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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

 Gaza: The War of Jewish Illusions and Dreams of a Greater Jewish State
Al Waei Magazine Issue 455
In its 39th Year, Dhul-Hijjah 1445 AH, Corresponding to July 2024 CE
Dr. Muhammad Gilani

No one can believe that the war waged by the Jewish entity in Gaza, Rafah and northern Palestine is merely a response, revenge and retaliation for the Al-Aqsa Flood operation launched by Hamas on 7 October, 2023. Despite the sympathy that the entity received at the beginning of the war, the international community, represented by states, institutions, unions, universities, and individuals, turned to accusing the entity of acts of genocide. It was practically condemned for committing war atrocities and genocide, whilst killing children, women and the elderly. It was condemned for demolishing schools, hospitals, and masajids. These acts and crimes could not merely be a reaction to the Al-Aqsa Flood operation. The enemy’s prime minister was then accused of being a war criminal and compared to the Nazi Hitler and the Serbian Milosevic. To this day, the entity still refuses, and evades all attempts, to stop the criminal war. What are the real reasons behind this brutal war and heinous crime? What are the expected outcomes?

1- Motives and Causes

The establishment of a Jewish entity in Palestine dates back to the British Foreign Minister’s Balfour Declaration. The declaration stipulated granting the Zionist Jewish movement a national homeland in Palestine, in partnership with the people of Palestine. It set out the condition that there must not be any kind of discrimination against the original citizens of the people of Palestine. The League of Nations adopted the Balfour Resolution and recommended that the British mandate should work to facilitate the immigration of Jews to Palestine. Britain sought to encourage Jewish immigration and facilitate travel and settlement operations in Palestine. It added the Hebrew language to the documents that were issued by the Palestinian government. Then World War II and the panic among European Jews were exploited, through massacres that were promoted to push Jews to immigrate to Palestine. This was the nucleus of a single state that Britain wanted. That state would include Jews and Palestinians, whilst providing political leadership for the Zionist movement. Before beginning the work of officially establishing the entity and submitting it to the United Nations, America presented another solution to the issue of establishing a single Jewish entity, which is that of two states. The Macdonald White Paper, which was carried by the United Nations Resolution No. 181, stipulated the establishment of two entities in Palestine, one for the Jews on an area of 42% of the territory of Palestine, and an entity for the Palestinians on an area of 56%. The remaining 2% of the area was to be an international territory, and included Al-Quds (Jerusalem) and Bethlehem. While the Jews and the Zionist movement accepted this decision as a first stage for their state, the Arabs, including the Arab League, rejected it. The main reason for the Arabs’ rejection of the partition decision was due to their dependence on Britain, the architect of the first project for a single state. Britain saw the American two-state solution project as a threat to its interests and influence in the region.

2- The First Displacement

A new entity was created in Palestine, known as the State of ‘Israel’, through military occupation, and with the complicity of Britain and the countries subordinate to it, which were Egypt, Jordan, and Palestine. A United Nations’ resolution established the State of ‘Israel’, with the recognition of the modern entity, by the major powers and the United Nations. It included most of the lands of Palestine, with the exception of Gaza and the West Bank of the Jordan River. As for Gaza, it was administratively annexed to Egypt, which was ruled by King Farouk under British influence. The West Bank of the Jordan River was annexed to the Emirate of Transjordan, under British influence and occupation. It then became called the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The Jewish entity displaced more than 750,000 people of Palestine to the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, so that the Jews in occupied Palestine became the vast majority. The people displaced in 1948 were called “refugees.” The Refugee Relief Agency was created specifically to take care of the affairs of the displaced in refugee camps. The Jews realized, from the beginning, that the demographic composition of Palestine would change in favor of the Palestinians within a few decades. They realized that the number of Palestinians in the Jewish entity would likely exceed half by the year 2050 CE. This great and rapid change has always been a source of anxiety and terror for the Jews. Their leaders expressed it explicitly during the Gaza War by saying, “‘Israel’ is fighting a war of survival.”

