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H.  6 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1440 No: HTM 1440 / 10
M.  Tuesday, 09 July 2019

 Press Release
The Minister of Religious Affairs was Successfully Blinded by the Chinese Regime!

During his visit to China on 23-30/06/2019, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department in Charge of Religious Affairs, Datuk Seri Dr. Mujahid Yusuf was taken to a place where Uighur Muslims were said to be undergoing vocational training. During his speech later at the Beijing Foreign Studies University, on June 27, Dr. Mujahid states, "Another problem we face today is the potential of instigating the world society with false news that could trigger relations between nations and people across the continent. False news in China about Muslims being oppressed could trigger a wave of sympathy to the oppressed and affect relationship..."

La haula wa la quwwata illa billah... How could a Minister of Religious Affairs be easily blinded by the notorious Muslim oppressing regime? Did he not read the widespread news of how dreadful the anti-Islam Chinese regime is treating our Muslim brothers, sisters, and youth there? Did he not read the news of how the regime forbids the Uighur Muslims from praying and fasting, and not even allowing Muslims to keep their beard or wear hijab? Did he not see the documentaries and reports from many parties including the Human Rights groups that reveal the arrest, imprisonment and torture of more than a million Uighur Muslims in the Chinese prison camps for no other reasons except to separate the Muslims from their Deen? Did he not read the news about the confessions of Uighur Muslims who managed to flee the oppression and came to Malaysia where they said, “It is better for the Malaysian government to kill us here rather than send us back to our hometown to be brutally killed by the Chinese regime”? Is it merely by one visit to a ‘well-prepared’ camp to obscure all crimes of the regime, that the Minister of Religious Affairs is easily blinded? How could a minister of religious affairs be easily blinded by the Chinese regime with only one visit?

Just for the sake of maintaining diplomatic and trade relations with a warring Kufr state, the Minister of Religious Affairs dared to say that the persecution on Uighur Muslims is false news! Where is the brotherhood, where is the concern, where is the steadfastness and courage, where is halal and haram, where is the Hukm of Islam? It so unfortunate that the Minister has become the extended voice of the Kufr regime, instead of becoming a protector to our oppressed brothers and sisters. How could he claim that the oppression on the Muslims in East Turkestan is just false news!? How could he believe the words of a Kufr regime compared to his own brothers of the same faith? This is extremely embarrassing!

O Muslims! It has been decades that our brothers and sisters have suffered in China and no Muslim ruler pays any attention to their fate. There has been no condemnation, not even slightly, coming from the mouths of Muslim rulers who number more than 50 across the globe, let alone to hear the cry of jihad from them! It is even more appalling when a current leader is easily blinded by the Kufr regime to the extent that he accords that the persecution on Muslims is false news!

Indeed, Muslims cannot put anymore hope in their current leaders to save our fellow brothers and sisters around the world, since they have always sided with the oppressors instead of the oppressed. Their bond with the Kuffar-oppressor is of concern to them more than the bond towards their own oppressed-brothers. The only hope left is with the return of a Caliph (Khalifah) who loves this Ummah and shall relieve it of all miseries and shall at the same time teach the ruthless-Kuffar lessons until they submit to Islam with an absolute submission. Hizb ut Tahrir has been working to reinstate this Caliph, and by the will of Allah (swt), he shall re-rule the world soon and shall bring the world out of all darkness into light.

Abdul Hakim Othman
Spokesperson of Hizb ut Tahrir in Malaysia

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