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H.  7 Ramadan 1445 No: H.T.L 1445 / 13
M.  Sunday, 17 March 2024

Press Release
Who Will Stop the Media Distortion on LBC and its Likes?!

Some media institutions in Lebanon continue to decline from bad to worse, and the media downfall in Lebanon has reached its lowest point. After promoting secularism, moral decay, and advocating feminism and sexual deviance, and after the hatred and racism against Muslims emerged, LBC Channel yesterday published a video titled "The War of Lunatics and Extremists" in which they equate Gaza's Mujahideen with the crimes of the Jewish entity, as if it were a campaign to incite people against Gaza and its Mujahideen and hold them responsible for the ongoing genocide there.

And there is no wonder in that; for the creed of hypocrites and the mouths of enemies is to distort facts, obscure truth, glorify falsehood, and support it.

What exacerbates the persistence of such corrupt channels is the absence of authority from its responsibility towards those who incite sedition, their sponsors, financiers, and directors. But how can the authority do that while it is a partner of these corrupters?!

Let these channels and their likes realize that they will not be able to overturn the truth and obscure the truth. No matter how high falsehood may rise, it must fall, and the Mujahideen of Gaza and their heroes defending land, honor, and sanctities against the deviants of horizons and the deformed entity - which we will soon remove, Allah willing - are heroes in the eyes of billions of Muslims and the dignified of Ummahs. Even if the West conspires against them, along with the Security Council and the tyrants of Arabs and non-Arabs, Allah is with them, and Allah suffices as a Protector and Helper, and the Muslims are with them. Our trust in the victory of Allah, His promise to remove falsehood and its people, is a firm belief that must be fulfilled, Allah willing.

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