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Developments in Yemen - Salman bin Abdul Aziz Assumes the Rule in Saudi


There are interesting events in Yemen and Saudi Arabia; the Houthis have taken over Sanaa, the government resigned and then the President of the Republic on the evening of 22/01/2015 ... Then King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia, died the morning of Friday, 23/01/2015 and was succeeded by King Salman bin Abdul Aziz. My question is in twofold:
I: Are the events in Yemen still as issued by the party on 1/10/2014? And what is the expected solution?
II: Does the receipt of Salman Bin Abdul Aziz of power after King Abdullah change in the policy of Saudi Arabia or have matters remained the same?
I apologize for asking two questions instead of one, and may Allah reward you with good.


First, Yemen Events:
1. As for events of Yemen; the observer of what is happening finds that they are just as stated in our previous answer dated 1/10/2014... America is acting in Yemen by its known arrogance i.e. by armed force and oppression. Thus, the Houthis occupy Sana'a and other than Sana'a, arresting and killing, under the pretext of the "People's Revolution and People Committees...". The British are working in Yemen through the political cunning in two lines: the first is to exploit Hadi for his powers as the president of the Republic through a calculated maneuver. So whenever he is surrounded by Houthis in all sides he promised them and arouse their hope with agreements and then procrastinate in their implementation ... This continued until his actions were exposed for the Houthis, so they surround him from every side, and insisted on the implementation of all the agreements. Hence, he surprised them by his resignation! And so they were shaken again after they were about to settle.... This is on the first line.

2. The second line is through the former President, Ali Abdullah Saleh, where they made him impose his presence on the Houthis, so he entered among them and became their friend after he was their enemy, helping them with his forces until it became difficult for them to break away from him. What is intended by this second line is that if President Hadi's maneuvers to harass the Houthis do not succeed and they become close to the power, then Ali Abdullah Saleh and his group will share power with the Houthis, so that the English will have a share and America will have its share...

3. This is what is happening in Yemen; Britain is no longer able to dominate Yemen as it previously was, at the same time it is unable to stand up in military confrontation with America and its agents, so it resolved to the political cunningness through its agents Hadi and Ali Saleh, who have perfected their roles:

Thus, Hadi pursued in a round of his maneuvers and procrastinations to the full range then resigned, and demonstrations spread in the country and the Houthis became in trouble. So after they were aiming to achieve dominance through presidential decisions that would give them legitimacy without being exposed to the description of coup, they became described as so, and suffer from treating a heated tense situation, especially in the State Center Sanaa, in addition to the presidential vacancy...

As for Ali Saleh, his engagement with the Houthis has become clear for all to see. Britain, its agents and its channels have contributed in highlighting leaks of Ali Saleh with the Houthis to embarrass them in front of the people. For the people had revolted against Saleh because of his evils, and now he is with the Houthis in one hand making difficult for the Houthis to disengage of it! The follower of these channels, especially al-Jazeera, can realize that, as they have focused in their interviews on that the Houthis are saying that the war is on the corrupters yet they are dealing with Saleh the chief of the corrupters. After that, they spread leaks, and behind them their followers, showing the Houthis' relationship with Saleh ... Thus, al-Jazeera has broadcasted on 21/01/2015 an audio recording between Saleh and the Houthi leader, Abdul Wahid Abu Ras, it said it had received it! The recording, which dates back to late October last year, after the falling of Sanaa in the grip of the Houthis at the end of September, showed coordination between Saleh and the Houthis. Al-Jazeera, in some of its interviews, was questioning the Houthi's remarks that they are against corruption while they allied themselves with the head of corruption, Ali Saleh!

4. As for what is expected, it is difficult for any of the parties to settle the matter in its favor so that it becomes the only dominant power in Yemen. But, what is probable is a compromise solution on the method of the capitalists, which does not end the crisis, rather it is a respite of the warrior until one of the two parties is able to resolve the matter to its advantage ... And nothing will end the crisis with justice and benevolence, except the Khilafah "Caliphate", in which Islam and Muslims will be glorified and Kufr and the disbelievers will be humiliated, and this is not hard to Allah....

