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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


Shamelessly, these rulers issue mere condemnations to neutralize the Zionist aggression.

Shamelessly, these rulers present weightless resolutions to counter the aggression by the entity of the Jews.

Shamelessly, these rulers talk of expelling Jewish ambassadors to neutralize the Jewish aggression.

Shamelessly, these rulers accept the legitimacy of Jewish state by proposing two-state solution to neutralize the Jewish aggression.

Shamelessly, these rulers deceive the Ummah by performing token measures, making them believe that they are fulfilling their responsibilities.

However, their response to the Jewish aggression and the Jewish existence must not fall short of full force

Our armies, armies must annihilate the entity of the Jews.

Our air forces must destroy the Jewish warplanes.

Our tanks and artillery must humiliate the Jewish defense system.

Our brave soldiers must mobilize until they approach each soldier of the Jewish entity in a manner mentioned by our beloved Messenger of Allah (saw) in his blessed hadith,

«لاَ تَقُومُ السَّاعَةُ حَتَّى تُقَاتِلُوا الْيَهُودَ حَتَّى يَقُولَ الْحَجَرُ وَرَاءَهُ الْيَهُودِيُّ يَا مُسْلِمُ، هَذَا يَهُودِيٌّ وَرَائِي فَاقْتُلْهُ»

“The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. "O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.” (Bukhari)

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Abdul Munim Nasir – Wilayah Pakistan


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