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For China, Islam is a 'Mental Illness' that needs to be 'Cured'


China's relentless campaign to erase the identity of the Uighurs continues, as the world remains silent. (Aljazeera.com 29 November 2018)


For all its economic might, its bullying and thieving land and sea-grabbing, its strident nationalist bigotry at home, the totalitarian government of China still has to crush the subjugated people of East Turkmenistan. China tortures the innocents, women, children and old men, none are spared. Their only crime is they worship the One God, Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala.

If their communist way of life ‘with Chinese characteristics’ is so superior, why do they strangle the Muslims of East Turkmenistan?

What is happening in East Turkmenistan shames Stalin, Hitler even Assad. It appears to have taken pages out of Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo and the CIA’s handbook on rendition torture techniques. Instead of the rape of Muslim women during the Bosnian war, China replaces with ‘marriages’ of Muslim Uighur women to Chinese Han ‘lads’. (aljazeera.com)

The ways of life emanating from China’s pick-n-mix ideology - Marxist-Leninist communism with a Chinese twist, a pinch of Mao, a copious dose of ‘transplanted’ capitalism, and an infusion of Xi - does not appear to have convinced the Muslims of East Turkmenistan to give up their Deen, culture or land. And so with fascist regimes everywhere, where they lack in intellectual validity, they make up with force. China’s system does not defend truth, honour, integrity. It does not care for the rights of the human being nor respect their sacred beliefs. Sadly, in the case of the Muslims of East Turkmenistan, the Chinese appears to not have learnt from their history of Japanese colonial rule.

Does the end justify the means Xi Jin Ping - this new form of genocide? Exactly what is that ‘utopian end’ this ideology promises? World domination built upon misguidance? Was the objective merely the ‘uplifting’ of the people of China from material poverty only to enslave and chain their minds and hearts to a misguided, dead-end, inadequate ideology? Or is this ‘communism’ with a Chinese twist the best way to ensure the ‘eternal’ rule of the communist party?

Have the sincere intellectuals of China ever questioned, or even dared ponder, what indeed is the purpose of a nation? What are the characteristics of a correct ideology fit for a noble human civilisation? Tragically for the peoples of China, their Marxist-Leninist-capitalist ideology does not allow rational thought, to come to an intellectual conclusion about the meaning of life, and what is the correct basis for organising life. It is an intellectual, rational fraud. It is a fake, inadequate ideology fearful of being challenged by intellectual belief. Afraid even, of defenseless subjugated terrorized minorities, whose land they have appropriated.

The ideology of Islam on the other hand is built upon a rational examination of the reality of man, all life and the universe in which we exist. Islam determines and protects the rights (and responsibilities) of the individual as well as society, the ruler and the subjects. Islam was sent, as a blessing to all of mankind, to free us from the slavery to fakery and fraud, to the liberation of an enlightened way of life. It came to lift man from the terrorism of man-made systems, to the light of the Deen of Islam, peace and justice built upon noble values and principals which guarantees the well being of all mankind, regardless of belief or race.

There must be thinking people in China brave enough to have an open mind and who are true to truth, who seek the better way of life. They owe it to themselves to rise above the propaganda and lies and discover Islam for themselves.

As for our so called leaders and people of power, it is shameful that such a crime can be allowed to befall the Ummah of Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam, under their watch, preferring instead to use their might and weapons, to slaughter our own fellow Muslims. One day soon when the true Khilafah rises again, they will be accounted in full, with Islam. The Islamic Ummah must move and end the rule of Kufr and taught in our lands.

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Hamzah Muhammad

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