3- The Second Displacement

In 1967 CE, the Jewish entity was able to occupy the rest of Palestine, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. It resulted in a second displacement process, as more than 250,000 were displaced from the West Bank and Gaza, including the refugees of 1948 CE. The displaced people, after the June 1967 war, were called “displaced people” to distinguish them from the refugees of 1948 CE. The vast majority of the displaced were displaced to Jordan. After the Oslo Accords in 1993 CE, the administration of the West Bank and Gaza Strip was officially handed over to the Palestinian Authority, although in principle these areas are still subject to the control of the occupation, whether the occupation army is present there permanently, or intermittently. Then Hamas was able to rise to power through elections in Gaza, whereupon Hamas gained control of influence in Gaza. In 2005, the Jewish occupation decided to withdraw its forces from Gaza unilaterally, and without any agreement. However, officially and practically, the entity remains the occupier of the Gaza Strip, even when it does not have an army there.

The occupation has built semi-permanent settlements in the West Bank, where more than 700,000 Jews have been settled. These settlements are not subject to the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank. Thus, the Jewish entity was able to create two displacements of the people of Palestine from the lands of Palestine. The number of displaced Palestinians outside the lands of Palestine now exceeds three million. By forcefully seizing the property of the people of Palestine in the West Bank, and building settlements on them, the area of the rest of the West Bank under the Palestinian Authority has become less than 20% of the original area.

Local and international political circumstances, especially the Anglo-American struggle for influence in the region, which have prevailed since the establishment of this entity, have necessitated the continued presence, even if partially, of Palestinians on the land of Palestine, which the entire Jewish entity from the sea to the river, considers to be the state of ‘Israel’. So, not all the Palestinians were displaced at once.

4- The Third Displacement

There has now been talk again about a third displacement of Palestinians, according to which the vast majority of those remaining in Palestine will be displaced, whether those under occupation since 1948 CE, or those under occupation since 1967 CE. The Jewish entity does not stop striving to achieve its goal of completing the construction of their state on the entire land of Palestine, and displacing the remaining Palestinians from it. On 7 October, 2022, Haaretz published an article under the title, “Nakba Scenario 2023: The Expulsion of 200,000 Arabs from ‘Israel’ Within Two days.” The article stated, “The leaders of Likud and the Jewish forces do not hide their plans regarding the displacement of the Arabs of ‘Israel’.” Ben Gvir also pledged that he would form a “national body to encourage immigration” that would work to “remove Israel’s enemies from the Land of Israel.” Dr. Michael Ben Ari also announced that he would work to encourage the immigration of “the Arabs of Umm al-Fahm who dance on the rooftops when Jews are slaughtered.” Haaretz published a plan for the displacement operation, stating that the IDF has a mechanism to displace more than 200,000 people within two days. The plan begins by initiating battles in Syria and Lebanon, and then the Jewish entity is to be exposed to attacks from Hezbollah with missiles and drones.

As the Jewish army moves and passes through Arab villages, the cars and vehicles of the Jewish army are exposed to Molotov cocktails and stone throwing by Arab citizens. Jewish forces carry out forced displacement, under the pretext of removing obstacles to the military actions of the Jewish occupation army. Within two days, 200,000 Palestinians will be displaced to the West Bank. The scenario stated that the site of displacement would most likely be in the Jenin camp. What was published in Haaretz is not necessarily accurate. However, it reveals the thinking and intentions of Jewish leaders in occupied Palestine, and that displacement is an ongoing goal. It is not unlikely that Jordan, which was created as the emirate of Transjordan, will eventually be a site for the displaced, which means a transitional emirate, or an emirate of displacement. In the special session of the United Nation’s Security Council on 6 January 2023 CE, the Jewish entity’s ambassador’s claim that Jordan was occupying the West Bank, was the beginning of the Jewish entity’s intentions and motives being revealed publicly and officially. This was followed by a minister in the entity’s government highlighting the map of the Jewish entity, which includes a large part of Jordan.

