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H.  15 Rajab 1440 No: 1440 AH / 027
M.  Friday, 22 March 2019

Press Release
Khilafah will Liberate East Turkistan
And will Free the Uyghurs from China's Criminal Oppression


China's criminal leaders were encouraged by the meek response of the rulers of Muslims; who preferred the dollar deals than supporting the Muslims in East Turkestan as evidenced by their deafening silence against the horrific crimes of the hateful Chinese authorities in their desperate attempt to isolate Muslims of their Deen, the Deen of Islam that has filled their hearts with passion since their ancestors were guided by its light, and embraced its creed in the late first century of Hijra (immigration)

While the Chinese authorities is harassing Uyghur Muslims using all brutal tactics such as preventing them from practicing rituals and attending mosques by closing them down, and preventing them from fasting the blessed month of Ramadhan, and banning virtually any Islamic rituals, up to the recent establishment of large detention centers, holding behind its walls over one million Muslims, in campaigns allegedly aimed at “countering terrorism” under false pretexts with the slogan: “vocational training”, while arresting intellectuals, scientists, thinkers and university professors. All this is to spread terror and instill fear in the hearts of Muslims to submit to the dilution of their adherence to the Deen of Islam. Intelligence Magazine has published China's announcement that Islam is a contagious disease that must be treated in every way, even through torture and murder. Human Rights Watch reported that the Chinese authorities are forcing Muslims to renounce Islam under threat of psychological and physical torture. The Chinese authorities claim that they are forced to confront the triad of evil: terrorism, extremist ideology and the call for secession, as the BBC reported. Under these false slogans the Chinese authorities use various repressive practices.

While the Chinese authorities carry out all these campaigns, they see from the rulers of Muslims nothing but disregard and complicity, including the statement of Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla on 17/12/2018 that the Indonesian government cannot interfere in the internal problems suffered by the Uyghurs Muslims in East Turkestan, and said that this is a matter of Chinese sovereignty. Thus, a handful of dollars invested by China in Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan and trade deals with China have silenced Muslim rulers who failed to act according to Allah's command, which obliges the support of Uyghur Muslims in East Turkistan.

We are certain that these Ruwaybidha (traitors) rulers do not represent the Islamic Ummah. We warn the rulers of China from the rage of the Islamic Ummah, which will answer the command of its Lord, and shatter the shackles of these rulers and will rise up to avenge those who wronged and oppressed it in East Turkistan, Myanmar, Kashmir, Palestine, and other Muslim lands…

China's leaders must learn lessons from the fate of their predecessors who did not find an escape from the vow the heroic leader Qutaybah bin Muslim, the leader of the Muslim armies, that he would enter the land of China. The Emperor of China sent him his ministers and his delegation. They said to him: "Do not enter our land. We shall please you with anything you like…we will pay whatever you want from Jizya" He said to them: I swore to enter the land of China. They said: We can give what relieves you of the oath, so the delegation of the Emperor of China took the soil from the land of China and carried it to Qutaiba, he stood on it, and took the Jizya from them, in their state of humiliation.

Muslims will not forget about the injustice, the current crisis they face is a passing summer cloud. The Khilafah Rashida (rightly guided Caliphate) on the method of Prophethood, which will come soon, by Allah’s permission, will bring the victory to our oppressed brothers in East Turkistan, and will hold accountable all who oppressed them and stood against them, the Prophet (saw) said: «إِنَّمَا الإِمَامُ جُنَّةٌ يُقَاتَلُ مِنْ وَرَائِهِ وَيُتَّقَى بِهِ»“The Imam is a shield, behind whom you fight and protect yourself”

And then neither China nor others dare to hurt a Muslim because they realize that whatever they do will be brought back to them doubled. And Allah is the Strong and Powerful.

Dr. Osman Bakhach
Director of the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir


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