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H.  8 Sha'aban 1437 No: 04/37
M.  Sunday, 15 May 2016

 Press Release
The Dual American Policy in Kyrgyzstan: Possible Outcomes

From amongst the styles that the United States of America utilises, in order to establish a foothold for it or to consolidate its interests in some of the lands of Islam, is to establish non-government organisations (NGO’s) and support them. These NGO’s proceed according to the direction of criticising governments claiming to defend the religious beliefs and the rights of the people... This leads to the bolstering of the resentment of the people towards the governments and then the US uses that to apply pressure upon the governments and to implement its agendas. Therefore the atmospheres are generated for groups to arise that undertake material or physical actions against the state. America then makes use of them as an additional tool from among the tools of pressure at its disposal and to generate chaos within the lands...

Kyrgyzstan is not far from that reality as America has begun evil measures in Kyrgyzstan through the organisations that it has control over. And so it established the ‘Iman’ fund even though it has no Iman. It leads the call amongst the officers of the State Committee for National Security Affairs, in the Internal Affairs Ministry and even amongst army members, through this fund, which provides a trivial wage to the scholars. The objectives and measures that the US is taking here are similar to those which it has taken in other places within the Islamic world. The government has begun to practise aggressive pressure against the Islamic movements whilst the NGO’s have begun to declare “That the religious rights are being violated”. These organisations have then portrayed themselves as being protectors of the Muslims...

By scrutinizing the reality of these active NGO’s in Kyrgyzstan, it becomes apparent that they are at large loyal to the US. Consequently, the situation in our land will become similar to the situations in other lands which the US has interfered in. Even though the matter is apparent before one’s eyes, the elite, politicians and religious leaders are not paying any attention or concern to this matter whilst they only await, from the projects of the disbelieving states, temporary benefits alone. The space has been cleared to access our army and armed forces for the sake of the interests of the disbelievers whilst our ‘Ulamaa’ (scholars) promote “Moderate Islam” that the West has formulated, in order to dominate over the ideology of a simple people.

This American planning will reveal its terrible results after a few years if these measures are not stopped. And as is usual, the position of the government is extremely weak as it is unable to do anything against the forces that call itself the ‘International Community’, even though it understands well the reality of the matter.

However, we the Muslims, must not accept the concepts that the West are promoting like those related to “Extremism, terrorism and moderateness”. Rather, we must be endowed with awareness and reject the plans of the states of disbelief which plan to extend their complete influence over the Muslims whilst undertaking criminal actions like blowing up Masaajid and accusing Muslims of that so as to spread division amongst the Muslims. If we, the Muslims, to not rise to correct our mistakes, if we do not distinguish the truth from the lie, and if we do not cooperate all together like one single body against the disbelievers then our loss will be great and the disbelievers will be successful in respect to implementing their plans and their plots; may Allah never allow that to pass.

Head of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir
in Kyrgyzstan

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