America’s declaration repeatedly that it does not approve of the forced displacement of more than a million Gazans out of Gaza is nothing but a clear demonstration of the entity’s motives for this war. The most important of the motives is emptying Palestine of its people, and establishing the entity’s occupation over all of the land of Palestine, and considering it purely Jewish. Despite America’s announcement of its rejection of “forced” displacement, Biden, in his first visit to the entity after 7 October, 2023, had publicly stated that he stands behind the Jewishness of the state when he said, “I don’t believe you have to be a Jew to be a Zionist, and I am a Zionist.” In addition, America itself declares that it opposes forced displacement, but not absolute displacement. There is no doubt that the choice of words and expressions are tools of political deception.

The issue of the third displacement of Palestinians is not just propaganda. It is the result of serious planning, especially since Jewish leaders know that America is in the process of building a new Middle East. This is after America was able to uproot English influence from Iran and Iraq, and was able to find a strong influence in Saudi Arabia, whilst bringing Turkey to its side. Hence, the Jews see that time is not on their side. They must do what is necessary to preserve the Jewishness of their state. They must get rid of an imminent danger represented by Gaza and the West Bank in its flanks, and the Palestinians of the interior, within its heart.

5- The Two-State Solution: The American Vision

After the June War of 1967 CE, the United Nation’s Security Council issued Resolution 242, drafted by the British Ambassador, Lord Caradon. It stipulated the withdrawal of Jewish forces from some of the lands they had occupied, without specifying these lands and the time required for withdrawal. Nothing was achieved from implementing that decision. In 1969, America presented an alternative to Resolution 242, with what was later known as the Rogers Plan. It included the re-proposing of the two-state solution. However, this proposal clashed once again with the stance of Britain and its agents in the region. America came back and proposed the two-state solution again after the 1973 War, when it was then able to get Egypt out of confrontation with the occupying state.

Once again, America saw that the conditions were appropriate to impose a two-state solution, one state for the Jews and the other for the Palestinians. American officials, led by President Biden, stated that after the end of the war, which they called the “day after,” they must work directly on the two-state solution. The occupying state has always rejected the two-state solution, and considers the establishment of a Palestinian state an existential threat to the Jewish entity.

America had not previously defined the features of these two proposed states, specifically in terms of identity and borders. However, now it has begun to declare that it agrees with the Jews that their state should be Jewish, meaning that its citizens are only Jews, versus another state whose citizens are Palestinian. The Jewishness of the state has become a basic demand of the occupying entity. This has been declared and discussed in various ways, in a clear and unambiguous manner, especially since the demographic composition of the occupying entity in twenty to thirty years will favor the Palestinian identity. Biden has reiterated the emphasis on a democratic Jewish state, and even linked the stability of the Middle East to the existence of a recognized Jewish state. His Secretary of State also repeated this many times. This means that the war on Gaza has created a fertile medium for announcing some of what was previously hidden. The Jewish entity has also begun to reveal the borders of their state, which they want, little by little. The talk about the displacement of Palestinians from the part occupied in 1948 was explicitly discussed in the Haaretz article, which was previously discussed under point 4 of this article. The talk that was repeated excessively during the war on Gaza about the displacement of the people of Gaza to the Sinai Desert, and the displacement of the people of the West Bank to eastern Jordan is nothing but a clear indication of the plans of the Jews. The plan seems to have no real forces standing as an obstacle before the Jews to prevent the implementation of these plans in practice. Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority, was reported to have said, “I fear that the people of the West Bank will be displaced to eastern Jordan,” according to what Ammon News reported on 15 May 2024. I do not think that Abbas's fear is unfounded. As for America, when it announces its rejection of displacement, it adds the word, “forced displacement” to interpret whether the displacement was forced, or voluntary, according to what it deems appropriate. Also, when America talks about the re-occupation of Gaza and American rejection of it, America adds to it the phrase “long-term occupation.” It lets the interpreters interpret whatever they want, though the meaning is in the heart of the speaker, not the interpreter.

The talk that is sometimes repeated in Jordanian and Palestinian circles is that Jordan is an alternative homeland to Palestine. This is nothing but a systemic leak indicating that this matter is being discussed in the corridors of global intelligence, and those steering the course of events.

