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  America Preparing Bangladesh for Her War on Islam

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

      On 26th September, 2010, Bangladesh foreign ministry issued a news release stating that the United States has urged Bangladesh to send combat troops to Afghanistan to help the multinational effort to bring stability to the war-torn country of Afghanistan. The call was made during a meeting in New York between Bangladesh Foreign Minister Dr Dipu Moni and the United States special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard Holbrooke, who is popularly known as the ‘American Viceroy' in Afghanistan and Pakistan. According to the news release, Holbrooke said the US needed the "help of friends like Bangladesh" to ensure security in Afghanistan. It added that, "He sought for any kind of help like deploying combat troops, providing economic and development assistance or giving training among the law enforcement agencies,". In response to the US request, the foreign minister of Bangladesh assured the American side that the government is interested in this issue for further discussion and might consider the request. Foreign ministry sources confirmed that, there is serious diplomatic pressure and maneuvers undergoing on the issue. 

Historically, since South Asia was not at the heart of American foreign policy priorities during the period of 70s, and 80s America's maneuver with Bangladeshi Army was limited to gaining control over Bangladeshi political establishments. However, since 1989, after the fall of communism America embarked on a different model of military maneuver called peace keeping forces. This is a different version of NATO. This form of military maneuver was due to American limitation on her military capabilities especially regarding personnel and finance as global superpower. Countries like Bangladesh became very lucrative sources of cheap ‘military outsourcing' to manage American left out ‘wastage' in various wars and international disputes. Bangladeshi army became a ‘payroll military' at the hand of America due to the insincerity of the political leaderships in Bangladesh. Since then Bangladesh has contributed military in Namibia, Cambodia, Somalia, Uganda, Rwanda, Mozambique, former Yugoslavia, Liberia, Haiti, Tajikistan, Western Sahara, Sierra Leone, Kosovo, Georgia, East Timor, Congo, Côte d'Ivoire and Ethiopia.

At the beginning of this 21st century American strategic partnership with India has made America to force the Bangladeshi Army to change its historical anti-Indian mentality using different means. The most lethal amongst them is the stick strategy, whereby USA remained in complete silence while she allowed India with the collaboration of Sheikh Hasina to administer the massacre of 57 top Bangladeshi army officials in 2009 in so called BDR mutiny. With this India has destroyed the morale of the Bangladeshi army, and forced the Bangladeshi army's to change its anti-Indian stance and thereby removing any security concern for her. On the other hand USA has taught Bangladeshi army what it means to oppose USA at any point of time. Beside this stick policy USA ever since the resumption of power by current Hasina government has tried to motivate and align Bangladeshi army's morale along with the morale shared by US army. Therefore we observe that, a number of joint military exercises called ‘tiger shark' I, II, III, and IV has been conducted in the Bay of Bengal between Bangladeshi and USA army.

It is at this point while Bangladeshi army has been prepared with carrot and stick policy that the Bangladeshi leadership has been ordered to contribute troops to American war on Islam. Interestingly American demand has come in a situation when the mujahideen of Afghanistan has given them a lesson and they are now on the verge of defeat. Realizing American defeat fast forwarding her NATO partners are withdrawing troops one by one. The Afghan surge strategy has failed. In fact General David Petraeus has been quoted as saying in a book titled ‘Obama's War' that, "I don't think you win this war. I think you keep fighting....this is the kind of fight we're in for the rest of our life and probably for our kid's life". Moreover the former general, McChrystal has openly criticized Obama, Biden and US's top military advisors before he was pulled out from the Afghan operation and ultimately forced to resign.

To the Muslims of Bangladesh, it is of utter disbelief and shock that foreign minister Dr. Dipu Moni has said that, her government is willing to discuss the matter further. She has graciously accepted American proposal and the developments in Dhaka for last one week is intense diplomatic maneuvering in this regard. Moreover, it seems that, the government is pretty happy that, America has called Bangladesh as ‘a friend in need'. However, being fortunate to become rulers due to the absence of Khilafah "Caliphate" state, like Shah Md. Quraishi of Pakistan, Dr Dipu Moni (and the other leaders the of Muslim world) must know that by committing in this ‘War on Islam' the Gaddars (traitors) Pervez Musharaf and Zardari have already sacrificed the life of 30,000 innocent Muslims and more than 3000 Muslim soldiers, severely wounded more than 6,000 soldiers, displaced more than several millions, suffered $45 billion loss to bankrupt Pakistani economy and above all with ‘Enhanced Partnership with Pakistan Act 2009' ultimately surrendered the control over 7th largest army to USA. Yet, yes yet! all of this acts of slavery (so called friendship!!) could not satisfy the American vulture! How naive Hasina's government can be that she is now trying to quench the thirst of the US for more Muslim blood!

Muhammad al-Mamun

Dhaka, Bangladesh

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