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H.  22 Rabi' II 1441 No: HTM 1441/ 04
M.  Thursday, 19 December 2019

To the Leaders and Delegations of KL Summit 2019

All Praises be upon Allah (swt) and may His blessings be upon the Messenger (saw). We send you these words of truth to your rhetorical summit with the hope that some of you in particular, and the Muslim Ummah in general, will realize that this summit will not amount to anything, for you are just repeating and continuing yet another failure after many failed summits that you and men before you have had in the past. We hope that with these words of truth, we have proof before the Lord of the Worlds in the Hereafter that we have conveyed you this message.

It is our intention to remind you, despite the realization that you will not listen, that you must take the real solution from Islam in order to save this Ummah, so that this gathering in Kuala Lumpur will not waste sincere intentions (if any) nor exhaust your energies with false and empty solutions. The real solution will save this Ummah once and for all, without any need for another rhetorical summit, ever.

We know very well that your gathering in Kuala Lumpur merely serves to beautify your image in the eyes of the Ummah. What you may not realize is that your image has long been tarnished and can never be fixed unless you obey what Allah (swt) has ordered you to do. You have long closed your eyes and turned your backs to the Ummah.

You have stabbed the Ummah and now, you are pretending to be its saviour. It is indeed saddening that the Ummah has suffered tremendously and you undeniably know that you are the root cause of its suffering. You also know that this summit, and thousand other summits that you and your predecessors have organised and attended, will never solve the Ummah’s problems.

Ever since the destruction of the Caliphate (Khilafah) in Istanbul in 1924, the Ummah has been living in misery and misfortune. The shield and guardian that had taken care and guarded her for more than 1300 years had disappeared. Yet, until today, you, as Muslim rulers, have never carried out your obligation to re-establish the Khilafah and re-implement the Islamic laws. Instead, you continue to implement the Western secular system that you inherit from your colonial masters who are the enemies of Allah (swt) and the enemies of His Messenger (saw). You serve your colonial masters more than you serve your Lord. You have treated your enemies as your friends and bow to them, but you treated the Ummah, whom you are supposed care for, as your enemy. This is the cause of the Ummah’s problems. It is you who is the cause of the problems of the Ummah. After all the “crimes” that you have perpetrated, you are now gathering to talk about solving the Ummah’s problems, and you think that the Ummah is ignorant of your misdeeds!

We wish to let you know that you have never represented the Ummah, and the Ummah has never and will never regard you as their representative. How could you then talk about their problems when you are not representing even a single individual of the Ummah? You are just representing yourselves, your interests and your colonial masters. For decades, you conspire with the enemies against the Ummah. You extend your hands and even go hand in hand with the enemies every time they attack and hurt this Ummah. The Ummah cries for you to leave the enemies and come to her rescue, but the stronger it cries, the closer you run to the enemies.

The Ummah cries for you to unite it and unite its lands, but the stronger its cries, the stronger you break its apart. The Ummah cries for you to implement Islam, but the stronger it cries, the stronger you grip yourselves to secularism, and worse, the stronger you become hostile to it. You are not listening to the Ummah who wishes you goodness, instead you listen to your whims and your colonial masters who only wish for your destruction and the destruction of the Ummah.

If there is still an inkling of sincerity and courage in your hearts and you want to listen, this is a brief depiction of the true solution for you to contemplate in solving the problems of the Islamic world and the Ummah:

1. You must surrender yourselves to Islam completely, instead of surrendering to the Kuffar West. Break yourselves free from your Western colonial masters and submit yourselves totally and purely to your Creator, His laws and systems;

2. Uproot the secular-democratic system in your lands and in all the Muslim lands. This Western-made system is a Kufr system and is unequivocally forbidden (Haram) for us to take, implement and spread. As a matter of fact, it is the secular-democratic system that causes disunity and calamity of the Ummah;

3. With regards to the occupied Muslim lands, there is no other solution except that you are obliged to liberate them, and the only way to liberate them is to dispatch the Muslim armies for that purpose. The same goes for all Muslims who are subject to oppression and persecution by the Kuffar regimes in any parts of the world; your obligation is to declare Jihad to those regimes should they fail to return the rights of our brothers and sisters in their territories;

4. All Muslim lands must be re-united under one single leadership and under one State - under the Caliphate (Khilafah) in place of all the nation-states that separate us since the destruction of the Khilafah. The system and laws of Allah (swt) must be re-implemented in totality replacing all the man-made systems and laws forced upon the Ummah all this while.

Without resorting to the above solutions, your summit will just be another empty and meaningless summit – just like the thousands of summits you and people like you had held previously. Without these real solutions that the Ummah desperately need – solutions that would please your Lord - you will again betray the Ummah with such a summit. And do not ever think that the Ummah will be silent over your betrayals! Please take heed that for the longest time, you have actually lost your honour and dignity in the eyes of the Ummah and that your image worsens day by day despite your efforts to ‘beautify’ it by organizing meetings that purport to solve the problems of the Ummah, such as this summit.

Do you not see that the Ummah detests and denounces you day by day and that the Ummah is rising against you and rejecting you, one after another? Do you not see all that? The Ummah is moving and will never stop until they are able to remove you and reach its real solution. And we would like to reiterate to you again and again, despite of our confidence that you will never listen, that the root cause of all the problems in the Islamic world is you, and the Kufr Western secular-system that you forcedly implement upon the Ummah. Therefore, the real solution to the Ummah’s problem is for you to return to Islam completely by re-establishing the State of Khilafah Rashidah (rightly guided Caliphate) upon the method of the Prophethood and re-implement His system and laws in their entirety without any exception.

Hizb ut Tahrir – Malaysia

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