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H.  3 Safar 1437 No: 14/15
M.  Sunday, 15 November 2015

 Press Release
Hypocrisy and Barbarism in Wake of the Paris-Attacks

On Friday 13/11/2015, Paris was exposed to a series of attacks, which resulted in many dead and even more injured. The reactions from world leaders and media were expected – to the extent, that one could have written a script in advance. Declarations of sympathy and support were sent, and all ranges of programs were cleared in honor of the victims. Islam views any killing of an innocent person as a tragic incident and a crime. When one considers the other side of the reactions from the western media and politicians, they do however seem predominated by double standards and eurocentrism.

As a result of the attacks in Paris, there is now a calling for an increase of the war in Syria and Iraq as part of the fight against “ISIS”, which seemingly was behind the attacks on Friday. As earlier, this will cost the lives of many civilian Muslims, but to this the stands of politicians and media are clear, and no tears are shed. Even though it is well known, that the Caliphate is a term for the Islamic ruling system – an inseparable part of Islam, which hundreds of millions of Muslims long for – like it is well known that the support for the deviated militia, known as “ISIS”, among the Muslim masses is almost non-existent, still every supporter of the Caliphate is now portrayed as an enemy, ought to be fought. Not even the children are spared.

Søren Espersen (Danish Peoples Party) said in an interview with TV2: “We are not bombing where there are civilians, but we have to start that...” To the question of whether they now also should bomb women and children, he answered: “Yes of course. We have to, that is where the IS-fighters are.” The statement of Espersen probably causes indignation with many ordinary people, but unfortunately it describes an already existing reality for the people of Syria.

The fact is that the bombardments, already now, where they allegedly try to avoid civilian losses, result in killings and mutilations of a large number of civilians, including innocent women and children. This will only increase in pace with more attacks to “protect” the West and “freedoms”. The fact is that, changing Danish governments since 2002 have been accomplices in killings of an unbelievable number of women and children in a series of wars against Muslim countries. Even their leaders’ statements after the bombing of women like the political spokesperson of the ruling party (Venstre), Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, and all this is nothing more than their hypocrisy and not the facts. Their prior crimes in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Mali, speak of this.

Junes Kock
Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in Scandinavia

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