5. This is in short what is happening in Yemen and is what we have explained in our political opinion within the answer to the question dated 01/10/2014 CE. And here I convey to you some of its contents to see the soundness of our opinion which we issued more than three months earlier:

"Britain has realized that America is serious about using force to gain access to significant gains in ruling Yemen, and that the Houthis have influential strength from arms and ammunition supplied by Iran... Britain's realization of this matter proceeds to resist it in a bi-parallel manner: The first: is that Hadi should exert effort to exploit his position as a president to prevent the enablement of the Houthis of the effective power. The second line is the introduction of Ali Saleh as a partner for the Houthis in opposing the rule of Hadi; already some of his supporters have already joined the Houthis, carrying the banner of the General People's Congress (the party of the former Yemeni President). When the British Ambassador was asked whether she was communicating with the former President Ali Abdullah Saleh she said: "I do not have a direct relationship with Ali Abdullah Saleh, but I communicate with the General People's Congress including parties close to it." (Middle East, 27/09/2014). It is understood from this that Britain has also instructed its agent Ali Saleh to cooperate with the Houthis, since the British Ambassador admitted her communication with the party of Ali Saleh, the one who runs the party and controls it with no rival or opponent to him.

These measures by Britain to shove Ali Saleh with the Houthis so if Hadi could not use his position as president to prevent America and its followers from the actual access to the rule; then Ali Saleh would be an active partner with the Houthis and then preserve the British influence in Yemen and in particular that the Houthis have no popular support to make them unilateral rulers of Yemen..." End.

Then we concluded the answer that describes preambles of what is happening, its results and the correct solution, and we said:

"- This means that the expected solution in Yemen is a compromise between America and Britain on the method of the capitalists, so there will be joint power between the parties... And compromise usually does not last unless they have it as a respite of the warrior until America or Britain is able to resolve the matter to its advantage, which means that the events in Yemen will continue to be volatile, then calm at times, then volatile again according to the balance of political and military forces among the conflicting parties.

d. Based on the above it can be concluded that the issues in Yemen are on the rise without settling decisively only in two cases: First: America or Britain will be able to resolve matters in their favour, and thereby dominating the actual influence in Yemen. This is not easy as we have elaborated above, and the second: that Allah (swt) honours the Ummah with the Khilafah "Caliphate", which will trample the influence of the colonizers Kuffar and uproot them from the land and eliminate their evil amongst mankind, and so Kufr and its people will be humiliated, and Islam and its people will be glorified, and believers will rejoice in Allah's victory.

(( وَيَوْمَئِذٍ يَفْرَحُ الْمُؤْمِنُونَ * بِنَصْرِ اللَّهِ يَنْصُرُ مَنْ يَشَاءُ وَهُوَ الْعَزِيزُ الرَّحِيمُ))

"And that day the believers will rejoice. In the victory of Allah. He gives victory to whom He wills, and He is the Exalted in Might, the Merciful." [Ar-Rum: 4-5]. It is a fact that the people of Yemen are a people of faith and wisdom... to establish this matter to win in both realms, Allah is with the righteous." End.

Thus, the stream of events is still as we have pointed out in our previous analysis of the 01/10/2014 CE.

Second: Saudi Arabia events:

As for what has been happening in Saudi Arabia; in order to understand what happened: is it on the same previous line in which Abdullah was in with his relations with Britain and America, or has it changed? And what is the political situation for the new king, Salman? I say, for what happened to be understood it is important to mention the following points:

1. American and British influences interfere in the princes of the Saudi family. According to the strength of the followers of both sides, the actual impact on the Saudi rule becomes, hence the characteristic of the Saudi-British or Saudi-American relations.

