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Question and Answer

The Jewish Entity and its Bond to America!



In Netanyahu's speech before the US Congress on 03/03/2015, he affirmed his rejection of what America is conducting with Iran regarding Iran's nuclear program. This was during his visit, which was not according to the usual protocol, it was without permission, not even of Obama or his Democratic Party in Congress, what was described by some observers as an insult to Obama, does this mean that American relations with the Jewish state has entered the stage of severing relations or a state of hostility? Are these events related to the elections in the Jewish state and in America? What is expected from the results of the elections in both countries? Jazak Allah khair.



For a clear answer, we will review the following:

1.   The Jewish entity cannot survive on its own, except by a rope (covenant) from Allah and a rope (covenant) from the people, as Allah (swt) says:

((ضُرِبَتْ عَلَيْهِمُ الذِّلَّةُ أَيْنَ مَا ثُقِفُوا إِلَّا بِحَبْلٍ مِنَ اللَّهِ وَحَبْلٍ مِنَ النَّاسِ))

"They have been put under humiliation [by Allah] wherever they are overtaken, except for a covenant from Allah and a rope from the people" [Al-i-Imran: 112]

They cut Allah's rope after the time of their Prophets, what is left for them is to live off other countries as parasites and bond to them to continue living. This is observed of them since earlier periods, and in modern times they have sought refuge in Britain which facilitated their occupation of Palestine where they set up their own state, usurper of Palestine, and today they live off America and stuck to it, thus despite the amount of clashes between them, it is unlikely that they take America as an enemy.

2.   The Jews try to achieve their interests through their subordination to other countries; they are serving the major countries, and adhere to them not to serve only those countries, but to achieve their interests as well. There are no differences in this from the Jewish parties, whether it is the ruling Labor Party or the Likud party, they follow America and are stuck to it to achieve interests of the Jews, not only to serve America ... In this case, they are different from the rulers in Muslim countries, the rulers of the Muslims are agents of the West fulfilling the interests of other countries not in return for the interests of their country, but in return to remain in the seat of power.

3. During Rabin's second term as prime minister in 1992, which was during the Democrat Clinton's presidency of America since 1993, Rabin saw the interests of the Jewish state is in agreeing with what was offered by Clinton in terms of solutions; he was later murdered by other Jewish parties in 1995. Afterwards it clearly appeared that the Labour Party tends to favour the US Democratic Party and the Likud Party tends to favour the US Republican Party, and this dominated the political relationship to some extent between the ruling establishment in both America and the Jewish state.

4. The states that are following the democratic capitalist system are openly exposed during the election period, without any red lines, each Party uses its own means, ethical or unethical, they fight and attack each other, they even hang each other's scandals out to dry... In the meantime, they are undergoing early elections in the Jewish entity, on March 17 as announced ... There are elections in America as well late next year, November 2016. Both parties are trying to exploit the appropriate possibilities to win, this highlights the Likud Party's relations with the Republicans and the Labour's Party with the Democrats, according to that which is available to them.

5. The general route followed by Netanyahu in serving America and the interests of the Jews is closer to the Republican Party's policy, as mentioned above, and disagrees with the methods and means of Obama and the Democratic Party's policy; this dissonance or disagreement began since Obama took office. Netanyahu came to power at the same time as Obama took office, the clash between them appeared early on, especially on the subject of Palestine and the Iranian nuclear issue, Netanyahu was trying through the Jewish lobby in America to continue pressure on the Obama administration to get the most he can in these two issues.

6. This discord was fueled by two factors: first, as mentioned above, i.e. the relationship between the parties, and second: Obama and Netanyahu's personalities, i.e. difference in views in terms of dealing with the political situation. Netanyahu's view is tougher, and based on the view of the need of tough power "military force first" for the formulation of political events in the region for the benefit of the Jewish state, working unilaterally is the feature of his policy, and this vision is widespread among American neo-conservatives. He presents himself as pro-neo-conservative in the Bush administration, and members of the Republican Party. Daniel Levy, who served as an adviser to former Jewish Prime Minister Ehud Barak, said regarding Netanyahu's political view, "I think that Bibi, i.e. Netanyahu was always close to the American right, he received his political education from them." ["Obama and Netanyahu: A clash of world views, not just personalities", CNN, 2 March 2015]. Netanyahu understands this, and realizes that the Republican Party supports him.

