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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

 Debunking All the Wrong and Distractive Methods to the Palestine Issue

The Palestine issue is a litmus test. If you yourself are clear about what Allah (swt) has ordered us and His Messenger (saw) has practically done in such a situation, then you can actually filter out all the fake, paid, and coward influencers who are not calling to the correct method to resolve this issue. Instead, they are trying to come up with all kinds of theories and suggestions but are unwilling to say what is required. Below are the most common ones of the wrong and distractive methods they are proposing as a solution to the Palestine issue.

1. Theorizing about the recent events:

Many armchair experts are busy today theorizing about who will benefit from the recent events, who is behind them, why they happened at this very moment, and so on. Come on. Have a heart! Even if this was relevant, it might be the last thing we must find out. Right now there are enough questions to which the answers are clear and need to be addressed. What difference does it make who plotted and planned, when the end-result is the same, a genocide against the Muslims of Palestine?

2. Reminding others how blessed the land is:

Those who are busy day and night talking about how this problem originated and how many prophets stepped on that Blessed Land, I ask them do doctors give you never-ending lessons in the disease and its history when what you need is a surgery?

3. Gather donations:

Those who think gathering and sending donations for our Palestinian brethren, haven't we been doing this for long enough now? Has it helped? Isn't it that we are actually collecting money for those who are alive right now so that once they get killed, their graves and coffins can be prepared?

4. Boycott 'Israeli' products:

Isn't this merely symbolic than a real solution? Aren't we actually trying to lessen our guilt of not doing the right thing by such acts? Would you just stop buying stuff from the shopkeeper who occupies your home and kills your family?

5. Invest in Palestinian businesses:

Are you serious? Are investments what they need? Whatever portion of their occupied homeland is left is about to be occupied and you are asking people to invest in their businesses? What business will they run when there are no buildings standing anymore? What businesses can be run in an open-air prison?

6. Fight a Media War:

If that pleases you, go ahead, but know that the social media that you will use as the battleground is owned by them and they don't delay de-platforming you, blocking and suspending your accounts. Moreover, do you really think that Palestine will be liberated by Facebook posts, Instagram likes TikTok videos, and WhatsApp shares?

7. Leave sins:

Yes of course we need to leave sins and do Tauba, but the sin which we must leave right now is the sin of not speaking up. The sin of not calling those in power to move in support of our Palestinian brethren.

8. Do sincere dua:

Yes do dua, day and night, but do you just do dua when you need a degree, when you look for a job, when you want to marry or do you in addition to dua go out and do all the practical actions required?

9. Knock at the doors of the OIC:

What has OIC achieved in the past 75 years? What is the reality of the OIC? Isn't it actually part of the same problem we are trying to solve? Does anyone in their sound mind expect these rulers who have remained silent over hundreds of atrocities everywhere in the Muslim world to suddenly do something positive?

10. Knock the doors of the UN:

The UN is the very organization that has been trying to legitimize Israel. UN is that very body that ensures that the Muslims, who are by virtue of a Hadith one body, remain divided, so how can we expect them to resolve this conflict?

11. Diplomatic, moral, and political support:

What does that even mean? Is this how you solve your own problems? Is this how the world solves its problems? Or is it through practical means?

12. Muslims are weak:

Are we really? The weakest among us, without a proper army, without an Airforce, with a very small population of a few million, and with a landlocked territory, just finished defeating two superpowers. Whoever spreads this weakness narrative despite our huge militaries, numerous fighter jets, battle-read naval fleets, and tested nuclear weapons is nothing but a cowardly liar, regardless of his position.

So let there be no doubt in your mind that this matter mandates the mobilization of Muslim armies. It is our job to remind them of this duty.

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Dr Abdul Baseer Kazi

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