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H.  9 Sha'aban 1436 No: 09/36
M.  Wednesday, 27 May 2015
Press Release
The Military Forces of the ‘Collective Security Treaty Organization’ Complete their Exercises in Tajikistan

Three days ago, the military forces of the ‘Collective Security Treaty Organization’ (CSTO), which are considered to be a Rapid Defence Force, ended war exercises in Southern Tajikistan. All of the members of the Rapid Defence Force participated in these exercises comprising of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan, whilst the number of those participating numbered more than 2500 soldiers. The objective of these exercises is the establishment of a joint defence in the face of any attack from enemies coming from the State of Afghanistan.

The success of these exercises was declared in addition to the accomplishment of the objective that was sought and this was when the General Secretary of the CSTO Nikolay Bordyuzha stated when talking about the reasons for the exercises: ‘The threat from Afghanistan persists, connected with the presence of Taliban and other groups which are not under the control of Kabul. These groups are in Southern Afghanistan and represent a threat to the CSTO. This dangerous situation in Afghanistan is therefore one of the main reasons that led us to undertake these exercises in addition to affirming the readiness of the collective Rapid Defence Forces of the CSTO’. Nikolay Bordyuzha also added, ‘Alongside the Taliban in Afghanistan there are some members of ISIS and this makes the situation an area of concern for the CSTO’.

Turkestan: It is noticeable that Russia has lost some of its international political weight and this is not difficult to understand after Russia’s failure in regards to the issue of the Ukrainian conflict and the imposition of international penalties (or sanctions) against it as a result of the conflict in which Russia attempts to impose its control over that region.

At the same time Russia does not want to give up its position and standing within Central Asia. However it has lost all of its forces there but nevertheless still continues to preserve and develop its own military forces alone. For this reason, Russia is trying to create situations in the region so that the people of the region begin to feel that they are in need of protection and Russian power. It therefore needs to create panic, chaos, threatening situations and distress or generate instability within the region. We would not at all be surprised if America was to undertake something similar in Afghanistan because it strives to maintain NATO’s presence and to ensure a lack of instability in Afghanistan and the surrounding areas. At the same time as this Russia is continuous in its efforts to create panic and fear in Central Asia.

The exercises in Tajikistan and Kazakhstan are continuous and Russia seriously intends to clash and jostle with America in Central Asia. As we have mentioned, the (military) exercises are continuous one following the other with the aim of cultivating fear within Central Asia.

This type of action could also possibly occur in other states. An example of this is the continual American pressure upon the region which makes Kyrgyzstan act in America or China’s favour in regards to some issues. This is because Kyrgyzstan is unable to implement what Russia dictates upon it and because Russia is incapable of protecting it in the case of the occurrence of an emergency that may come from outside. However at the same time Russia will never stop demanding from the government of Kyrgyzstan to be on the Russian frontline and if this was to happen, then this would make Kyrgyzstan disappear from existence.

In the midst of major changes in Kyrgyzstan, its mistake is that it fears a Russian attack against her instead of fearing its internal political situation.  It is necessary for Atambayev to do what Putin did by unifying the people internally upon the basis of a powerful Aqeedah which by its nature would direct the people in the correction direction and work to unify the people as a unified force upon a particular direction.

This is as Putin began to work to bring out the emotions of Russians in respect to loving the nation, a matter which is considered famous in respect to the Russians. At the same time Putin exploited the strength of his personality to have a positive influencing effect upon the Russian people. He even made use of his lack of success in the Ukrainian issue in order to accomplish a positive goal. We are aware that the emotions related to loving the nation can unify people and particularly when there is a danger or risk of war occurring. As such Putin attempts to make the people know that his lack of success in the Ukrainian crisis is due to the European Union. In the two world wars the Russian people defended their land as it embraced the love of the nation as its spiritual driving force. Similarly Putin wants to generate these emotions amongst the Russian people and this is what has created some obstacles for the Americans preventing the accomplishment of their objectives which include its efforts to divide and split up Russia into separate parts.

Atambayev and those who came before him were incapable of understanding that in a way that would make them work to make use of the Islamic Aqeedah which acts to unify the people of Kyrgyzstan in their customs and traditions. They did not work to preserve and safeguard Kyrgyzstan as a state entity and they do not even have any political reputation nor did they think about utilising and making use of the existing strength and power of the people of Kyrgyzstan.

This same strength also exists in all of the lands of Central Asia and each of these States is aware that their people are strongly attached to their Islamic Aqeedah. Despite this they do not think about utilising this great source of strength for the benefit of their lands against the disbelievers and their orders which work in opposition to this Aqeedah.

However due to the lack of clear vision they have nothing to offer to safeguard the lands and to save them apart from taking Putin as an example to be followed. This is instead of bringing about amongst their people the strong love for the great Islamic Aqeedah which they have sacrificed for throughout the previous centuries. Indeed they are still sacrificing and particularly the Shabaab of Hizb ut Tahrir. This is because this Aqeedah is one of jihad and sacrifice, and had the rulers comprehended this and fully invested in it, they would have then been able to free and rid themselves from the stranglehold of colonialism and cut off their intrigues from their lands.

Indeed our circumstances are extremely bad because the States of disbelief are preparing to occupy our lands. For this reason, they are attempting to take us away from our Deen and the secret of our power, represented in our Aqeedah. In spite of the States of disbelief quarrelling and fighting against each other on the basis of their specific interests, they are all nevertheless unified as one single front against the Islamic Aqeedah. This is what we witness in Syria, for example, which the disbelieving West is contending over. This is whilst they provide the criminal Bashar with all that he needs in terms of military and political support so that he can deal decisively with and end the blessed revolution and this is all because the people of Shaam have declared their revolution to be for Islaam.

It is obligatory for us, the Muslims of the lands of Central Asia, to remember and acknowledge that our salvation from everything that is happening to us, in terms of catastrophes and abuses, cannot come from anything other than returning to the Islamic Aqeedah. This is because up until now we are only victims of the game played by the disbelieving international powers. 

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