As for Obama, he is completely pragmatic, and opposes the political view of the neoconservatives, which is dominant within the Republican Party, he is with the view of combining of the idea of ​​hard power and soft power "diplomacy, loans, and other incentives", and sees the need to follow this policy to forge political events in favor of America. Moreover, pragmatists avoid using a unilateral approach if conditions permit, in order to implement the political actions through alliances and coalitions that are committed to the implementation of US plans.

7. Regardless of all this dissonance and difference, both the Republican and Democratic parties are competing in stating that they will protect the security of the Jewish state, the Republican party strongly supports the Jewish state, to the extent that it stands by the Jewish state in any crime the latter commits. The Republican Party strongly supports the Jewish state. The support for the Jewish state in the Bush Junior era was very noticeable ... however Obama's support was not less than that, even Netanyahu in his speech in the Congress mentioned that and thanked Obama for it, he said in his speech, "We appreciate all what President Obama did for Israel, as well as aiding us with more interceptor missiles during our last summer operation ... and I will always be grateful to President Obama for this support. Israel is grateful to you, and the US Congress, for your support, especially in the generous military assistance and missile defense, including the Iron Dome ..." Such statements increase whenever elections approach under the pretext of the need for the votes of the Jewish lobby, which is amplified by the Jewish propaganda!

8. As shown above, this dissonance between Netanyahu and Obama is not due to a state of hostility with the United States or break in relations, but was produced by the various relationships between the Likud and the Republican Party and the Likud and the Democratic Party... This dissonance became conspicuous because it agrees with the electoral situation in the two countries. Netanyahu realizes that public opinion in the Jewish entity fear Iran acquiring nuclear weapons so he exploited Obama's known lenient position with Iran on the nuclear issue, Netanyahu presented himself as the defender of the Jewish entity in the face of the nuclear threat, and then he took advantage of the Republicans' opposition policies in America to Obama's approach in negotiating to show that he is on the side of the Republican Party, and so both parties benefit in the elections. Thus he would have responded equally to Biden and Kerry democrats who met with Herzog, the head of the Labor Party, and the main rival of Netanyahu in the coming Israeli elections, this took place on the sidelines of the Munich conference, 07/02/2015. These two meetings were not on the agenda ... and Herzog said in a speech at the conference in Munich, which describes Netanyahu's speech to be held in the Congress, saying "Netanyahu's speech, which was born in sin, is an electoral production that threatens the security of the citizens of Israel and the special relationship between Israel and the United States" ... At the same time, Biden's office announced that "the vice president will be out of the country and will not attend the controversial speech by Netanyahu regarding Iran before the Congress on 3rd March".

In Conclusion:

(A) From all of this it is clear that Netanyahu and Obama clash for the reasons mentioned, each supports the other's opponents in the next elections ... in this context came Netanyahu's visit to the US Congress with the direct agreement with the Republican Party and without going to the White House, or at least through an agreement with the Democrats in Congress. His visit reflects a real disagreement between the two men and the two parties, and the controversy grew intensely due the election atmosphere in America and the Jewish entity ... and so the Zionist entity's leader Benjamin Netanyahu was invited to speak at a joint session of Congress in the United States on March 3, 2015. This was unusual, because the invitation did not come from Obama to Netanyahu, but from the Republican House Speaker John Boehner. This is what caused the tensions between the Netanyahu government and the Obama administration into the public, where it was given a lot of coverage in the media.

The Obama administration has criticized the invitation, while the US president announced that he will not meet with Netanyahu ... and also Kerry who was travelling abroad from Washington during the presence of Netanyahu in Washington ... there were altercations between the administration and the Congress which indicates that the Republican Party wants an electoral win of the largest number of the votes of the Jewish lobby in the framework of the competition for votes between it and the ruling Democratic Party to increase its tally votes in the presidential elections to be held in the coming year.

