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Western Freedom of Expression: Another Lie Exposed in Gaza


The latest months of massacres committed by the Zionist entity in Gaza has sparked ongoing protests in Europe, including Denmark.

Among these protests and the social media coverage of Gaza, the Danish government and media have pushed an open Pro-Zionist narrative, while they attempt to silence and demonize those among the Muslims that call for Jihad to end the occupation.


Among the chants and messages, which have been attacked by Danish politicians and media, are those that call for Jihad to free the occupied, blessed land of Palestine.

Many protests in Denmark have been calling for a military solution to the military occupation, and these calls are vilified in Danish media and framed as calls for terrorism. There are a number of people, among them speakers at protest and on social media, that have been personally attacked in the media or directly charged with "inciting hatred" or "supporting terrorism" for suggesting Jihad as the only solution, or even merely mentioning Jihad as being among solutions to the occupation.

Many Danish politicians have tried to use the call for Jihad as an excuse to launch more laws and regulations against Muslim individuals and groups in Denmark who call for a military intervention in Palestine. Ironically, they themselves support the Zionist occupier, not only by siding with them openly, but by exporting weapon components that are used to murder thousands in Gaza.

The Danish government with its bias towards the Zionist occupation has been exposed for the Danish public, and the trust in them as a political leadership in Denmark is at a historical low-point, according to the most recent surveys.

While they claim, and have claimed for decades, to be champions of freedom of speech, their hypocrisy is now further exposed. Their attacks on the word Jihad and what it entails, their censorship of critical voices on social media, and the lack of coverage of massive public protests for Gaza from the largest Danish media outlets, keep underlining the falsehood of the so-called freedom of speech and the general hypocrisy of the Western governments. Their attacks on Muslims and Jihad are among their many desperate attempts to keep them from completely losing control of the public opinion on the issue of Palestine and the Zionist occupation.

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Younes Piskorczyk


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