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H.  7 Dhu al-Hijjah 1432 No: PR11053
M.  Thursday, 03 November 2011

Press Release
America Wants to Create an Indo-Pak Block Against China! Importing Electricity from India and Granting him MFN Status is to Insure Indian Superiority in the Region

Recently Yousuf Raza Gilanai gave his consent to buy electricity from India, which is making electricity by stealing waters of Pakistani rivers. In the near future these traitor rulers will give us the same reason for surrendering in before India which they have been giving us to justify their American subordination. They will say that how can we stand against India when we are dependent on Indian electricity! They will lecture that we should forget Kashmir, Siachin and Sir Creak because by annoying India we cannot run our industry nor we will get grain, vegetables and water. In order to strengthen this economic slavery yesterday a democratic ‘Prime Traitor', Yousuf Raza Gilani, and his cabinet unanimously granted India the status of "Most Favorite Nation" (MFN). This will destroy Pakistan's industry and economy as well as it will facilitate India to approach Central Asian countries that will insure the economic and political hegemony of India in the region. These steps are in accordance with American objectives in the region according to which America wants to create an Indo-Pak economic and political block to use it against China. India cannot stand militarily against China until it has stationed five hundred thousand troops on its eastern borders. For this reason, America used a traitor like Musharaf to put an end to Kashmir Jihad and allowed to fence the Line of Control (LoC) after which India has, one by one, killed almost all Jihadi commanders in the past ten years. Now there are talks of pulling Indian troops out of Kashmir because militant struggle for the liberation of Kashmir has almost been crushed. America wants to "normalize" Indo-Pak relations by burring Kashmir issue so that the creation of Indo-Pak block may be expedited. Hizb ut Tahrir warns the Ummah and the sincere officers in the people of power of this American plan and demands from them that they should stop Gilani, Zardari and Kiyani from betraying the Muslims of Kashmir and Pakistan. Time has come that the sincere officers in Pakistan armed forces should give Nusrah (material support) to Hizb ut Tahrir so that the glad tidings of Rasullah (saaw) shall be realized.

Naveed Butt
The Official Spokesman of Hizb ut Tahrir in Pakistan

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