2. By tracking these relations it shows that the American influence is predominant in the Ministry of Defense, at least since 1382 AH, where the then-minister was Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, who is known as one of the American men. The political situation in the ministry continued the same after Salman bin Abdul Aziz, assumed the Ministry of Defense in 9/12/1432 AH. Then he was succeeded by his son Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz as of 3/4/1436 AH when Salman bin Abdul Aziz became the king of Saudi Arabia.

3. The English influence is predominant in the Saudi Arabia National Guard, at least since 1382 AH, where the head of the National Guard then was Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, the former king, and continued until 1431 AH. Then, his son Mit'eb bin Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz took charge from 1431 until 1434 AH, where the National Guard establishment became a Ministry and Mit'eb continued a minister in the Ministry of National Guard until today.

4. According to the Family arrangements of who to become the king, such arrangements do not necessitate that the King comes from a particular establishment always. Thus the king or crown prince could come from the Ministry of Defense, the National Guard or from otherwise... It has become known in recent decades that the influential in the rule is the one who comes from these two establishments, but if he was from other than these two than his impact is less...

5. The former King, Abdullah was from the National Guard establishment and so the English influence was dominant in Saudi Arabia with a policy of appeasement to America. Thus the relations with America were strained at times and calmed at others. However, the general policy was British in its character with no heated confrontation against America, but as we said with the policy of appeasement in the British way where it displays contrary to what it conceals...

6. Whereas the current king is from the Ministry of Defense establishment, and therefore the American influence is expected to be predominant in his reign. King Abdullah was aware of that, and this is why he invented a new tradition in the Saudi Arabia, namely that the King not only appoints his crown prince but the deputy crown prince as well. He was aware that Salman Bin Abdul Aziz marches with America, and in order to prevent him appointing a crown of his reign, as was formerly under way in custom, that the King appoints the crown prince, King Abdullah appointed deputy crown prince to cut the path between the new king and the appointment of a crown to his reign from the men of America. So the former King Abdullah had already appointed a deputy crown prince, he appointed Muqrin as a crown prince for Salman bin Abdul Aziz, for the purpose which we have mentioned above.

7. Muqrin is known for his close ties with the British; he had studied and graduated from there, "the famous Cranwell College in Britain". He was trusted by the former King Abdullah, he was rather close to him. Thus the former King invention to appoint a deputy crown was for the purpose to cut the continuation of the American series after Salman bin Abdul Aziz. King Abdullah has confirmed this appointment by the issuance of a decree that prevents deposing the deputy crown!

8. Based on the above, the political reality now is as follows:

A. The new king is close to America while the crown prince is close to the English.

B. This means that the predominant influence is for America and is disputed by the British influence to some extent.
C. As a consequence of that, there will be a reduction of tension between the United States and Saudi Arabia, and this affects the reduction of the continuing decline in oil prices. This is because the former king, backed by the British wanted to reduce oil prices to derail America from benefiting from the oil shale, because the cost of shale oil extraction is relatively high; around $70 a barrel. Therefore, reducing of the oil price makes the production of oil shale costly and futile, whereas the cost of natural oil is a few Dollars "about $7 per barrel" - We have clarified this in detail in our previous answer of 07/01/2015 CE.

9. In conclusion, it is hurtful to see the Kufr countries, hostile to Islam and the Muslims, having influence in the land, which embraces the Muslims' Qiblah, the place of the Revelation descent to the Messenger of Allah (saw) ... and of Dar al-Hijrah, the settlement of the first Islamic State! Nonetheless, Islam has men who work day and night, honestly and sincerely, Allah willing, to re-establish the Islamic State, the Khilafah "Caliphate" Rashidah. And it is happening by the permission of Al-Qawei (the Powerful) Al-Aziz (the Exalted in Might). And that day the believers will rejoice in Allah's victory, and the Kaffir colonists will retreat to their own backyard that remained to them backyard...

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