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H.  21 Dhu al-Hijjah 1445 No: 1445 / 06
M.  Thursday, 27 June 2024

Press Release
The Turkish Regime's Statements about the "Opposition’s" Integration with the Regime Is an Introduction to Normalization and Reconciliation Between the Domesticated Opposition and the Syrian Regime And a Miserable, Malicious Conspiracy to Crush the Revolution

Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan said: Turkey wants the Assad regime to use the lull in the war wisely to resolve constitutional problems, seize the opportunity to return millions of refugees who fled and left Syria, and rebuild the country. Fidan said in an interview with the Turkish HaberTurk channel on Monday, 24/6/2024 CE: “The most important thing that Russia and Turkey have been able to achieve in Syria currently is to stop the fighting between the regime and the opposition, and that the Astana negotiations and other forms have made this possible at the present time.” He continued, "We believe that Syria will be an important player in the war against PKK terrorism if the regime integrates with the opposition.”

Putin confirmed a few days ago that Russia "strongly values ​​Turkey's contribution to the Syrian settlement, the war against terrorism, and the normalization of Turkish relations with the Syrian regime.”

These Turkish statements come in light of leaks about meetings between Turkish officials and officials from the criminal regime at the Russian Hmeimim base in Latakia, and an agreement on meetings in Baghdad under the sponsorship of the Iraqi regime to follow up on normalization between the Turkish and Syrian regimes.

It also comes in light of the international policy of restrictions against Syrian refugees and the pressure and actual movement of a number of countries to return them.

It comes in light of international marketing for the tyrant Assad regime, after all the fall of the masks behind which the regimes of humiliation, shame, and subordination to the colonial kuffar were hiding.

O Muslims in Syria of Ash- Sham:

This statement of the Turkish regime’s Foreign Minister, saying: “We believe that Syria will be an important player in the war against PKK terrorism if the regime integrates with the opposition,” indicates that the Turkish regime seeks to use the opposition’s reconciliation with the Syrian regime, for its own benefit, at the expense of your interests by using the opposition to fight the PKK.

The Turkish regime has always expressed its desire to unify Syria, but under the rule and control of the criminal Assad, and its talk about integration is only a continuation and completion of its insolent calls for reconciliation of what it calls the opposition with the regime. This is only the tip of the iceberg of its deceit and immorality, and there is no surprise in that, as it is the spearhead of America's agents to crush the revolution and eliminate the sacrifices of its people and return them subservient to the executioner's guillotine, after it penetrated the joints of the revolution and took away the decisions of the leaders of the factional system and the foreign-manufactured "domesticated opposition" and so-called governments, which only increased the people's misery, hardship and deprivation of livelihood.

Indeed, this is the role of the Turkish regime, with American support over the course of thirteen years: putting pressure on the people of Ash-Sham, stripping them of their sources of power, and entrusting their affairs to followers, tools, and crafts, in preparation for imposing lethal surrender solutions under political names under an international façade. UN Resolution 2254 is nothing but one of the most dangerous things that threatens the sacrifices of the revolutionaries, because it stabilizes the criminal regime with its repressive security and military apparatuses and fights everyone who rebels against it.

The steps of Turkish normalization with the Assad regime fall within the context of American trends to tame the incubator of the revolution to accept a reconciliation contract with the tyrant of Ash-Sham under the name of a political solution that ends the revolution of Ash-Sham and eliminates its hopes of overthrowing the criminal regime and establishing the rule of Islam.

For all of this, our revolutionary people must stand firm on the truth and realize that they are truly the real obstacle preventing the enemies from achieving their goals, along with the need for them to be aware of the conspiracies being plotted against them. The statements of Fidan and his company are only an indication of what the enemies are cooking up in the black rooms against the revolution and its people; this is what requires the revolutionaries to stand united against any treasonous step that the tools of the Turkish regime and its henchmen might take in our homes, in line with the cunning of our enemies.

The Ummah’s movement in recent months in the second wave of the revolution is nothing but an indicator of the great good of the Ummah’s endeavor and seriousness to regain its authority and decision-making from functional governments and associated leaders who do not hold reverence for Allah (swt), and care only about the satisfaction of their masters. To fortify this blessed movement, awareness, caution and coordination are necessary; awareness of the conspiracies being proposed, and caution against falling into their traps, and therefore coordination and hard work with an aware and sincere political leadership that presents the liberation’s project and a clear-cut roadmap that adheres to the principles of Ash-Sham’s revolution, and move to overthrow the criminal regime, and crowns the sacrifices with what Allah (swt) will heal the breasts of a believing people: ruling by what Allah (swt) has revealed in a Khilafah Rashida (rightly guided Caliphate) on the method of Prophethood, and its culmination is the fulfillment of the Hadith of the Messenger (saw), regarding us: «عُقْرُ دَارِ الْإِسْلَامِ الشَّامُ»“The abode of Islam is Ash-Sham.”

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