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H.  21 Rabi' II 1445 No: Afg. 1445 / 06
M.  Sunday, 05 November 2023

Press Release
Pakistan Crisis: Afghans Not Main Cause – Neglecting Islam and US Slavery are Key Factors

The Pakistani Interior Minister has announced that approximately 1.7 million individuals are currently residing in the country without legal authorization, and they are required to leave by the end of October. He emphasized that their departure should occur either voluntarily or, if necessary, through enforced measures. These statements were reported by Pakistani state media. Disturbingly, it has been reported that both individuals with valid legal documents and those without such documentation are facing persecution, expulsion, or imprisonment. Furthermore, Pakistani citizens have been cautioned that they may face penalties if found to be harboring these refugees.

The concept of Muslims seeking refuge or asylum in one part of the Islamic territory from another is a concept that lacks significance in Islam. According to Islamic doctrine, all the land belonging to Muslims is considered as one unified territory. However, in the context of the modern world, Islam has become somewhat disconnected from political and social realities. Today, global governance is structured around the framework of nation-states, and the leaders of many Muslim nations govern with a focus on national concepts. These rulers have not only acknowledged but also embraced the idea of national borders, actively safeguarding the divisions that have fragmented the Muslim Ummah. Consequently, matters like the situation of refugees in countries such as Pakistan, Iran, and other Muslim nations are addressed based on secular and non-Islamic principles.

In recent times, Pakistan has been facing political, economic and security crises, but instead of addressing the root cause of these crises, the ruling elite in Pakistan attempt to distract the public opinion and assert pressure on Afghans and other refugees. Afghans are not the root cause of issues in Pakistan; the root cause is disregarding the enforcement of Islam and continuous slavery to the United States. The Pakistani Government has deceived the Pakistani public and other Muslims around the world in the name of Islam for decades, but the reaction of the people of Pakistan in the ideological, political and military sense, show that they no longer want the republican system and the secular politics of the Government of Pakistan. In other words, the leadership of Pak Army has spent all its life in slavery to Britain and then the US, but this sincere slavery has since been drowning Pakistan in various crises.

The Traitor rulers of Pakistan should know that the US favors India over Pakistan. The US is directing India to become one of the economic and military giants in the region, but despite its service to the US, Pakistan is not as important for US as is India. The US humiliated Pakistan against India, and this humiliation was much more evident in the issue of Kashmir. In order to ensure India to focus on its progress, the US persuaded Pakistan to turn the face of its troops from Kashmir and the eastern borders, towards tribal areas and Afghanistan borders. This equated to a suicide for the Pak Army that instead of fighting Modi’s Hindutva government, it was assigned to murder and persecute their Muslim brothers in the tribal areas. Now the Pakistani government is shaping another distraction in the public opinion against the Afghan refugees. These provocations are taking place in a time when India continues its oppression of Muslims and Zionist ‘Israel’ does not spare any kind of crime and cruelty against Muslims in Palestine. This is out of extreme desperation and shamelessness on the part of mercenary rulers of Pakistan that with such a huge Army equipped with nuclear weapons; they go after Afghan ‘refugees’ instead of India and the Jewish entity.

Pakistan’s unrest is rooted in its secular system and its slavery to the US. This crisis can be addressed when a fundamental transformation takes place in the region. People living in this region have common faith, common culture, and even common ethnicity while the colonial borders keep them separated. This misery can go away when the traitor rulers of Pakistan are overthrown, the republic and secular system of Pakistan is terminated and the geography of the region is modified only based on Islam. Those in charge must not refer these issues to global evil entities such as the UN. This is the fundamental and Sharia based solution: the Durand line, which is a nationalistic border just like the others, must be broken and all the ideological, political and military capabilities of the region must be consolidated against the traitor government of Pakistan and by uniting Afghanistan and Pakistan, the second rightly guided Caliphate (Khilafah Rashidah) to be established. From Palestine to Pakistan, there is one problem that has one solution. The problem is national borders, secular systems and traitor rulers and the fundamental solution is Islam, which requires us to break the borders, overthrow the agent rulers, and establish the Islamic Caliphate. «ثُمَّ تَكُونُ خِلَافَةً عَلَى مِنْهَاجِ نُبُوَّةٍ»Then a Khilafah "Caliphate" on the way of Prophethood will prevail [Musnad of Imam Ahmad].

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