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H.  25 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1438 No: 02/1438
M.  Thursday, 17 August 2017

Press Release
The Islamic Climate in the country created by Muslims – Isn’t it a gift from Allah that Ulema must protect?!

Presidential elections in Kyrgyzstan are planned for the end of 2017. This time the elections might create strong political tensions in the country. Despite that the Constitution does not allow Atambaev to stay for the next term, he tries to keep his team in power. Almost none of the Kyrgyz establishment support the president. However, the president is trying to maintain reins of power in his hand by state administration, prosecution, court, security and law enforcement ministries. Political actors of Kyrgyzstan try to win over the Islamic environment in their race for power. These political actors are trying to win over Muslims using Muslim leaders, i.e. Ulema and Imams, as well as influential Islamic communities.

Therefore, we call influential figures and Ulema among Muslims to fear from Allah and not to involve Muslims to a side of any Kufr supporters in these political woes! As it was said above, there is speculation that our current presidential elections might create highly critical situations in the country. Security services have already started to spread panic by publishing allegedly expected subversive actions from Muslims. Thus, they try to scare opposition forces, hinting that they can organize some treacherous actions in the name of Islamic groups or individuals in case the situation escalates. However, some Islamic leaders are disregarding it and calling Muslims for support of one or another party in the elections. Yet all candidates are speaking with programs based on the unbelief. Some of them, as usually before elections, start partial worshipping, showing themselves as Islamic individuals.

Our Ulema address to the Ummah and issue fatwas that it is obligatory to elect one of these candidates, the one who is “Islamic”. These Ulema speak on the principle: “A Muslim should not be indifferent to his Motherland, religion, society, and nation, and their prosperity”. Of course, this position is correct. It is a sin for a Muslim to be indifferent to prosperity of the environment where he lives. However, the Islamic factor must predominate prosperity of everything. In other words, we should not judge from the reality or circumstances when evaluating or changing any reality. Any reformation in public life must be resolved only based on the Shariah. Although presidential elections in Kyrgyzstan are conducted on the Kufr principles. One does not have to be an Islamic scholar to understand this. All parties and figures that our Ulema call to vote for, run in the elections with their programs based on democratic principles that emanate from the doctrine of “separation of religion from state”. Even if these candidates will say that they will take Islam as a base, their programs are prepared on the principles reconciliatory with the Kufr. Allah gifted the Ulema and influential Islamic figures with their ability to lead the Ummah; abusing this gift is great sin. They will also answer for sins of those who followed them.

Dear Ulema, you want to separate Muslims into various parties of unbelief for insignificant temporal interests. And you are using various Islamic terms and arguments that do not comply with the Islamic fiqh (jurisprudence) in order to justify your acts and to prove your loyalty. History will remember you in black lines for your attempts to draw Muslims into dirty political games, subjecting them to abuse. Of course, you will say, “We must protect our Islamic interests even being inside the system of Kufr, while you are calling for indifference.” On the contrary, we are calling for activity. However, prosperity of the Islamic society will not be achieved by the method indicated by the Kufr or by cooperating with it, as well as on principles prohibited by the Shariah. As the people do not control their own will, it cannot determine a regime and adopt systems and laws. The principle – We are owners of our own lives – emanates from the democratic doctrine. However, we believe that Allah is the Creator of everything and He is the only source of power. He (swt) relegated His religion to people and ordered us to strictly obey laws established by Him. Therefore, a Muslim relies only on Allah and expects help only from Him, and a Muslim must commit any act according to orders of Allah. The Messengers of Allah obeyed this rule and did not want to reconcile with the Kufr, and carried the mission of dawah for almost a thousand years in torment. None of them searched for easy ways. It is unbelief – to cooperate or compromise with the Kufr being pliable, i.e. to agree to merge Islam with the Kufr.

Therefore, we, on behalf of Hizb ut Tahrir Kyrgyzstan, call upon the Ulema, our mentors, to beware of the Kufr’s trap. On the basis that we are an Islamic political party, we will address you from Islamic political positions. We appreciate your efforts to direct representatives of the Ummah based on the Islamic knowledge and Shariah laws. However, at the same time, each of us too must control the other party and keep it within the frames of Islamic laws. Because every Islamic figure is important. The Kuffar realize this, and try to divide us, and win over our Ulema to their side by sowing the seeds of strife between us. Every Islamic activity is important for raising Islam. Global victory of Islam will come after activities based namely on this strategy, in shaa Allah.

Head of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir
in Kyrgyzstan

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