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H.  20 Jumada II 1439 No: 01/1439
M.  Thursday, 08 March 2018

Press Release
“Moderate Islam” is an ambitious project of the global Kufr system
Harmful consequences for Islam and Muslims from this project

The capitalist ideology of the Kufr based democracy suffered defeat in the fight against the Islamic ideology. Former US president Barak Obama, speaking at the Congress in early 2010, declared a new strategy that the United States will no longer endanger its soldiers in Muslim countries. “Now these countries will fight against “terrorism and extremism” in their countries by their own forces and they will meet the threats from their side”, Obama said. The “moderate Islamization” project is promoted in our countries in accordance to Obama’s given strategy. The project is built on attracting Muslims, in particular, authorities, security authorities, religious communities, muftiyat representatives, imams, known religious figures, and public activists to the fight terrorism in the sense that America wants to fight Islam as an ideology of governance in Muslim countries. The main activity of supporters of so-called “moderate Islam” is continuous influence on a society based on this plan. They deceive common people with their ill-natured conception; they call people to liberalism and loyalty towards the Kufr, which eventually causes aggression towards those who abide to the true position concerning the religion of Islam.

“Moderates” are funded by such organizations as Yiman Foundation. Security authorities supervise them at the same time intimidate them and imprison those who opposes implementation of this vicious plan, opening the road for conspirators to implement their project of “moderate Islamization” of the society. And the threats and harm to the Islamic ideological call the global Kufr system using this project wants to spread secular doctrine i.e. separation of religion from life and the distance of Islam from governance. As a result, the Kufr system will achieve two intentions at one stroke: deceive Muslims, and turn them into the Kufr’s servants. Eventually a Muslim with a poisoned mind starts to fiercely defend the conception of moderate Islamization, to which he will call Muslims and will be determined to unblock any barrier opposing this conception. However, because he is lonely and weak, he will make alliances with the Kufr societies and local security authorities, and will call the Ummah to this.

Even though, as he has no turning back… Now there is still an opportunity to prevent such situation, and by firmly holding to Islam. For that purpose, we, Hizb ut Tahrir members, who bear the heavy responsibility of the ideological call, must realize the real danger of this project of the Kufr. We must also realize that the Kuffar aimed this project at Muslims and that the Kuffar, by eliminating us, is planning to eradicate the call to Islam from society as a call to the ideological system. Only after that, we will understand that today the fight against the “moderate Islamization” project is a matter of life and death for Hizb ut Tahrir Kyrgyzstan members!

Ways of fighting against “moderate Islamization”: Supporters of “moderate Islamization” are trying to shake Islamic ideas of Muslims with their judgments. Calling Muslims to liberalism towards the Kufr, they do not realize that they are betraying their religion. Therefore, we will fight against the Kufr in the following way: We need (wajib) to convince the society through a public call to plant in public consciousness the ideas in line with the Kufr project – are the Kufr’s intrigues, and they are a treachery for Muslims. In other words, we need to intensify an ideological struggle. However, we need to be cautious and we should not get involved in political or ideological struggle against individuals, communities and imams when trying to protect Islam from those who are poisoned with the “moderate Islamization” idea. This means that the political struggle must be conducted against those who stand behind this policy, consequently, the ideological struggle should be conducted against owners of this parasitic ideology. At the same time we must try to save our brothers who fell under the influence of the “moderate Islamization” idea and thus with the clarification of the issue and guidance to the ideological Islam as long as we have a hope. We need to show our resolution and dedication in dawah. If we lose our position in the society, i.e. if we allow destruction of an Islamic atmosphere created both by us and our predecessors, then, we, no matter how many we are, will lose direct influence on the society.

Today, the Kuffar are not afraid of us. They are afraid of the Islamic atmosphere in the society formed on the ideological basis and efficient rules. The Kufr world is afraid of the harmony between Islam and us; it is afraid that we are becoming Islamic personalities after we merge with the Islam ideology. If we lose this harmony, then they will easily destroy us physically. They know it very well. Therefore, we, clearly realizing the situation and firmly standing as an Islamic personality, should decisively and dedicatedly continue the ideological fight.

Before the idea of “moderate Islamization” seizes the Ummah’s consciousness and the Kuffar’s pernicious propaganda reaches the common people, we need to make every effort to clarify to the people about the dangers of this propaganda and its harmful consequences for Islam, and to manage to form Islamic ideological immunity among Muslims against this idea. At the same time, we need to intensify our political struggle against the government. Political struggle against government radically differs from our actions concerning Islamic communities. In other words, political struggle against the government is conducted through revealing treacheries of the ruling circle, their violence towards Muslims and the pressure on them to call to moderate Islam, forcing them to agree with the Kufr. In addition, we need to intensify large-scale political struggle in order to disclose their torments over the people. That means, all threats endangering Islam and Muslims from the Kufr, will be eliminated only after serious attitude to perform Shariah responsibilities.

The responsibilities can only be performed if we categorically follow the Hizb method in political and ideological struggle. If we start to deviate from these tasks, violating efficient rules and showing slowness, the Kuffar will not be long in coming and immediately will oppress and occupy the spaces lost due to our inactivity. They will turn our imams into the Kufr’s servants right before our eyes. On the pretext of public security, they will try to train the people into treachery, so that they would hand over unwanted people to the state. Governments are already working on creating legal framework to ensure that only one citizen’s testimony would be enough to arrest and put a man into prison. In short, the Kufr system has almost prepared the mechanism of cooperation and solidarity based on the “moderate Islam” project. Now, together with the army of “moderates”, they will start implementing the mechanism against the Ummah. They will more actively visit cities, villages and mosques therein. Their intentions can be seen even in regional meetings. They want to control everything that we have disregarded. Representatives of security authorities push the people to misguidance, calling them to cooperate, and saying “The world is better for all of us”. However, they need this “world” only for foundation of “moderateness”. In other words, they leave us alone only to gain time and to get prepared. This method was applied in Uzbekistan. The state will organize a precedent similar to “February 16 events” as soon as appropriate public and political atmosphere will be formed.

Brothers, avoid negligence! For every maneuver of the Kuffar, we must take our solutions from our ideological position. Today, the situation can be saved to our favour. While we have time, let us ruin their plans and intrigues! For if we miss the opportunity, we will need ten times more efforts to return the current situation. Let Allah make our steps firm! Let these efforts be worthy of Nusrah; worthy of life and death, Ameen!

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