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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

 The Treacherous Rulers of the Islamic World are the Reason for the Survival of the Entity of the Jews. The Palestinian Issue Will Not be Resolved Without the Removal of these Rulers

In 1948, the illegitimate and impure "Israeli" Zionist entity was established on the Blessed Land of Palestine. This entity proved to be of great harm to the entire Islamic region in the Middle East. From the day of its establishment till today, it has adopted a pattern of bigotry, wickedness, cruelty, and brutality, and has been trying new tactics of oppression on the Palestinian Muslims.

It continues to ruthlessly kill and imprison innocent Palestinian children, torture women and elderly people by putting them in jails and subjecting them to the worst violence imaginable. Houses, markets, hospitals, mosques, and schools were destroyed by bombs.

All of this happened in front of the eyes of these agent rulers, but they remained silent spectators, and were equal participants with the Zionists in the hideous game of crushing the people of Palestine till today. They did not retreat from the role of the protectors of the Jews. Even today, they did not allow weapons to reach the Palestinians to fight the Jews and defend themselves, whereas the Jewish entity continues to receive support.

The agent rulers did not pay heed to the brutal occupation of the Zionists on the land of Palestine, because this was the order of their masters. Their sole aim is to implement US policies and serve their Western masters.

The colonialist West divided the Khilafah (Caliphate) into pieces and destroyed the Ummah’s strength and power.
In order to deepen the roots of this division of the Ummah and perpetuate it, the Western masters did the following two things:

1. Liberal seculars, dazzled by the glare of Western development, were brought to power. These enslaved rulers are governed by self-interest and have been given the responsibility of protecting and maintaining the boundaries drawn by the colonialists. They are vigilant in carrying out this menial responsibility because the job of a slave is to obey every command of his master.

2. It was through these rulers of Muslims, who only live for their personal interests, that the West and the United States established their kufr colonialist system. These rulers always propagated "following the world" to the extent that they say without any shame that, "we can't live without America." These are the people who imposed democracy by force. They fight every voice and every effort that spoke of the establishment of the just Islamic system of Khilafah. They always followed the policy of suppressing Islam and putting obstacles in the way of its implementation, due to which the Ummah is suffering from problems and desolation. America and the West have always looted the resources of the Ummah and imposed wars on them through the so-called democratic system and liberal slave rulers. This is what has been happening in Kashmir, Burma, and Chechnya.

Therefore, the Ummah does not expect any good from these rulers. They disappointed the Ummah on every occasion where their help was needed. Moreover, they created problems for the Ummah. These visionless rulers, who are mad with the love of the world, do not care about the Ummah’s children being slaughtered, its women being raped and its men being brutally martyred. These are the people who have been blinded by the love of the world, who have sold their Hereafter for a small benefit in this mortal world.

O, People of Power! Is this not enough? How is this destruction and humiliation possible in your presence? Have you preferred the life of cowardice over the path of honor? Where is your honor in the Gaza issue? Will you be able to account for the responsibility of helping the Muslim Ummah in the Hereafter? Will these rulers, whose obedience you consider your duty, be able to save you from the grip of Allah on the Day of Judgment? Are these the rulers whose obedience has been obliged on you by the Sharia or imposed by the nation-states established under the American World Order? These are the rebels of Allah and the slaves of the West and America. This group is the main reason for the destruction of the Ummah. Remove them from power and by giving Nussrah (material support) to the righteous people, establish the Second Khilafah Rashidah (rightly guided Caliphate) upon the method of the Prophethood, which will avenge the oppression of the Muslims of the lands of Palestine and Kashmir, and lead the Ummah on the path of honor and dignity.

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Raghib Khan – Wilayah Pakistan


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