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Wilayah Tunisia

H.  1 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1434 No: 24/2013
M.  Saturday, 07 September 2013

Press Release
To the Greedy Politicians: Enough Corruption and Arrogance

The public follows in astonishment the depraved level of most of the political class, those ruling or those aiming to rule in the Constituent Assembly and elsewhere... They (except for those who Allah (swt) has blessed) have reached in arrogance, degradation and vulgarity what makes them undeserving of power or even of entering public affairs despite their claims of being revolutionaries... Are any of them at the level of true politics, which is caring for the affairs of the people?  Are any one of them a statesman as in a leader and a role model... Neither in fact nor in capacity... This struggling noble people has been exhausted from this political class that has amounted to legislative and political disarray. We do not see anything from them except lowly arrogant speeches and decisions haunted by the desire for power. This is because the foundation that they share and call for together is an artificial liberal opportunistic hypocritical foundation that makes bonds temporary and negotiable at all times: religion, loyalty and sovereignty, and courageousness and the rights of this oppressed people... and look at the amount of hate that show and the poisons that they exchange...

They hijacked the will of the people and impersonated it... This with an alleged majority that enables them to legislate with other than what Allah (swt) has revealed, and with a new kind of dependence and with the legitimacy of consensus and the government and partnership and civil society...

So this President of the Constituent Assembly had a meager turnout in the elections and his followers abandoned him, and despite that he announces the closing of the Constituent Assembly and forbids gathering in it...

And another novice who lacks even a little political insight says that they have withdrawn from the Constituent Assembly and will not return unless all their demands are met, even though he entered the Assembly incompetently...

And these agreements take place abroad between those who claim to have leadership and righteousness, under the sponsorship of foreign states that determine our destiny and all of our affairs and who turn the thief of the revolution into the one who protects it and our guardian... in a state more like a folklore entity...

And this labor union in a tragic scene runs wild in the country as it wishes and claims leadership and ownership of the project and that it decides the destiny of the country's livelihood and relations and even religion altogether... And it does what even the Solidarity Union did not do in Poland in its day... And it is a union plagued by every kind of corruption...

Oh Muslims, Oh sons of this good land: We call you to disown those Ruwaibidha and for you to not serve them even by your silence, for that angers your Lord, and we call you to the highest degrees of sophistication and enlightenment by invoking the great concepts of Islam and its rulings of truth and justice and considering rule as a responsibility and that the Muslims are united... We call you for all of us to handle the affairs of the country and the Ummah with the political thought that emanates from the Islamic Aqeedah or based on it, which sets high goals to conserve society and does not give leadership to neither a traitor nor an ignorant person nor a coward...

There are wide possibilities for you to uproot this political environment with its rotten concepts and men with no conscience, as they have testified against themselves on being lowly and fallen, and you are more cherished and more honorable than for those Ruwaibidha to ransom you for their desires and blind loyalty to the Western states who they compete to satisfy, and then they give you the choice between bad and worse; between secularism and secularism and abuse and ridicule your religion.

Allah's Messenger (saw) said:

"سيأتي على أمتي سنوات خداعات يكذب فيها الصادق ويصدق فيها الكاذب ويؤتمن فيها الخائن ويخون فيها الأمين وينطق فيها الرويبضة" قيل "وما الرويبضة؟" قال: " الرجل التافه السفيه يتكلم في أمر العامة"

"People will face years misleading and cheating where the liar will be taken as truthful and truthful will be taken as liar; betrayer and treasonable person will be trusted and the trustworthy will be betrayed and the Ruwaibidha will speak, (the Prophet (saw) was asked who the Ruwaibidha are, He (saw) said: The worthless and virtueless who will take charge of peoples' affairs."

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