The bottom line is that the Jewish entity today categorically rejects the so-called two-state solution, as long as their state has a large number of Palestinian Arabs, whose percentage will exceed 50% by the year 2050. It rejects the presence of Palestinians in two geographical units, Gaza in the western flank of the entity, and the West Bank in the eastern flank of their entity. They consider this presence a threat to their existence. Hence, Netanyahu’s justifications for the ongoing war, despite the size of the losses, as a decisive war related to the existence of the Jewish entity. Perhaps, this view of the Jews regarding the urgent need to preserve their entity, and not allow the presence of the people of Palestine, neither inside the state nor on its flanks, is what makes America extend a rope to the entity in its war. It has granted the Jews weeks and months to achieve what it aspires to, so perhaps it will succeed in implementing a two-state solution.

Between America’s insistence on the necessity of a two-state solution, and what has begun to be circulated in the corridors of the United Nations, and international trends regarding recognition of the State of Palestine, as happened before in Norway, Sweden, and Ireland on 20 May, 2024, there is no doubt that all this clearly indicates America’s strategy related to the issue of the Jewish entity and Palestine. On the one hand, regarding the Jewish entity, America wants it to be a fully-fledged state, with clear borders, a specific identity, and a specific purpose for its existence, and to be an integral part of the Middle East region that America seeks to create. As for the other state, which is the State of Palestine, there is no doubt that America considers its establishment and legitimization in international organizations, after determining its borders and geographical location, as an end to what has been known as the Palestine issue, since the establishment of the Jewish state on the land of Palestine. This is so that the State of Palestine becomes the state of all Palestinians, whether within the bowels of the Jewish entity, or in countries of displacement such as Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, or on the borders of Gaza and the West Bank, or in countries of migration outside the Arab world. This means that this state must be established as the state of the Palestinians and accepted by the people of Palestine, especially the influential parties such as the Palestinian Authority and the organizations under it, such as Fatah amongst others, as well as the resistance in Gaza and the West Bank, represented by Hamas, al-Jihad and other arms of the resistance, in addition to the general Palestinian public. Consequently, the refugee status of Palestinians in camps in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, the West Bank and in various parts of the world is canceled.

Do the people of Palestine accept the establishment of the State of Palestine in exchange for full recognition of the Jewish entity’? Until this moment, there is no indication that this solution is not accepted by the people of Palestine, represented by all groups, whether from the resistance or the Palestinian Authority. Instead, all Palestinian factions welcomed the decisions of countries that decided to recognize the State of Palestine, without specifying the borders, identity, and independence of this state.

As for the Jews, they still insist on not accepting the existence of an entity for the Palestinians, in a state called Palestine. It is most likely that the Jews mean by this a state established on the land that the Jewish state has been working to annex by force, and displacing its people from it by force, that is, in Gaza and the West Bank. However, the Jewish entity will not resist the establishment of a Palestinian state in Jordan in its entirety, or in the remaining part of the West Bank, after cutting off the largest part, on which many settlements were built, especially if this land is tightly linked to Jordan, through a federal or confederation. In both cases, the proposed Palestinian state does not have any form of power.

The bottom line is that what America seeks is to confirm the legitimacy of the Jewish entity, and make it an integral part of the new Middle East order. Likewise, it seeks to create an entity for the Palestinians in the form of a state that is capable of absorbing the people of Palestine in refugee camps, thus ending the refugee issue, and the accompanying right to return to the land of Palestine. The demand for return in such a solution will be interpreted, or transformed, to a demand a return to the State of Palestine, that the people of Palestine accepted. This is whether the state was on what remains of the West Bank, or was part of a confederation with Jordan, or was Jordan transformed into an alternative homeland. The two-state solution in this form, one very strong Jewish state and the other state, that is very weak and deprived of will, will be a disaster for the people of Palestine. It will be a disgrace to all Muslims. It will be a disaster worse than the disaster of the occupation itself.

Recognizing a Jewish entity on all of the land of Palestine, or the largest part of it, will be exploited by the Jews, with their known deceit, greed, and fraud. They can then declare that the presence of the Palestinians in the land of “Israel” was not legitimate to begin with, and that the Palestinians were occupiers of the land of “Israel,” which was called Palestine! Such a scenario was proposed by one of the war ministers of the occupying entity, when he claimed that through its annexation of the West Bank, Jordan had occupied West Bank and the Jews had returned, to liberate it from the Jordanian occupation. It is possible that Jews will demand compensation from the Jordanian side and from the Palestinians, represented by their state. This is not far from what the Jews would do.

