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H.  5 Rajab 1431 No: 182
M.  Saturday, 17 July 2010

Clean up Indonesia from the filth of Porn and Casual Sex Relation

Scandalous distribution of porn videos belonging to indonesian celebrities and notables  has demonstrated the following points. First, casual sex relation is common place among celebrities. This is not the only video that has been made available to the public. Moreover, casual sex is widespread among students, teachers, public officials and politicians. Casual sex seems to be here to stay though practised discreetly. Second, the use of technology has two conflicting consequences. On one hand, the technology brings advancement. However, it also brings dire consequences. The rapid distribution of the video the masses show the unrestrained use of the technology. Without control, it will destroy public morality. Third, the scandal has exposed the frailty of the legal apparatus. While the actors recorded in the video are proven to be real as stated by the specialists, there are no regulations of current legal acts that can punish these actors. According to State Law, illicit sexual acts are not illegal or committing zina (adultery according to Islam) as long as there are no one bring charges against them. The Anti Pornography Act is also useless because the video in-house production allegedly is meant for private use instead of public consumption. Moreover, the actors are thought not to be in violation of Information Act because they did not have the intention to distribute the video publicly.

In light of this recent event, Hizb ut Tahrir Indonesia declares the following points 

  • 1. We called upon all members of the legislative assembly to revamp the entire legal system so future indecent acts will not go unpunished. Total correction of the current system can be done only by adopting Islamic Sharia in its entirety. According to the Sharia, committing adultery is punishable by stoning to death if the perpetrators are married. Unmarried perpetrators on the other hand must be lashed 100 times, in order to discourage this animalistic behavior within the society.

  • 2. We ask law enforcement agencies to hold and punish the actors since they have been proven by the specialists who have established the originality of the video. To let go the perpetrators will send the wrong message to the society, which will further erode the moral standard of behavior.

  • 3. We ask our parents, educators, da'waa carriers, public officials and all walks of life to take active roles in protecting this generation from unIslamic view allowing casual sex relation. In addition, TV programs and promiscuous culture all contribute to the widespread adoption of permissive behaviours. 

  • 4. We ask our people to work together in building an islamic society where Sharia is established in all aspects of our life. Only Sharia can correct the public wrongs including pornography and clean up the Indonesian society.

Hizb ut Tahrir Indonesia Spokesperson
Muhammad Ismail Yusanto

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