B) As for Netanyahu, his speech in Congress was against Obama's negotiations with Iran, and described the agreement, which Obama wants to achieve as "bad"... Netanyahu said, "The international powers vowed to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, but they seem to have given up on this commitment," and added, "I respect the White House and the President of the United States, but in such a vital issue that could determine our existence or non-existence, we must do everything to prevent such a great danger to Israel." "The offer given to Iran will enable it to threaten the survival of the State of Israel." (CNN 10/2/2015) And all this to present himself as the protector of the interests of the Jews to benefit in the elections, especially that there are polls that indicate the success of the US Republican Party in the next election, compared to the Republican Party's success in the last midterm elections last year, and to increase the Likud's share with the Republicans ... as well as his convictions not to allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons, the Netanyahu government for several years was keen to strike Iran under the pretext of the nuclear program at the end of 2011. Europe was encouraging them in order to embarrass the United States, where France provided the Jewish entity satellite images of Iran's nuclear facilities, and Germany sent it the latest submarines that carry missiles, and Britain supplied military and intelligence information. The British Chief of Staff visited the Jewish entity then, and stayed for three consecutive days to prepare for the strike, Italy has allowed the Jewish aviation to train in its skies to fly long distances and in mid-air refueling. The United States was working to "rein in" the Jewish state and pushing it not to escalate, and that the sanctions are sufficient, and that Obama's policy is feasible. The Jewish State always gave in to the pressure until Netanyahu's visit in coordination with the Republican Party in amidst the election's atmosphere.

(C) As for what is expected from the results of the election: in the Jewish entity it will be close as the opposition led by the Labor Party are describing this dissonance between Netanyahu and Obama is harming the interests of America, and that the lack of support from America to them will lead to serious damage to their state. They are trying also to highlight Obama's statements to protect the security of the Jews, and that his nuclear policy is moving forward in preventing the Iranian nuclear threat through a firm strategic policy, and by this they expect to earn the support of the Jewish lobby in America, and at the same time they find peace in the Jewish State and win many votes ... In contrast, Netanyahu's convergence with the Republican Party, who they expect to win in the upcoming US presidential election, as well as presenting himself as the protector of the interests of the Jews and pushing away the nuclear threat from it, all of which will earn him the support of the Jewish lobby and votes within the Jewish entity ... and thereby is expected from all this is that the two parties, Labor and Likud, are close in the strength of arguments, and that Obama's support of the Labor Party and the support of the Republican Party for the Likud are close to some extent, but if Obama has mastered his role as president and exploited it in a strong relationship with the Labour Party, then he may affect Netanyahu's success ... but for Obama to use this power with Netanyahu is unlikely especially that Obama is not permitted to run in the next presidential election. This means to expect a close result between Netanyahu and his opponent Herzog of the Labor Party, and it is difficult that one of them succeeds to form a government, but they can form a weak coalition because it is difficult to form a strong coalition between two major parties, but each will have to participate with a small parties that will be impose upon them bigger conditions than their size, and then any government formed in the Jewish state becomes weak unless the two major parties get closer...

As for elections in America, what is published from the polls shows a big possibility for a Republican party win, this is based on the previous midterm elections, and now the Republican Party controls the majority of the Congress, and in particular that Obama has not been satisfyingly successful in facing the International Crisis affecting the American domestic situation and the external position.

(D) As for the scenario of cutting relations or having hostility with the United States, this is unlikely, as mentioned above, but the Jewish entity will continue to be glued to America like a parasite, they cannot survive without the rope (covenant) of the people, which these days it is America ... but this rope will be cut, InshaAllah, when countries feel that the covenant they have with the Jewish State, usurper of Palestine, is a burden upon them. This will be by the power of Islam, its people, and its state, and this will materialize, by the permission of Allah (swt):

((وَلَتَعْلَمُنَّ نَبَأَهُ بَعْدَ حِينٍ))

"And you will surely know [the truth of] its information after a time" [Sad: 88]

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