6- America and the New Middle East Project

America knows very well that the recognition of the Jewish entity by the Arab countries, including Palestine, when it is established, will not provide the entity with a natural stability, amidst countries of Arabic language and race, who believe in Islam, whilst the entity is Jewish in race, religion, and Hebrew in language. There must be a new political order with a geopolitical outlook to enable this. This is what America says and means when Biden declares, “And with this deal, ‘Israel’ could become more deeply integrated into the region, including, it’s no surprise to you all, including a potential historic normalization agreement with Saudi Arabia. ‘Israel’ could be part of a regional security network to counter the threat posed by Iran. All of this progress would make ‘Israel’ more secure.” Building the Middle East region is a strategic goal for America for many reasons. The most important reason is making the Jewish entity part of a political region, in which America works to maintain its own strategic balance. In addition to the Jewish entity, America is working to make Iran and Turkey part of the Middle East region. Each of them has an important role, as suggested from the Baker-Hamilton report, shortly after America’s occupation of Iraq. It revealed an important role for Iran and Turkey within the Middle East order, especially since Iran, since the 1979 revolution, has become isolated in the region, with no link to any region, which constitutes a burden on the leading state in the world, America, in terms of establishing its own policy. Likewise, Türkiye was unable to join the European Union, so it also remained isolated in the region. Hence, America seeks to build a new Middle East in which there will be the Arab countries of Asia and North Africa, in addition to the Jewish entity, Iran, and Turkey. Perhaps the two limited operations, that took place between Iran and the Jewish entity, are only a prelude to making the two states part of the region to be created. This is besides the attempt to include Türkiye in the negotiations taking place between the entity on the one hand, and Hamas on the other. Add to this the importance of strategic balance in the Middle East, which cannot be achieved naturally, as long as there is only one state that possesses nuclear weapons of mass destruction, such as the Jewish entity state. Therefore, America has always sought to provide cover for Iran to possess nuclear capabilities, and has always prevented the Jewish entity from striking nuclear facilities, until Iran possesses nuclear weapons. Then the use of nuclear weapons to extend influence over the region becomes impossible because of the strategic balance. Something similar happened when America enabled Pakistan to obtain nuclear weapons, after India had obtained them.

The point is that America, in its current political actions in the Middle East, is moving the chess pieces, and developing actions, based on a clear vision of the political map for the Middle East. Its map guarantees absolute American hegemony over the region, and excludes the influence of any other country, such as Britain. America worked diligently to achieve its desired hegemony, and worked to untie knots in its path, knot by knot. It expelled British influence from Iran in 1979 CE, created influence in the Republic of Iran, occupied Iraq and removed the long-standing British influence from it. It consolidated its influence in Saudi Arabia, since the arrival of King Fahd and then Salman and his son. It contributed to breaking the strength and fervor of the people in Syria, which had been an insurmountable obstacle to recognizing the Jewish entity, as stated in a report by Kissinger shortly after the 1973 war. It was able to establish military bases in the Gulf States that have strong British influence, and worked to divide Sudan, the country with the largest land mass in the region. It has been working hard to extend its influence in North Africa, and remove British and French influence from it. Untying these knots one by one was necessary and important for building a new Middle Eastern region. Perhaps America began to see that the ongoing war in Gaza would lead to untying of the last knot in the process of building the region, which sheds light on the intense political and military interest in the course of events, day by day and hour by hour. The region has not been devoid of American politicians, even for a single day, since the inception of the war.

7- What’s Next?

