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To Serve and Please India, the Subservient Regime of Bangladesh is using the so-called Joint Exercises to Destroy the Spirits and Morale of her own Border Force


The Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB) and its Indian counterpart, the Border Security Force (BSF), have concluded a three-day joint exercise along the Brahmanbaria-Tripura border on Thursday 28 February 2019. Namely, the ‘Mainamati Maitree Exercise 2019’, was organized by border security forces of the respective countries as a measure to build confidence between the forces (


The people of Bangladesh are stunned that while tensions are running high in the Indo-Pakistan border and Indian security forces are indiscriminately torturing, mistreating and killing Muslims in Kashmir after the incident of Pulwama, the Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB) are having confidence building joint exercise with its Indian counterpart! It does not simply go with the original spirit and temperament of this force. BGB, previously called BDR (Bangladesh Rifles) has the glorious legacy of decades of defending the nation from Indian incursions. This brave force used to have a strong relationship with the people and their emotions and sentiments would drive this force to resist the aggression of the Kafir- Mushriks. BDR was a real threatening force for Indian BSF as we witnessed in Padua/Rowmari border skirmish in 2001 against Indian incursion.

Since the current regime assumed power by the blessing of India, it has gradually weakened and finally reduced this force to nothing more than an extension wing of BSF. In order to implement this heinous plan, India with the help of her agent Hasina instigated a brutal mutiny in February 2009 which brought our military and border guards against each other and weakened both forces.

Thereafter, in the name of reform, the subservient regime forced our border guard forces to act like clowns by exchanging flowers and sweets or giving ‘rakhi bondhon’ (brotherhood bond - a culture Hindu men practice with their sisters) with members of BSF. At the same time, we have noticed BGB was deployed to drive out Rohingya brothers and sisters instead of rescuing them. Nowadays, we notice that this force is being used against the people in every occasion when people come to the streets protesting oppressive policy or rulings of this government. As a result, the bond between the people and the BGB is fading out and last month we got the news that BGB opened fire on the villagers at Baharampur Village in Thakurgaon District. To protect Indian interests the current puppet-regime is destroying our security forces and BGB is certainly one the victims of this heinous plan.

We must raise our voice to save our BGB forces from becoming a subservient force of Mushrik India. Our BGB must be used for protecting our border, saving our people and must not be used to serve and protect Indian Interests. This is only possible by removing this regime immediately and re-establishing the Khilafah Rashidah (rightly guided Caliphate) upon the method of the Prophethood.

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Muhammad Kamal
Member of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Bangladesh

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