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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

 News Right Now: Protectors of the Occupation

Within the past few weeks, Saudi Arabian citizens have been arrested for speaking out against the illegal Zionist entity. It is no surprise that Saudi Arabia has cracked down on pro-Palestinian expression as Mohammad Bin Salman makes efforts to normalize relations with the Zionists in conversation with US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken. On social media, citizens have been detained by the Saudi Arabian government over posts dating back over a decade. More recently, a citizen was arrested for calling for the boycott of companies that support the Zionists. Another media figure was arrested for stating Israel should never be forgiven for its actions in Gaza. Furthermore, MBS doesn’t stop at arresting common folk. He even arrested an executive of a company involved in his “Vision 2030” economic transformation plan. Mohammad Bin Salman’s displays of unashamed obedience to the West through the arrest of brave individuals speaking out against oppression highlights his betrayal to the Ummah as he protects the Zionist oppressors with no remorse.

The Saudi Arabian government's continuous efforts to normalize relations with “Israel” have simultaneously occurred to the arrests made over the past few weeks as Blinken is reported to have said “The work that Saudi Arabia, the United States have been doing together in terms of our own agreements, I think, is potentially very close to completion,” at the World Economic Forum on April 29th. Mohammad Bin Salman’s terms for this agreement include Washington giving Saudi Arabia bilateral defense and commitments to its security as well as support in advancing Saudi’s weapons and nuclear technology.

The terms of these agreements show a complete lack of concern over the depths of despair which we find our Ummah in today, as we helplessly watch our brothers and sisters in Palestine bleed and suffer daily. They portray a selfishness and cowardice that the rulers of Saudi Arabia have consistently betrayed its Ummah with for decades. They continue to move forward in strengthening ties with the illegal Zionist entity despite the oppression of our brothers and sisters in Palestine reaching unbearable statistics, with over 35,000 killed, 77,000 wounded, 85% displaced, and 60% of civilian infrastructure damaged (UN).

They try to pacify the Muslims by adding that the normalization efforts will only move forward with the guarantee of an independent Palestinian state, but it is apparent through their terms that they only care for the advancement of Saudi Arabia’s weaponry and nuclear power in order to heighten their standing in the world order. They are just a chess piece in the game that the US is playing as tensions rise in the backdrop of its upcoming presidential elections.

The Jewish entity considers any normalization with an Arab country a major win, as it contributes to their schemes to make the idea of a Zionist entity familiar to the region to establish its longevity. The US has its own motives in speeding up the normalization of Saudi Arabia with the Zionist entity, as it approaches its presidential elections. During the Trump administration, MBS was brought into power in Saudi Arabia backed by Republican support. When Biden was elected and Trump lost, relations with Saudi Arabia strained until they warmed again with America thanking them for evacuating the Americans from Sudan, consulting with it regarding developments in Yemen, and granting it a greater role in American politics and its role in linking India to the world. The US is now motivated to be heavily involved in normalization between Zionist entity and Saudi Arabia so that the Democratic party can look good to the people and take credit for it, getting a leg up in the election.

This all paints a clear picture of the Saudi Arabian government's true intentions having nothing to do with the freedom of Palestine and the end to the suffering of our brothers and sisters, and everything to do with its protection of the Zionist occupation. Upon viewing such a grotesque reality, the question begs, is the Saudi Arabian regime the Protector of the Two Holy Cities or the protectors of the occupiers? Our Ummah must wake up to the realization that the Muslim rulers have shown a consistent pattern of betrayal to the Muslim world, and are continuing to do so. The liberation of Al-Aqsa will only come at the hands of the Muslim armies, led by those who are sincere and eager to gain the pleasure of Allah swt by freeing His slaves from the genocide the Palestinians are facing. This liberation will not only lead to the unshackling of our brothers and sisters, but also eventually to the liberation of our beloved cities of Makkah and Madina from the filth of Al-Saud.

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