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H.  1 Muharram 1360 No: 01/37
M.  Friday, 20 November 2015

 Press Release
The Dangers of Cooperating with Russia

After the escape of some Muslims from the prison in Bishkek, police started an active search for these escapees. The perpetration of this crime was the occasion for the government and its media and experts to activate the wide informational attack against Islam and Muslims.

The government of Kyrgyzstan started to prepare very serious actions against Islam and Muslims after strong pressure from Russia. Such was the situation in the year 2006. During that time, Bakiev was president of Kyrgyzstan. And he strengthened his power in the county and after this, he started repressive actions against Muslims. During this time Rafik Qori was physically liquidated by the government. Then Madumarov (on that time he was Deputy Prime Minister) provoked unrests in Nookat city in the holiday of Eid al-Fitr. And the present President Atambayev and leaders of the present government were in opposition and they expressed their dissatisfaction with these activities of the government.

They said, “How can the government imprison these people only due to the fact that they said Allahu Akbar?”
In the beginning of 2015, the government arrested Rashod Qori Kamalov, who is the son of Rafik Kamalov, and also he is imam of Al-Sarakhsi Mosque. He is in prison to this day. The litigation of Rashod Qori is similar to other litigations, which were held during the government of Bakiev. Beside this in the north of Kyrgyzstan, the government tried to commit provocations in order to accuse Muslims by these actions several times. For this purpose it has even killed people and called them terrorists. Others were arrested by police. And recently it became known that 9 people escaped from prison and they killed 3 prison employees and 1 employer was wounded, but he later died in hospital.

Every time after such incidents, the government arrests many Muslims or oppresses them using different methods. By means of slander to one Muslim, it oppresses over thousands of Muslims.

Earlier Daniyar Narymbaev was arrested. He was the head of the Administration of President of Kyrgyzstan. He is accused of extortion of monies. The criminal cases against Narymbaev will be closed and neither the President nor members of Administration of President will not be held responsible for it, even from an ethical standpoint. Many Deputies and Speakers of Parliament, Representatives of Security Forces, prosecutors and judges are arrested at the crime scene. And the public is aware of the situation. But the government, media and experts don't trigger an informational attack against these criminals.

Why do we trust these vicious corrupters and their slanders and defamations against Islam and Muslims? How can the government accuse Islam and other Muslims by reason of crimes of several Muslims? Why don’t we declare the distrust to all the government and its representatives because of their crimes? While they take an example of some persons, after they announce to the whole world that it is necessary to destroy Muslims, who take the Islam as a basis for life.

Such government activity is similar with the ideas of nationalistic movements. These movements consider that if one representative of the some nation committed a crime, that this entire nation must take responsibility for this crime. And the actions of Russia against Islam and Muslims are based on the nationalistic principle.
The government of Kyrgyzstan follows the instructions of the Putin regime and it tried to perform some crimes on behalf of the Muslims. And we will not err if we say that such actions are the preparing to accept a law on tightening of punishment against terrorism and extremism.

No doubt that the Kyrgyz government is under the pressure of Russia. That’s why we want to urge governments of this and others countries to endure a little more! Russia will soon be in collapse, inshaAllah. In fact it is in collapse. Putin tries to hide his defeat by means of wars. Take your time! Because if you strengthen the fight against Islam and Muslims together with Russia then the results of your actions will be severe.

We, Hizb ut Tahrir Kyrgyzstan, urge the government of Kyrgyzstan to refuse the strengthening of the fight against Islam and Muslims. Your manner of actions i.e. to consider every Muslims on the basis of crimes of several persons is not different from “fatwa about Takfir” of ISIS, which calls all military as “Kuffar” on the basis of the crimes of several militaries. Now Russia is in a difficult situation. At any time Russia can leave civil conflicts without support. And your actions together with Russia will give possibilities for Mujahideen of Afghanistan to attack you, as a part of Russia.

Your hopes and actions, that by means of support from Russia will provide you peace in the country, will lead to inevitable results of failure.

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