the night without clothes in freezing conditions whilst they were gathered into groups within narrow cells which prevented them from being able to sit or sleep due to the overcrowding. Some of them suffered health traumas and had to be transferred to the hospital as a result. Indeed some of them were prevented from receiving treatment and even some of them lost their sight. Indeed the news leaked more crimes that beasts would distance themselves from… forcing some to howl and insult themselves!

After these leaks, Interior Minister Nihad al-Mashnouq admitted what he denied two months ago and said that these scenes are the result of a security operation which was ordered to be undertaken in the prison’s “D Building”.

This was followed by news about the torture and brutal operations carried out on the prisoners, but the minister, the Government and the leadership of the “Sunni” Future Movement had covered up the matter at that time and behaved arrogantly with the people. The Interior Minister lied at that time and denied that any noteworthy harm had been inflicted on the prisoners! Indeed he even said that it had been a clean security operation! And now the Minister himself admits what happened and then has the nerve to tell the people that the attitude of this country towards torture is better than other countries! So you see him on some occasions saying that this issue is inevitable and sometimes he says that what happened only represents the acts of individuals whilst at other times he states that this matter is out of his hands and at other times still he says that he is closely monitoring the issue!

Now and after Allah has exposed him and the news for all to see, you now have him, along with the Government and the Future Movement striving hard to deceive the people once again. They are attempting to turn the issue around upon its head and to make it an issue of individual error undertaken by rogue elements of the security apparatus!

This is whilst everyone in Lebanon and indeed the people of other countries, the international human rights agencies and the international media know well that the torture policy in this country is a systematic policy carried out under the eyes of the authority and its men. Indeed a number of international human rights reports have been issued condemning the authority and its agencies and reveal the bad humanitarian situation of the detainees in Lebanon and especially the political prisoners, the majority of which, if not all of them, are from the Islamic detainees. Indeed a number of cases of torture have ended with deaths of prisoners.

O People of Lebanon

Rulers like these who provide a cover for the systematic torture operations in their dungeons are unworthy to look after the affairs of this country. They are either incompetent in respect to controlling their agencies or are directly behind such behaviour. In both of these cases it signifies one of two. If the Government of the country is truly in charge of the affairs of the state then this represents a calamity but if the affairs have fallen outside of its control then the calamity is even greater.

O Rational People of Lebanon

Think long and hard about the fate of this land and its people, restrain the hand of your rulers and stop the wagon from sliding further into the direction of the abyss. This is because the Muslims represent the vast majority of this land and its origin and so any attack upon their Deen and their dignity will not generate anything apart from hatred becoming firmly established within them. Indeed it could lead to the country exploding once again despite having already experienced the fire of internal conflict and fighting before. Indeed the simplest and most basic matter that has to be observed in ruling is to maintain the human honour and dignity irrespective of the persons Deen or origin. Allah (swt) said:

[وَلَقَدْ كَرَّمْنَا بَنِي آدَمَ]

“And We have certainly honoured the children of Adam” [17:70].

Therefore listen and become aware before it is too late.

O Muslims in Lebanon

Would this hateful punisher have dared to force a Muslim to kiss his shoe had you had a State of your own that would cast fear in his heart?! The kings of nations used to fear the Islamic State even more than its soldiers. This might will never return except with the return of the days of honour and might, the days of the Khilafah "Caliphate" upon the methodology of the Prophethood. Indeed you know that we are a people whom Allah has made mighty and honourable through Islam and that whenever we seek honour by other than it we will be brought low by Allah.

O Muslims in Lebanon

Day after day the shortfall of this entity in respect to meeting your expectations becomes more apparent to you. And day after day pass by you in a cycle of history reiterating and affirming that this entity has not even cared for your interests for one single day and that it will never care for them. This is because France established it in order to transform you into a minority after you had been the people of the land and strength.

Now the West has imposed upon you an alliance of minorities in a new vicious attack against you. Therefore your salvation lies in your unity with your people in the lands of Ash-Sham and its surroundings and to merge with your Ummah in an impressive political entity that imposes itself. The sovereignty in it will belong to the Shariah of Allah and its justice whilst it will not belong to the legislations of those men who legislate. The authority within it will be your authority and not the authority of those who are indecent and wicked and who do not observe any relation or care of protection in respect to you. The rightly guided Khilafah "Caliphate" upon the methodology of the Prophethood represents the only escape from the crisis of the Lebanese (political) entity and all of the crises that the Ummah is facing. So look beyond the borders of this small failed entity and join your efforts with your brothers for the sake of bringing about a great Ummah in a Great State.

H. 1 Muharram 1360
M. : Monday, 22 June 2015

Wilayah of Lebanon

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