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H.  3 Jumada I 1438 No: 01/1438
M.  Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Press Release
Crashing the System of State Control of Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan state system is crashing. Kyrgyzstan’s state control system is in danger because it’s going to fall apart.

How can we see it? Statehood is a combination of system and structures controlled by the laws. The management system of state should be based on a particular ideology. In Kyrgyzstan, the foundation of statehood is a capitalist ideology, based on democratic principles. Also system, structure and management of the laws is taken starting from the principles Capitalism. Recently, the Authority Government is trying to brand Muslims as a “terrorists and extremists.” Now they “developed” a system that doesn’t consider complaints and protests of Muslim citizens. Now all government agencies ordered follow this method of neglect. Moreover, international policies and all other international organizations, are supporting them by their silence, support the Kyrgyz authorities in those of their criminal campaigns against the Muslims even if it is necessary they are helping them. The government in conclusion developed special proceedings for Muslims based on prejudgment and repressions. In prison colonies of Kyrgyzstan №3, №27 and №47, some Muslims at the beginning of the year protested hunger strike, which continues till now. However we are facing indifference policy of government agencies and Human Right Organizations/ Remaining unanswered hundreds appeals and petitions, written letters and protests, Also left without attention and complaints of their relatives.

Such a collapse of the state system was not observed, even at the end of Soviet era. This is regarded as the collapse of the state machinery. That is, it shows that the government has lost control over their bodies, and employees of law enforcement bodies operate in the interests of a small group.

Hizb ut Tahrir in Kyrgyzstan highlights a few examples of public administration collapse and backwashes.

On January 16 in the Dacha-suu township, located near Bishkek Airport, a Boeing 747 freighter plane fell belonging to Turkish Airlines. The tragedy claimed the lives of tens of our citizens with other people suffering various burn degrees, and others had their homes destroyed as a result. This tragic event has given the prevalence of speculation that a huge amount of illegal goods were onboard the plane being carried into Kyrgyzstan. In this regard, Parliament, which is considered the authority, formed a committee to investigate the case. The head of the commission was appointed Omurbek Tekebayev, recognized as the most powerful politician in Kyrgyzstan and an experienced deputy. However, even this commission can not find any relevant documents or if they were removed from the aircraft wreckage goods. Created with the tacit consent of the Kyrgyz elite, and where even the direct participation, criminal regime against the Muslims, today began to generate an economic mafia community. Now, this mode is not only against the Muslims. They also began to encroach on the interests of Kyrgyzstan and became a corrupt mechanism that efficiently uses the Kyrgyz statehood system of evading responsibilities. Now this mafia system, showing its full potential and using state power against any commission on all sides will exert pressure on them including their influence on their media. All documents records of investigations and the application will be ignored. The Kyrgyz government is unable to cope with the burden of domination. It currently is about to go through a re-recurrence of the past, repeatedly committing this error. Because government guaranteed the rule of law, that is the same assurance to protect the rights of all citizens, regardless of their faith, nationality or race. And no state bases its management system on discrimination or defiance of the rights of members of certain ethnic or faith. But today in Kyrgyzstan if the result of any action resulting in a person’s death, then without waiting for the results of any investigations, they rush to declare that “it is made by Islamist terrorists”. At the same time, if the same action will cause loss of life and it will be committed due to a corrupt system, even if all the facts point to the fact that it was exactly made by this economic mafia system, the government itself at the head will try to cover up the case. In case of further aggravation of the situation, to close their crime again they will begin arrests of Muslims, and search in the homes, “CDs, leaflets, books.” And the media will intensify calls for decisive measures against these Muslims.

World of Kufr intensifies repression against Muslims. Today, to join them and Kyrgyzstan grossly infringed upon the rights the country’s Muslims and started a campaign of slander against them. A ruling group on the basis of international practice and exposing aggressive against the Muslims, decided to establish the country’s authoritarian regime. As a result, the authorities in Kyrgyzstan were in the hands of corrupt capitalists and nationalists which threaten the Ummah. They use government as an instrument in the development of predatory property of the Ummah in their other criminal acts. Because of their insatiable greed, millions of our citizens, leaving home and family, forced to wander the world in search of work.

What is the harm of monopolists, transporting products by plane? If they have to bankrupt rivals, they carry out a series of actions. That is, for the industry in which they are operating, the government, in the first place begins to strengthen legal requirements and at the same time, adds other strange conditions, increases the taxes of all kinds …. For example, take the computer industry if one of the corrupt capitalist will conceive and monopolize this area, small businesses put a ban on the import of computers or are subject to high taxes on imported computers. And in another case, for example, the scam with the plane crashed, computer equipment, through corruption, bypassing all customs duties and placed on the market with low prices. The result will be stagnation in the sale of computers available in the market legally and small businesses, being in bankruptcy, join the caravan of the unemployed. If one of the corrupt capitalist will conceive and monopolize this area, small businesses put a ban on the import of computers or are subject to high taxes on imported computers. And all of its monopoly capital acquired through corruption, will exported abroad. And as a result, the financial crisis gradually will delay the country into a whirlpool. Accordingly, the problem of corruption of our leaders. False statements allegedly “the problem comes from Islam and Muslims,” it’s just a false panic created to cover economic woes and other crimes mired deep in corruption management. We are citizens of Kyrgyzstan that have to constantly fight against the encroachment on our rights by government officials against their indifference to the problems of citizens. Our government leaders with their ears mired in corruption and have become slaves of the capitalist interests. In fact – this is a natural process in the capitalist system and in any democratic country it will definitely become addicted to the capitalists. Therefore, we must not forget that the whole crisis of the system expires. Therefore, our struggle must be to change the government, and it should be carried out to eradicate the evil of the capitalist system.

Head of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir
in Kyrgyzstan

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