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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

“We Can’t Survive without the Current World Order”

The belief that we can’t survive without the current world order is probably the biggest obstacle to the security of the Palestinian people. Whether conscious, or subconscious, this belief seems to be held by people across as the world as they continue to try to use democratic methods to aid the Palestinian people, despite the fact that they have failed people across the world.

This is a realization that we are moving towards as we reject the two-state solution. But we need to move past this towards an understanding that we cannot only survive but flourish, if we reject the current world order and re-establish Islam across the Muslim World.

‘If we reject the system, the other nation states will isolate us’

This is a refrain that is repeated by supporters of the system – how can we change the system? We can’t survive without the international system and all the benefits that globalization has to offer us.

But let’s evaluate this for a moment. When we look at the way that the economy functions, its focus is on one specific thing – making sure that countries across the world are dependent on it. If we develop our industry, it must be an industry that encourages trade, benefitting the international system. If we want to strengthen our currency, we must find a way of bringing more dollars into the country  through that same trade, or through adapting our policies and local environment so that they’re conducive to international investments.

But what does this mean? It means that our economy can only function if we are a part of, and therefore dependent on, the rest of the world. It means our resources are owned by, or at the disposal of, the rest of the world. A world which exploits us so that it can ensure that the current order continues to flourish.

The ideas of self-sufficiency are described as being outdated, or impossible to achieve. But that impossibility only exists if we continue to abide by the current international system’s rules and norms. And when we do so, we’re stuck in a loop that will only harm us.

So, why don’t we strive to break the loop? Because the rest of the world will isolate us?
So what? The only thing that we will lose is a supposed material benefit of a ‘choice’ in the products that we use and the goods that we have access to. What we will gain is the sole ownership of our resources, which will allow us to develop, to flourish and most importantly, to make our own policy decisions. Policy decisions which will allow us to send the armies to Palestine and free it of the oppression of the Jewish entity.

If we fear isolation, we only need to remember that isolation only exists within this system – a system that quite literally drew lines across the world map in an attempt to ensure that the Muslims were separated based on divisions that existed as a result of colonialism and its ‘divide and rule’ policies.

So, for those of you who worry about isolation – take a moment to sit down and look at the map and consider how many countries are the that have clung to Islam, in the past and present, and then consider what it will be like when we are united once again.

‘We can’t unite, there are too many divisions within the Ummah’

Has the situation in Palestine not shown that we are united? Muslims across the world have called out to protest the atrocities being committed in Palestine, making it clear that we are indeed one Ummah. We just lack the leadership to make our thoughts, our feelings and our attachment to Allah’s Deen a reality.

The lack of unity only exists because we are living in a system that has divided us into nations and separated us with man-made lines and borders.

“There is no ‘Muslim World’, just as there is no ‘Christian World’. Muslims are a diverse set of populations living in diverse contexts with diverse histories & political set-ups. The category (Muslim World) is reductive & feeds racist tropes. Nothing in recent history has exposed the uselessness of this category as much as the genocide in Palestine. The governments of Muslim-majority countries have no united position & neither have they necessarily bene the ones championing the cause of the Palestinian people.” Quote by Nida Kirmani, an Associate Professor (Sociology) at LUMS Pakistan

This idea is only accurate while we live in a world that champions nationalism, with governments who champion these ideals as a way of maintaining their power within the current system. The ‘Muslim world’ does exist; it lies in the thoughts and emotions of the Muslim Ummah. But its strength will never be realized unless we reject the Capitalist system, and its idea that we are ‘diverse populations living in diverse contexts with diverse histories & political set-ups’. An idea which is the exact definition of divisions based on nationalist identities. As Muslims, with an Islamic state ruling over us, all of these nationalist identities will be meaningless as Allah’s laws unite us, once again.

‘Even if we reject the system, we will never be successful – the USA and its allies are too powerful’

We fear the repercussions of rejecting the system, and removing our support from the USA and its allies, not realizing how reliant they are on our complicity, and how much they worry about the re-establishment of the Khilafah.

They worked tirelessly to understand our thoughts during the time of the Khilafah, so that they could break and distort them, when they were unable to defeat us through warfare. Then they divided us into nations, and sparked differences between us, so that they could keep us subdued. They fear a time when we will move past these differences and remember that we are one Ummah, and refuse to accept a Capitalist government that tries to tell us otherwise.

What they rely on is the complicity of our rulers to bolster their power. Rulers who have allowed America to enter the airspace over Muslim lands, utilize military bases and influence our policy decisions.

The USA has 750 U.S. bases in some 80 countries and colonies around the world. These bases were given to them by our traitorous rulers, and they’re crucial to the USA’s physical hold over our lands.

“In addition to the potentially nine U.S. bases in the Philippines, the United States already has, by the Pentagon’s own count, 313 U.S. military base sites in East Asia alone.”

“The US military currently uses Pakistan’s airspace to reach Afghanistan as part of ongoing intelligence-gathering efforts… It conducts its over-the-horizon operations from bases in the Middle East, forcing drones to fly from distant bases, such as those in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, around Iran and through Pakistani air space before reaching Afghanistan.” (Source)

“The United States maintains two bases in Central Asia, one each in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. They lease the bases at no charge, but must cover the cost of base security, jet fuel, and other expenses (Uzbekistan maintains it is owed landing fees and other charges by the United States for the cost of rebuilding infrastructure damaged by the heavy use of transport planes). The Uzbek government also receives around $150 million in annual aid packages, as well as counterterrorism, intelligence, and law-enforcement training from U.S. government agencies.” (Source)

But, under the Khilafah (Caliphate), the Khaleefah (Caliph) would never accept this. In fact, it is haram for him to do so.

“States with whom we do not have treaties, the colonist states, such as Britain, America and France, and those states that have ambitions in our lands, such as Russia, are considered to be potentially warlike states. All precautions must be taken against them and it is not permitted to establish diplomatic relationships with them. Their citizens may enter the State only with a passport, and a visa specific to every individual and for every trip.

With states that are actually belligerent states, such as Israel, a state of war must be taken as the basis for all dispositions with them. They must be dealt with as if a real war existed between us, whether during cease fire or otherwise. All citizen of such states are prevented from entering the State.”

Constitution of the Islamic State (Article 184)

In this case, what power will America have over us? They won’t have the access to our lands, to our resources, our airspace. They are an island nation – so, how would they reach the Muslim lands? How would they control us? Through the dollar? Well, we will reject that – it has no real value, anyway. And our rejection would reduce any apparent value that it has.

We would reject their laws, their trade, remove their multinational companies. Basically, removing any and all power that America, and its allies, have over us. So, their influence over our policy – economic, political and military- would disappear.  And then, what will they be able to do? Think about this- really think about this – and look at a map as you do.

If we consider the continent of Asia – a majority of it is Muslim land, with divisions that only exist under the current system. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan. These countries then connect to the Middle Eastern ones – Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, U.A.E, Saudi Arabic Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Palestine. Which then connect with Muslim lands in Africa – including Egypt.

If we established the Khilafah in any one of these countries, it would spread to the rest. And this would make a force to be reckoned with. The USA, and the rest of its Capitalist allies, know this. And that is why they maintain a presence in these countries, spreading war and conflict to destabilize the region and push us into a situation where we believe that we will never win.

Until we accept this, and move past the current situation into a better one, our Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine will continue to suffer.

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Fatima Musab
Member of the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir

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