Since the beginning of this article, the most important, most sensitive and influential factor in the course of events has not been addressed. It is the factor of Islam as a doctrinal belief rooted in the region, that the peoples of the region believe in, and the hope that Islam will return to being the driver of events, rather than merely reacting to the events. The reason for delaying this important part of the article until the end is that political actions and subsequent military actions, as well as challenges to international plans, cannot be carried out simply because the Arab, Turkish and Iranian peoples believe in this ideology. They cannot be carried out without the ideology of Islam having sole sovereignty over the course of matters and events. This is the ability to address the events on the one hand, whilst developing practical actions and plans on the other hand. The current events in the region, since the destruction of the entity of the Islamic Khilafah (Caliphate) in 1924 CE, until now, are all taking place completely away from the role and ideology of Islam. However, Islamic values, and what results from absolute belief in Allah (swt) and the Islamic Aqeedah, appear clearly and evidently among the members of the Ummah, especially when their horizons become narrowed under trials. This was clearly demonstrated in the Gaza war, with patience that astonished the kuffar, before astonishing the Muslims, and a firm determination, that is unyielding before iron. As for the political aspect, and confronting the plans of America and its agents, the issue is very different. Islam, as a comprehensive belief and comprehensive ideology, has nothing to do with that until this moment. This is even though, under the roaring waves in the region, there is a wave moving strongly and steadily towards the restoration of Islam as an ideology, accompanied by a comprehensive system and a clear method for it to become the fundamental driver of events. This wave is the work for the resumption of the Islamic way of life, and restoration of the political system of the Khilafah, that the Messenger of Allah (saw) left behind as a comprehensive, clear, strong, and influential system, before he (saw) passed on to the Companionship of Allah (swt), the Supreme. He (saw) said,

«تَرَكْتُكُمْ عَلَى الْبَيْضَاءِ لَيْلُهَا كَنَهَارِهَا لَا يَزِيغُ عَنْهَا بَعْدِي إِلَّا هَالِكٌ»

“I left you upon the whiteness of righteousness, its nights are like its days. No one will depart from it after me, except that he is ruined.” He (saw) said,

«وَسَتَكُونُ خُلَفَاءُ فَتَكْثُرُ» “There will be Khulafa'a (Caliphs) and they will be many,” and he (saw) said,

«ثُمَّ تَكُونُ خِلَافَةً عَلَى مِنْهَاجِ النُّبُوَّةِ» “Then there will be a Khilafah on the Method of Prophethood.” The system of Khilafah, that succeeds in authority after the Messenger (saw), which the Muslims followed, starting with Abu Bakr (ra) and ending with the last Khilafah of the Muslims, began to loom on the horizon, once again. Its light shines from among the accumulated darkness. There is no doubt that the emergence of the Second Islamic Khilafah on the Method of the Prophethood will completely turn the scales around. Recognition of the Jewish entity in Palestine will be swept away, and returned to the darkness of the seas. The nationalist borders imposed and established by Britain and France, and rearranged by America, will be completely erased from the map of modern history. Reliance on Western colonialist tools, such as the World Bank amongst others, will become a relic of the past, amongst much, much more. The concern of America and its allies will not be whether the Jewish entity remains or disappears. Instead, their greatest concern will be to prevent the Muslim armies from returning to the jihad of conquests, that was stopped a long time ago. Yet, these tyrants never forgot that.

The return of Islam to ruling and management of the affairs of Muslims, all Muslims, has become a demand for all Muslims after they saw, witnessed, and were afflicted by what befell them during the absence of their powerful entity. By the mercy of Allah (swt), Hizb ut-Tahrir rose up within the Ummah, raising the Rayah banner of the Messenger of Allah (saw), and carrying the banner of the Khilafah on the Method of the Prophethood. It is not harmed by those who let it down, nor is it deterred by the injustice of the rulers, the reluctance of the trembling fearful, and the hesitation of the hypocrites. Instead, it marches blatantly in defiance of injustice, harassment, imprisonment, torture and martyrdom. All that remained of the path the Hizb has traveled upon since 1953 CE is the declaration of the Khilafah on the Method of the Prophethood. I ask Allah (swt) that this will happen soon, and that is not difficult for Allah (swt).

[وَيَمۡكُرُ ٱللَّهُۖ وَٱللَّهُ خَيۡرُ ٱلۡمَٰكِرِينَ]

“And Allah plots, and Allah is the best of planners.” [Al-Anfal:30]

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